Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Short Pelf

What the hell has happened to Mike Pelfrey?

Earlier this season, I was drinking the Pelf-Aid by his overperforming, it seems, as evidenced by this piece I wrote for MMO. I even thought yesterday, hey you know what, he'll come through today. He's waiting for this moment.

But now what? He can't pitch under pressure. No one can make an error, although "excusable" it doesn't account for why he would totally melt down. He can't pitch under ideal conditions either. And forget run support. Even those rare occasions since like July when he holds up his end of the bargain, the Mets don't come through.

I'm through with excuses, like Verducci Effect and all. In fact, I think this team has enough of both kinds of excuses -- the regular kind AND assholes.

All I know is...Mike Pelfrey is no longer Big Pelf, as he continually comes up short. Short Pelf sounds like a breakfast pancake stacker or something, but it truly applies to him now.

Someone asked, rhetorically of course, on Twitter, who had less sack -- Pelfrey or Perez? I said, no brainer, it's Pelf. Can you imagine what it would be like if he had a contract with beaucoup bucks? At least Perez, you know the second he gets released and goes someplace else, he can still overperform. In fact, you KNOW he will overperform. As for Pelfrey, my advice to him is to not only start drinking heavily, but to take stockbroker classes in the winter.

He's gonna need a back up career soon.

I randomly tweeted last night that I was happy that Frenchy killed a home run off Billy "I Only Blow Saves For the Mets" Wagner but I also wrote that I would only be impressed if the Mets were to keep momentum, win tonight AND take NO LESS than two out of three from the Phillies,

Again I ask - so now what?

As of August 4, this Mets team is a .500 club.

I think that's what we're going to see for the future.

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