Saturday, August 07, 2010

If You Are Pissed Off, You Won't Go

I can't really say I'm pissed off, just royally disappointed in the Mets play of late. I have made no secret of the fact that I am a season ticket holder. I do not attend all of the games at home, I do "lease" out many of my tickets. However, in a way, I've helped contribute to this hot mess already. We all have.

The talent is there, they just don't know how to execute it (I think someone best described it once as assembling IKEA furniture -- you get all the parts but have no idea how to construct the piece of furniture once you get it home).

As a take on the line in Field of Dreams, if you build it, he will come...

If you are angry or disappointed or want to make a statement...then don't go.

Don't go to CitiField on Wednesday, August 25. We do know it's hard to round up enough people to make a true "statement" over the course of several games. Especially for those of us who have already purchased a full or mini season package. The tickets are paid for and we ALL know they look at "paid" attendance, and not "actual turnstyle" attendance.

However, if no one is IN the seats for ONE game...the tag lines will be "The Day CitiField Went Silent."

Watch the game at home, watch it in a bar (not McFadden's), listen to it on the radio. I won't advocate tailgating, unless you want to dissuade people from entering the stadium. Just be sure to bring plenty of good food and beer for them to not enter the stadium.

The Mets already have my money, but if the majority of seats are empty, if only a few thousand fans show up, they can't ignore it.

If you're pissed off or disappointed enough, then do something about it and join our cause. Twitter campaigns and Facebook events can be the next generation of grassroots change...I mean, look at Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live. Some dude was allowed to name his sister's baby Megatron. Mundane tasks and event have been constructed as a result of voices on social media forums.

It will be difficult, it's extremely symbolic (Metsgrrl has a post on a forum of tweets a bunch of us had earlier). But if you want change...this is the way about it. Choose a game. Packs of us don't go. Only 2000 fans in the seats. Everyone talks about it. It's quite simple but it's up to YOU to show them tough love and spread the word.

I am a realist. I love baseball and I love the Mets. I won't stop going to games, even if they lose every game from here on in till October 3. We have power in numbers, we can do something symbolic enough to create change if we truly want to. Or we can sit and complain about it and get nothing of record done.

In an act of solidarity my husband and I will be taking our two sets of tickets off StubHub for the game on Wednesday, August 25. You are all invited to the event on August 25 of the CitiField Sit Out.


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