Saturday, August 14, 2010

Er, uh, er, uh

Only the 2010 Mets it seems could look flawless one day, then look like complete ass the next.

We go from two days of pitching dominance to just looking like a bumbling low Single A team.

The run scoring business could be better. However, it was getting there.

We can certainly justify not scoring runs against Halladay, since he is phenomenal.

And Pat Misch did well, all things considered.

But...the errors. The Mets would not have won this game anyway but the errors cannot be helping the rest of the team's psyche.

I can almost handle the non-scoring BS. But the errors drives me nuts.

Granted, I did not watch any of the game. Wait. I watched the 9th inning when Frankie came in. But the damage had been done.

I can see an occasional brain cramp here and there. Tonight was unacceptable. Errors including a Buckner-like error from our Golden Boy, David Wright. Ruben Tejada started the error onslaught while muffing a double play. But of course they are costly because out of the four runs the Phillies scored, THREE of them were unearned. What the heck?

Someone, somewhere, asked facetiously (probably on Twitter) that if we got Ruben Tejada for his defense...why does he suck?

Which leads me to my next point. Some errors don't just occur on the field. They occur off the field and if you are with the Mets, it's in the front office. And this is of course the master of the lack-of-range himself...Luis Castillo.

Today, a big article hit the wires about how he "can't be here anymore."

Hey, Weezie, don't the let door hit ya!

Look, I know at one point, Luis Castillo was a decent ballplayer. However many times he's vilified by the dropped pop-up in 2009, the fact is his best days and have come and gone and there's not a lot of value the Mets could get for him. Especially with one year left on his contract.

However, his whole thing is making a mockery. Right now, it's very easy to pick on the Mets. I mean, it So Luis is striking while the iron is hot. Jeff Francoeur via his agent has quietly requested a trade or more playing time in response to it. It's easy to say - oh they don't want me around. Well, no shit Sherlock. You need a shovel to dig deeper, Watson? It's kind of obvious.

The Mets would rather play a rather green Ruben Tejada in place of your gimpy ass, and you have the balls to complain about it. Meanwhile, you have no problem usurping money and years from the Mets, not to mention a spot on the roster that well, the Mets could really use.

Here's an idea: ask for your outright release. Say you are retiring. Work out a deal where you no longer steal money from the team. No one wants you here, you are right. But I highly doubt there are people lining up for the services of a dude whose days were better served behind him.

So on a day where the Mets commit error after error -- er, uh, er, uh -- the granddaddy of all error makers, Luis Castillo, waxes poetic about his leaving this temple of doom at Citifield -- er, uh, er, uh -- and actually wants us to care about it.

Guess what Luis? No one cares about your shitty problems anymore. We have a Wild Card race to worry about. This is a very important series to finish up tomorrow.

If you left, believe me, you'd be saving us all from a lot of uncomfortable situations later on. And while you're at it, drug Oliver Perez and take him with you. Kthxbye. Love, the Coop

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DyHrdMET said...

I was at the game, ant noticed a few things on the hitting:

1) Wright and Beltran were swinging for the fences with Reyes on 3rd and 1 and then 2 out instead of trying to make contact and bring Jose in. They were swinging for the fences later in the game too.

2) I realized that the 2, 3, and 4 hitters are the "meat" of the lineup, and the 5, 6, 7, and 8 hitters are the "lean" of the lineup (think in deli terms there). but the lean of the lineup got very very close to getting on the board in the 9th.

Wright's error looked exactly like the Buckner play, and he got down on himself after it.