Sunday, August 15, 2010

ESPN: Why Bother?

As a season ticket holder, I am a not a fan of Sunday evening baseball games. As a baseball fan, I like them less. If that's even possible. My point is, an 8:05 pm start on a Sunday, on the East Coast, when mostly everyone in America has to work the next day, is completely asinine. They are a hard sell for me, as a season plan holder, but also to justify going to.

But as a Mets fan, it's more difficult.

Is it me, or does it seem like every time the Mets have an 8:05 pm game on a Sunday, they are just so royally fucked over? Because the Phillies and Mets will have a pretty decent national draw, I am used to their Sunday games more than likely being the ESPN game. That's not the point here.

Did you know that tomorrow, the Phillies don't even have to they are just going back home. So they could in all seriousness, go back to their hotel rooms, chill and sleep, and take their own damn sweet time getting back to the city of Brotherly Love and Puking on Children.

The Mets meanwhile, have to travel. Now, if this was to Boston, Atlanta, Miami, you get the drift. An easy flight on the East Coast, then I wouldn't mind. But this team has to go to fucking HOUSTON, TEXAS, tomorrow. No rest for the weary I guess.

Then I got pissed. Does America really want to see the Mets/Phillies THAT badly on a Sunday evening? I'm sure even like three of the Phillies fans that are out there have day jobs and aren't criminals and dislike them too.

And why at 8:05 pm EST? I mean, I get "prime time" and all, but I'm sure most people wouldn't mind having a 7:05 or okay a 7:10 start. Even 7:35 pm would be better served. As a ticket holder, I have to mark my tickets down incredibly so I can move them.

That's not all. I remember back in 2008, the Mets played a Sunday night game in Philly. I don't remember where Philly was going the next day but I definitely remember the Mets going to Chicago. They had a two game series there, and were promptly swept. I swear, they were not the same after that.

Yeah, I know. This sounds of sour grapes, right? I doubt I am the only baseball fan who thinks like this. Maybe not about the residual, but who exactly does the ESPN Sunday night game serve? Maybe the ratings on TV, but it certainly is not fan-friendly.


Denise said...

agreed 100% ... I can't believe I am actually sacrificing precious sleep time to watch this crap!!

Julie said...

I loved your knocks on Philly. I wish I had more of them to add here.

But I agree, why not keep the game at 7ET like most other night games. And the ESPN broadcast team is just brutal. I have to think most people hate watching an ESPN game no matter the day or time.

DyHrdMET said...

the Mets had a few Sunday night games in 2008. I was at the one when the Mets had to fly to San Francisco and play the next night. That wasn't good. I was also there for the Sunday nighter going to the All-Star break (when the players had to appear the next night - conveniently also in New York) against the Rockies.

I don't really see the appeal. Let me ask this - when the Sunday night game does NOT involve your team, do you watch it? (considering there is so much baseball on other days and nights during the week, not like 20 years ago when this thing started) I don't, and I've heard that many players dislike it (remember that most Sundays are "get away day" just like a weekday afternoon game is). ESPN must be paying a shitload of money to inconvenience the baseball world with something featuring the worst pairing of announcers this since of the Yankees radio booth.

Edgy DC said...

Dammit, Coop, I agree!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff..I thought there was a "4 game" max for Sunday night, and the Mets already had 4? If that's true, they must have agreed to this...geez!

Rich S

DyHrdMET said...

if the players had to agree (based on listening to Howie Rose), there wouldn't be Sunday night games. I think this is 5 for the Mets. I remember there being a limit but 4 is kind of low.