Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am at a loss.

Here we are, discussing how we can make a point, to stick it to the Wilpons in a symbolic way, and after tonight's particularly dreadful loss, Acosta accosted any Mets chances of a win, let alone a comeback.

Of course, it gets worse. Much worse.

Now Francisco Rodriguez, apparently disgruntled, took a cue from Steven Slater, but instead of taking off down the emergency chute slide, or punching his coach (even if I dislike Jerry Manuel, that's so not cool), he took it out on his father-in-law (even, uh, more not cool).

Um, like I said. I am at a loss.

I know this is a deeply personal issue for Frankie and his family. First off, he's being charged with third degree assault. Second, I'm sure a suspension is coming up soon. Fine, I totally agree with that. What happens if he's off the team and outright released (which I'm pretty sure would happen -- Wilpons don't like the bad press)?

I think I can see the big picture. I wasn't willing to concede the season. It's clear everyone on this team is at their breaking point. I saw footage of David Wright beating the crap out of something in the dugout with the bat. Now K-Rod apparently told some reporters to leave him alone (even using "please" according to Kevin Burkhardt), then went to the family lounge and struck his father-in-law.

Speaking of KB, he just said on SNY that there is no correlation between the K-Rod incident or between any decision Manuel said. Of course I think he's being diplomatic. But it doesn't surprise me that K-Rod is a live wire.

I truly believe the 2010 season is over the Mets. This was just the exhaust port.

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