Saturday, July 10, 2010

Less than Ted

So the crowburger barbecue hoe down is put off (for now...). The Coop would like to mention that she was the only one in the blogosphere, Twitterverse and just about anywhere else in the galaxy who was skeptical about a Lee-to-Yankees deal all but being "done." Of course, I was working up my appetite for some cheesecrow, but when I found out that I was the only one who hadn't jumped off the Pulaski Skyway, I celebrated with some nachos and a concrete from Shake Shack.

Moving right along, I still believe and will believe that Cliff Lee, as good as he may be, would not be the push over the proverbial cliff that the Mets need to win-at-all-costs this year. In fact, Lee would make them a "win-now" team, and who wants that? Sacrificing the future for a momentary glimpse of glory, well, there are no guarantees, one, and two, how has that worked out for the Mets in the past? Well, it hasn't.

Now, the real question remains from Mets fans is this...who do the Mets go after now? I agree, if we are to be legitimate contenders in the NL East and/or Wild Card, Omar Minaya NEEDS to execute a trade. Perhaps a starter who can eat innings or someone who won't only contribute this season but to seasons afterwards, long-term and short-term.

And by "he" I mean anyone not named Ted Lilly.

At least if the Mets had managed to trade for Cliff Lee (I agree that the prospects probably weren't as enticing as that Smoak kid, but when the asking price "starts" with Ike Davis, then I agree the asking price was a tad too high), I could have suffered in silence with the best of them.

Ted Lilly, aka "why?" What does he have that the Mets absolutely need right now? On the flip side, what do the Mets have that the Cubs think they can pull the wool over our eyes and get long-term for a short-term trade of Lilly?

Fact: Lilly would be a half-year rental. He is only under contract till end of 2010. So why would the Mets, thinking now AND later, be remotely interested in making a trade that would make them suffer long-term? (Is there any word that Lilly would be willing to negotiate an extension? Probably not)

Fact: Lilly is not...that...good. The dude is as old as me (read: not young), pitched for the Expos for crying out loud, and I guess not...that...good is a bit of an exaggeration. Or is it? He's OKAY at best.

Fact: Now the asking price is Josh Thole. After losing two straight to the Braves, two straight series at home, the WORST thing to do is a panic move. And let's just say that I believe we could get a lot more for Josh Thole than Ted Lilly.

Need I remind you all that the Mets are NEVER good at making a "panic move." Luckily for us, Omar Minaya tends not to make them. Fairly enough, though, he makes NO moves at the deadline.

If this team is as good as they want us to think they are, they need to make a move. However, a Thole-for-Lilly deal is potentially worse than a Davis-plus-other-prospects-for-Lee would ever be. Why? BECAUSE HE'S NOT THAT GOOD!!!

As evidenced by today's loss, the Mets problem isn't the pitching. Hopefully, when Beltran returns, there will be a short "learning curve" and the hitting will be fine. Or will it? Fact is, the Mets biggest problem right now is the hitting and not pitching.

Jason Bay hits into a 6-4-3 Double Bay, becoming our higher paid version of Fernando Tatis. David Wright isn't doing his job. Jose Reyes won't be playing in the All-Star Game and is also slumping. Angel Pagan is our MVP but that's not saying much. Don't get me started on that waste named Jeff Francoeur. But hey guess what!??? Alex Cora is on pace to hit the amount of innings for his vesting option!!!!

The Mets, if they truly wish to improve themselves, will have to get another bat for the lineup. Trading Thole or Havens or any other prospect for Ted Lilly won't change the fact that they will be less than Ted without another bat in the lineup.


dgwPhotography said...

**scrambling to to check Ted Lilly's birth date**

BlondiesJake said...

You are spot on with assessment of Lilly, but I disagree with your take on Lee. He would've made the Mets favorites in the NL East if not the entire NL and the Mets are potentially adding a bat in Beltran. The team does need more pitching, as Pelfrey is leaking oil, you can't expect Dickey to continue pitching this well and Niese is likely to have ups and downs.

Making a deal for a proven playoff pitcher wouldn't be a panic move, nor would it be mortgaging the future. That's why you develop prospects, to either plug in at spots of need or deal to plug other needs. Exactly where will all the Mets prospects go in the next few years, when the infield is full and at least one if not two outfield spots are filled as well?

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