Friday, August 20, 2010

Where the Allegheny and Monongahela Meet

So take a wild guess where the Coop is going to this weekend?

If y'all weren't quite sure if I was crazy yet, this will certainly put you over the edge, as I am going to my fifth road stadium this year. Although TOH (The Other Half) hadn't been to any of them, PNC Park will be the only stadium of which I am a virgin (no comments, too, DyHrdMet).

Although I had the craziest of road trips by my lonesome in 2009 (Petco Park two days, a day game at California Angels Stadium with a nightcap at Ebbets West), this is the first year I've done five road stadiums in one year...with a companion for all those stadiums. This is also the first time I'm driving to Pittsburgh from the City of Blinding Lights.

Yeah, I'm nuts.

However, with a stop over at Cracker Barrel on the way, I figure I can drive anywhere. I just hope that I can enjoy this drive-by visit. After all, we will only be there on Saturday.

Yeah, I told you I'm nuts.

I'm hoping to pay homage to some of the greats, like Roberto Clemente, Sid Bream, John Smiley, Sammy Khalifa, Orlando Merced and Bill Mazeroski. That order is intentional.

Notice I haven't said that I am going to see the Mets. It seems like that's only an afterthought to me these days. I am someone who likes to believe up to the very day they are mathematically eliminated. Even though a Mets fan can only BELIEVE's very hard to do so these days.

People are telling me, "Well, maybe PITTSBURGH will be the first NL road series we'll win this year."

Okay, let's look at the evidence, folks. They have not won an NL road series since 2009. They've won series on the road, but only in interleague, in 2010. They were supposed to beat Arizona and their "weak offense" and were stacked against the Houston Astros this week. Now I'm supposed to believe we are going to take a series from Pittsburgh?

Keep dreaming. Well, I can dream that the Mets will win a road series in the National League before 2011. How much you wanna bet that happens in September, when it no longer matters?

i digress. I'm going to Pittsburgh. I will not be indulging in Primanti Bros (although TOH and a certain little bear will be, along with our Cincinnati represents who will be there this weekend)....but I may have a beer or two...maybe three.

Oh wait, I'm driving.



Denise said...

The Mets: We love 'em, we drink. We hate 'em, we drink. Day off? Drink! LOL Have a great trip!

DyHrdMET said...

I'll leave the bait alone and just say "have a good time!" remember, the Mets have their top(?) 3 pitchers going this weekend.

Rich S said...

Try to sit behind the plate and enjoy the beautiful view of the bridges lit up.