Friday, June 25, 2010

Weighing in on Cliff Lee

Am I the only Mets fan alive who thinks Cliff Lee is overrated? Well, I know at least one other fan who thinks that, but it screams of nepotism if I use him as my backup.

Any time I hear potential "trades" from Monday Morning GMs starting with either Jon Niese or Ike Davis, I just have to laugh. I hope if Omar Minaya gets an offer like that, he laughs too (I know Howard Megdal, future Mets GM who will hire me as his assistant, would as well).

After all, the children are our future, as Randy Watson would say, and since Jon Niese has done better WAY better than expected this season (and I think he's going to be infinitely better as time goes on) and Ike Davis is the rug that ties the room together, that move would be silly not to mention incredibly premature.

It would be a hard sell but I think if the Mets were to hypotethetically be frontrunners for him, start with Fernando Martinez. Like I said, it would be a hard sell simply because the dude is injury-prone. Maybe Kirk Nieuwenhuis (I hope I spelled his name cause I aint looking it up right now), MAYBE. But we'll need a OF for the future. And I would choose Nieuwenhuis over F-Mart anyday. Though I did name the Shea Bridge after him.

Anyway, back to the whole Cliff Lee thing. I cannot be the only who thinks he overrated or that the Mets don't need him. He would be nice. I'd like to have him on the team. The last thing they need to do right now is be shortsighted for a half-year rental to have him go someplace else. Here's an idea: let another team make a stupid-ass move like that other than the Mets. The Twins, for example. They have a shitload of prospects and can afford to do something stupid. Hey, no skin off our nose if he leaves after half a season. Give us our draft picks*.
*pending arbitration, which I'm sure they'd offer

Any deal involving Angel Pagan too is just crazy talk. The dude has been our MVP, I don't care who you are or what you think. I plan on writing a piece on Carlos Beltran and Angel Pagan soon, but it more involves keeping Pagan in the lineup every day. Think what you want about my thoughts on Beltran.

Now, I mentioned above that I believe Clifton Phifer Lee (yes, that is his real name) is "overrated." On the surface, his numbers are impressive. Lifetime, 96-55, 3.86 ERA and 1.274 WHIP. For a dude who has pitched most of his years in the American League, that sounds pretty dang good, right? He's a Cy Young Award winner but two years ago. In the AL. Save 2007, he's pitched over 200 innings each season. He started this season injured too, but has rebounded to have impressive stats with Seattle, 6-3, 2.39 ERA and 0.912 WHIP.

That's not overrated Coop. That is pretty fucking good!

Well of course it is. I am not saying that Cliff Lee is "overrated" in the sense that everyone thinks he's great but is just a shade above mediocre (that would be Jake Peavy). I am saying he's overrated because of what he will eventually be paid as a lefty starter who is in his walk year (you know the best numbers come up in walk years). I think he is injury-prone and his arm will fall off at one point, especially in a long-term deal you know he will get. Let someone else overpay for him in prospects right now. I'd also be curious to see how a long-term deal gets worked out after this season.

Did I mention that he will not negotiate an extension even in the event of a trade? Hell, the Phillies traded his ass because they knew he wouldn't negotiate an extension and wanted to maximize their value for him while they still had him (and got Roy Halladay as an added bonus). This was after two trips in a row to the World Series!!

So Cliff Lee is basically saying, yeah trade me, but expect me to bolt my new team once the season is over. We all know how that works out. We are out prospects and money and whatever else. Oh and we need to refill that spot in the rotation still. I understand why he's doing it. Still doesn't take away from the fact that it's a dick move.

Not happenin'.

I always say that too much pitching is never a problem. When he's a half-year rental, it is. And last I checked, save Hisanori Takahashi's hiccups every now and then, the Mets are far from having problematic pitching.

They rank 4th in NL ERA with 3.74, 7th in Ks with 518, their WHIP might be high-ish but their K/9 is impressive with 7.2.

We don't need no stinkin' Lee. We'll be fine without him. In 2010, that is.

What a game!

Tonight, Edwin Jackson from the Arizona Diamondbacks pitched his first career no-hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Two things are amazing out of this event.

One is that Jackson threw 149 pitches to complete the game. Nolan Ryan must be so proud.

Second is that the Rays are a legitimate AL East contender. And this is the SECOND TIME this season they've been no hit, and third time in less than a calendar year. Remember, Mark Buehrle threw one against them in 2009. Did I mention two of those "no hitters" were "perfect games?" Yes, Dallas Braden's "Suck it A-Rod" match du parfait was against the Rays as well.

Another thing of note is that the Oakland A's are a significantly below-.500 team this season and the D-Backs are in dead last this season.

And the Rays are still good.

I tweeted earlier that I felt bad for Jackson though. His best game ever, and it was in front of 150 fans who were probably all Yankees-transplants (it was at Tropicana Field).

Megdal for GM primaries begin on Monday, June 28 at Amazin Avenue and New York Baseball Digest. Stand up and be counted! Polls close on July 2.

Be sure to visit F-O-C John Delcos' Mets Report during games for live chats. Tell him The Coop sent ya!

Don't know what else to say except Lets Go Mets. Nice win against the Twinnies tonight.

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