Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Today's loss sucked but I do believe that the Mets can redeem themselves in a few easy steps. Two of which they do not even entirely control.

A.) Jason Heyward is on the DL for the Braves. Heyward is an exciting young player, and his loss in the lineup will be felt. The Braves are also kind of falling out of favor (though they are in first, they still do not scare me), especially with golden boy Derek Lowe giving his best impression of Steve Trachsel this year.

2.) Chase Utley and Placido Polanco also hit the DL today for the Phillies. While they were both placed on the 15-day DL, Polanco's seems a bit suspect with an inflamed right elbow injury. I'm sure that when the Phils go on a losing streak (and they will), we'll have to hear the woe is me comments from their fanbase about how they have so many injuries. To that, I say "SUCK IT PHILLY."

D.) To capitalize on all these changes in the opponents, it is imperative the Mets get a new pitcher. It appears as though Josh Thole and Wilmer Flores might be "Crown Jewels" in any trade involving a top-tier pitcher, according to several reports.

After the last two nights -- R.A. Dickey was going to come back down to earth eventually but Hisanori Takahashi is better served in the 'pen -- it is evident that the Mets need another top-of-the-line pitcher to back up Mike Pelfrey and Jonathon Niese (yeah, I said it). Rumors of course are saying the Mets are the frontrunners for Cliff Lee.

However, I have to think that Dan Haren would be better suited for the Mets at this point.

If my good friend Howard Megdal weren't already running for GM, I would do a WWCD (What Would Coop Do?) post as GM right now. However, I can still do that, since I am not the GM and not step on Howard's toes since he is still maintaining his campaign (be sure to get out and vote this week too).

Haren is on the right side of 30, and I have to believe the righty would benefit from a change of scenery (read: on a winning team). Not to mention he's been a pitcher most have coveted since his days on the Oakland A's. His stats have been lackluster so far this year (7-6, 4.56 ERA and 1.315 WHIP); however, it seems like the month of May might have cause this aberration. In June, he's got a 2-2 record with a 3.19 ERA and 1.228 WHIP (down significantly from the month prior).

He seems to be a ground ball hitter, but with the defensive line (such a hockey term) backing him up at CitiField, I have to believe that would only benefit him. He doesn't give up many home runs and strikes out on average one batter per inning.

I think that's pretty sick.

It's not that I am totally against getting Cliff Lee. Okay, maybe I am. No seriously, I'm sure Clifton is a wonderful guy once you get to know him. I do know that Danny Haren would fit in nicely with the team, he's under contract till 2012 (with a 2013 option) and well, I've coveted him. Isn't that enough? He also won't cost that much in prospects and is certainly more reliable than the two schmoes we have at the back of the rotation.

Dickey and Takahashi have sufficed for now. But now it is time to strike while the iron is hot. Our two major rivals in the division have lost key components, and it will be nice to see how they bounce back from losing major offensive parts to their lineup. However, after losing two straight the Marlins (including Coop's "favorites" Cody F. Ross and Dan "I'm Fucking" Uggla), it is time.

Omar, make your move. *Klang! Kling!* Okay, that's striking while the iron is hot.


Joe Spector said...

Oh Coop...how a few days have changed thee lol. Lee comes with issues sure but Haren isn't in his class I'm sorry.

Lee is a Cy Young pitcher ( in the American League no less). Haren, not so much. The closest he ever came was last year when he was 5th in voting. That's not even the reason why I would want him over Haren so much.

I think Haren would cost the Mets more since Arizona doesn't have to trade him. Lee has to go and Seattle knows it. Of course they'll all play a game of chicken but in the end Lee's going somewhere.

It's either the Mets get an arm or it's high time for Joey to start earning his chicken taco's by taking the mound at Citi.

Coop said...

See, I'm gonna have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you there, Joe. For one, I haven't changed my stance on getting *pitching* - it's Cliff Lee I don't want right NOW. Sure, Seattle has nothing to lose/gain by letting him go now. But they will want too much. On the flip side, you are correct, the Dbacks don't *have* to get rid of Haren, I'm just saying that it would be easier and more economical short and long term to get him here by throwing some money and prospects at them. After all, this ia wash of a season for AZ. They will be sellers at the deadline, mark my words. And Haren is a name you will see pop up.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are crazy and or just not payin attention if you want Haren. Call it my fantasy obsession advantage, but anyone who knows stats knows that Haren has always been an insane 1st half pitcher who allways does poorly in the second half. Look it up. It's like clockwork. Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz from Espn's Fantasy Focus Baseball podcast actually have a running joke about this phenomenon. The worst part is that this year he isn't even having his usual sick first to half to make up for his inevitable crappy second half. Cliff Lee all the way. He'll mow down these crappy NL lineups, just like he did last year.


DyHrdMET said...

Coop for GM!!!

Someone sent me a 3-way deal in which the Mets can get BOTH Lee and Haren for about 6 or 7 prospects (including Mejia and Tejada), and Seattle giving up a few prospects to Arizona as well.

But I am starting to think like you that Haren is a better fit for the Mets than Lee. Lee is good, and if he stays in the AL, he can't hurt the Mets. Lee is clearly a rental player (which makes the deal sent to me a bit expensive), so it tends to make me shy away from him. But I don't know Haren's contract situation. He need another starter.

Tom Greenhalgh said...

Good stuff. I wrote about how the Mets should pursue Haren instead of Lee yesterday on metszilla citing much the same reasoning. Good work.

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