Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dickey vs The Ace

I have seen some interesting games this year. And tomorrow is no different. See, I am going to hit my fourth road stadium in 2010 (and fifth upcoming in two weeks when Mets are in Pittsburgh), and in three of those four road stadiums, I have seen R.A. Dickey start for the Mets...against the team's ace. I have seen him start against Strasburg and Lincecum and now Halladay tomorrow. I missed him in Baltimore. That's besides the point.

Each game, Dickey had his best stuff with him. A game in which the Mets lost to the Nationals, it wasn't because of Strasburg but in spite of him. In AT&T Park, it was a Lincecum start (turned out it was more telling that the Mets scored no runs that game, the first day back from All-Star Break).

Now I get to see him pitch against Halladay against a team I hate in a stadium I do not mind so much, but I just dislike Philly so much I have not been there since 2008. But I was invited to attend the birthday party of Ms. Chap's son, and I can't say no to such a persuasive person. Plus it's a Mets game. I can't exactly give those up yet, even though I did write about having a peaceful "sit-out" of Citifield on August 25.

I never expected anything from R.A. Dickey this season. However, the irony is that he's been our most consistent pitcher. And by consistent, consistently GOOD. Sometimes it's the diamond in the rough that is the bright spot in the season, and that has been R.A. Dickey.

Although Johan pitched his ass off earlier tonight, although I still have hope in Mike Pelfrey, and although Jon Niese has been the poster boy for why we should hold onto our prospects, R.A. Dickey has been the one pitcher I will never be disappointed in or try to get drunk at his starts just so I can get through them.

Unless of course I have a generous friend supplying them in a suite. Then who am I to say no?

So now...quite a few are really behind the cause of the CitiField Sit Out, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 25 vs the Marlins. If you are invited (and all Mets fans are, near and wide), then click "attending" if you are NOT planning to attend the game. If you are in California, even better. If you are in Canada, so what? You can attend if you have a television or a bar with DirecTV. Just DON'T GO to Citifield.

I understand there are some with familial obligations who will have to attend, especially some mini-plan holders who have rearranged their scheduled months in advance to attend the games. However, we do need some people on the inside to report back. I know not every single seat will be empty. I expect that. But if only 1,000 - 2,000 seats are filled, maybe then they will get the hint that we are not happy.

As for what you can do -- spread the word. Get people to watch the games at home, at a bar (we may have some satellite bars for you to attend and watch the game with other fans), listen to the radio, even some might tailgate at the stadium. If the parking lots are owned by the city (someone please verify), tailgating is permissible. Just keep it PEACEFUL.

We may have to do this in two parts if we can mobilize more people by September, depending on the success of August 25. I was thinking September 14 versus the Pirates. Some fans have asked me why not do it against a big market team, like the Phillies. Well, it's simple -- Phillies fans will be there. They will still attend, and it won't make a difference if the seats are filled with red or blue & orange. So with smaller market teams their fans are less apt to see them while they are in town anyway.

The idea is SYMBOLIC. I am a season ticket holder. I have already paid for my seats. It doesn't matter if I get the seats filled for 81 games a year or three games a year. The greater number of people who do NOT show up (meaning no money spent in stores, concessions, etc) will speak volumes with our silence.

Do something by doing nothing. Spread the word.

I'd like to thank Twitter for getting the ball rolling on the idea. Now if we can get fans on board...

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