Friday, September 09, 2011

One More Time For the Promenade Seats!

This aint no mistake! This aint not typo! This aint no party, nor is it a disco!

This is The Coop, all Coop, and nothing but The Coop who is making a very special announcement!!

First off, thank you to EVERYONE who came out to send their well-wishes and warm intentions about the next chapter in my life regarding being a blogging fan. Or a fan blogger. However you'd want to call it. Everyone came out to wish me good luck, in any endeavor.

Of course, I didn't stay idle for too long. After all, I retired "the blog" My Summer Family, and not from blogging. Just wanted to make that clear. In a year's time, I am writing now for three Mets websites: Metsmerized Online, Daily Stache and Kiner's Korner. Kiner's Korner also launched the Kult of Mets Personalities podcast that has a nice following with some really great guests in our panel, including former Mets executives, players and coaches, even beat writers and other bloggers. There are also rumors of an all-women's baseball site where I will not only be a contributor, but be a voice of their podcast as well. That will remain to be seen.

In the meantime, what else? Oh, yeah...I took some time off from having my own site to focus on what I wanted to do next. I started this site back in 2007 as a way to keep in touch with fellow fans, meet new people and write about my love affair with the New York Mets. Then I started to get involved with other parts of the blogging world and it got to be too much. I lost my focus. I stopped having fun with it. I wasn't myself.

So I have a soft-launch of my new site...(drum roll, please....)

The name actually came to me when I was describing myself to someone. I am not only a baseball chick, but I am a hockey fan and a football fan. I like talking about those sports and go to and watch enough of those games that I want to speak to that experience. I am a season ticket holder with the Mets, but I also attend several other sporting events that I want to cover that I didn't feel comfortable doing at just a Mets-focused site. This was just the beginning. Now I am evolving not only as a fan but as a writer too. I hope so, for the latter part.

Plus, like I said, I wasn't having fun with it anymore. It became a chore, updating this site. I wanted to make my writing tasks more fun again by including things and stories of my experiences and what I thought of things surrounding them. I feel like I became too censored because I was tired of pissing people off. Well, to hell with that! I was happier when I didn't give a shit. (Yes, I use bad words still)

Being a sports fan has shaped a lot of my personality. Some people don't get it, but those of you who do, I salute you here and at the new site!!

One last time for the Promenade...One last time for the Upper Deck...One last time for the cheap seats. You all ROCK!!!

So gracias, grazie, merci beaucoup, in any language...Thank you to everyone for your support over the last year, I really appreciate it!

Onward and upward!!