Friday, July 09, 2010

Last Dead Mouse

I don't know about you guys...but I'm not buying this whole Cliff Lee-close-to-going-to-Yankees business. Just the timing is so suspect. Most Mets fans are throwing Omar Minaya under the bus but the fact it, I cannot blame Minaya for not making a deal or holding his cards close to his chest regarding a deal like this.

Look at the big picture: Lee is a half-year rental. I could give a rat's ass about "draft picks" next year. Of course the Mariners aren't in it to win anything this year. That's all fine and dandy. What i do know is this: what does Jack Zduriencik have to lose asking for a king's ransom in top prospects?

And we all know the true reason why the Yankees are even being thrown around right now: TO DRIVE UP VALUE. Gee whillakers, if y'all can't see that, then I have this here bridge I'd like to sell ya.

Now I am not a Yankees fan, I think I make that very evident. Don't like the way they conduct business, the way they've ruined baseball by raising the bar of "value." Before I get all "Coop, A-Rod didn't sign with the Yankees for $252 mm, it was the RANGERS" comments from you, please tell me that the Yankees way of running their baseball operations DON'T cause people like Scott Boras to inflate the value of their athletes, and get dudes like Hicks to pay up, sucka.

Now, when I look at the standings in the AL East, it's a three team race, with the Yanks, Rays and Sox. Will getting Cliff Lee REALLY help them run away with the division? I think it makes them marginally better...but not to the extent of giving up a future catcher (Jesus Montero). I mean, what happens after Jorge Posada retires? Will the Yankees make an offer to Victor Martinez to blow him out of the water?

Keep in mind, last season, I had my Yankee fan friends swearing up and down that Mussina and Giambi and others coming off the books in 2009 was going to clear up space on the payroll. I scoffed because I thought they'd get Sabathia, maybe Teixeira, and Burnett was a dark horse candidate. Well guess what? They peaked last year, getting all three, winning the World Series... adding Cliff Lee, whether or not he costs prospects and not that much in dollars yet...Especially Cliff Lee in a little league park?

I just...I just don't buy it. When I said the timing was "suspect," how ironic that the Yankees are in Seattle. OF COURSE the GMs are "in talks." They may as well, right, since everyone is in the same room?

If anything, I believe these "reports" ('cause that is all they are) are to light a fire under the arse of Bill Smith, GM of the Twins, to get a deal cooking.

This is what I believe. Of course, I know that Senor Solly and DyHrdMet are firing up the grill, getting their crowburgers out of the freezer for me...but hear me out.

I don't believe Lee will go to the Yankees. Seriously how many times have we been through this scenario? Heck, even Johan Santana was "close to a deal with the Yankees" before surprising everyone (including us) by going to the Mets. Why was that? TO GET MORE BANG FOR THE JOHAN BUCK. Substitute "Cliff Lee" for "Johan" and it's the same damn thing.

I never believed the Mets were in the running (Solly and Jason - I do like cheese with my crowburger) for Lee. Again, how many times are New York teams used in the media to drive up the value of the trade? It's not just baseball: it's every sport.

Now wherever Lee goes to -- Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, assistant road secretary to the Phoenix Coyotes -- we can FINALLY concentrate on real deals that will REALLY help the Mets, not just this season, but long-term. Again, I could give a rat's ass about getting draft picks for Lee if we were to trade for him. So then we're out of major league-ready talent AND a few years away for these picks to make some kind of impact? Keep dreaming.

I want Haren. I'd almost rather have Oswalt, although I've said before that I am concerned about his injury history and age. Lilly is good, but again. he is a half-year rental. If I'm the GM, I want someone who can help us NOW AND LATER. What a novel concept! Cliff Lee can suck my left nut. If I had them. Just sayin'.

I can say one thing about Zduriencik it's this: he sure knows how to work the press. The New York media needs something else to feed on since their "savior" LeBronx (yes that was intentional) won't be playing in New York next season.

Ice to an eskimo. Last dead mouse. It's all a way of driving up value.

And if the Yankees end up getting him...will it really matter?


dykstraw said...

i don't buy this "lebron to the heat" story either...

DyHrdMET said...

did you see the Texas Rangers stepping in? I know I didn't.

My stomach dropped (and it wasn't the thought of something coming off the grill) when I heard the Yankees' name being thrown into the mix. That was more about having to hear the Yankee fans (including Yankee Fan #1 on WFAN every afternoon during which time I normally listen to music driving home from work) crow about this for the rest of the season (I saw a facebook friend post on July 4 something to the effect of "Thank You George Steinbrenner for owning the Yankees"). Of course those same people are now saying they'd rather pay for him with free agent money than prospects because they KNOW that he's coming to the Bronx for next season.

But I'm also glad the Mets didn't pay in prospects to get him. I think the Mets have too many other problems that Cliff Lee couldn't have solved for him to have anointed the Mets the 2010 World Champions (which would have been the only reason to have acquired him for prospects).

Coop said...

Jason, I really thought if anyone was going to the Rangers, it would have been Oswalt. But I knew Seattle was using the Yankees. And everyone was jumping off a cliff (no pun intended) because of it. Would it have really mattered if the Mets got him OR if the Yankees did? He wouldn't have helped the Mets, as you say. And the only reason fans were up in arms about him potentially going to the Yankees was b/c they don't want to hear about it in October.