Friday, June 18, 2010

Sacrificing the Live Chicken

"She's living in sin with a safety pin. She's goin'...CLEVELAND ROCKS! CLEVELAND ROCKS!" - Ian Hunter, "Cleveland Rocks"

Well, folks, we did it. We discussed prior to rolling into Baltimore that two out of three would not do it. Nope. To prove to me this team was legit, they would need to sweep the Orioles into oblivion.

So that happens. Cool. Then we head to Cleveland. The Indians are a pretty awful team as well, but eh, I was okay with winning two out of three. They certainly are not as bad as the Orioles, but the Indians are not a good team.

The Mets this week rolled into Cleveland to the lake like that barge Randy Newman sang about in Major League's opening credits, taking all three from the Indians.

This surprised the heck out of me. How many times this season have the Mets looked awesome at home, to looking like the Keystone Kops on the road? Or worse, Pedro Cerrano trying to hit a curveball in training camp? They made it look easy, but let's keep it together here. These were the teams with the worst records in their respective divisions. It's good that the Mets rolled over them both, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

It's easy to though.

Now what? Considering that Remembering Shea's DyHrdMet told me at the beginning of the season that he thought this was a "75-game" winning team, and I told Senor Solly to take the under on that, looks like DyHrdMet and I are eating a big shitburger on that one (although I am pretty sure Solly did agree with me).

Even so, the season is a marathon, not a sprint. So I am upping that ante to 85 now.

The Yankees also rolled over tonight for the Phillies tonight. Which could be good and bad.

Good in the sense that...hey, we're heading to the Bronx now. Maybe taking all three games isn't that much of a stretch. The Yank-these just lost two in a row to the Phillies (which leads me to the second part...), so perhaps we can carry that losing momentum over them.

Bad in the sense that...the Phillies are creeping up behind us. Well, the Phillies are 3.5 games out of first. And 3 games behind us. But they just won two in a row against the Yankees. Why didn't the Yankees bother to show up? Are they giving the Phillies a reach-around for winning the World Series against them last year?

This weekend is the first place Braves are facing a VERY good Rays team. The Phillies are facing a very solid Twins team. I know the Mets can TOTALLY take the Braves. But dang, we don't face those two teams (Braves and the Phillies) again till August. The Twins, however, we will see next weekend, bringing to a close Interleague play for 2010. Thank goodness.

I'm still hopeful. I'm hopeful the Mets can still pull off a massive winning streak. We will have to take into consideration though that these wins were against the respective worst teams in their divisions.

These upcoming three series will be the true test, boys and girls. Whether they can beat the class of the American League (right now, Yankees are tied for first in AL East, Twins are first in AL Central and Tigers are a very close second in the same division), they need to keep bringing out the big guns.

You know what? I'll gladly bring the chicken for the Mets to sacrifice before tomorrow night's game (and if it puts a hex on the Yankees doing it in their visitor's clubhouse, more power to them) to continue the progress though.

All I know is I gotta prepare myself for that shitburger now.

I'm heating up the Foreman grill as we speak.

Here's a fun fact: The Mets are 18-5 since May 22, which is the best record in baseball. Also, since starting out 4-8, the Mets are 34-20. It also seems like addition by subtraction (e.g. Oliver Perez and John Maine) and addition by addition (Ike Davis) has contributed to this hot streak.

Where's that live chicken again???


Sassdawg. said...

Coop, the Mets have a 3 game set against the Bravos July 9-11

Sassdawg. said...

Should also add, I'll glaaaaadly take the Twins & the Tigers at Citi.

DyHrdMET said...

I like cheese on my shitburger.

We're half way there. When's the season's midpoint?

Doing the math, the Mets are on pace to be almost 20 games ahead of my prediction. I won't call myself wrong until they reach 90 losses (75 wins is also 87 losses) or 80 wins.

Solly said...

The over/under in Vegas was 80. I couldn't make the bet because I could have made a case for over 80 just as well as under... and part of me thought 80-82 was a definite possibility.

Joey Beartran said...

This blog just made me hungry...

Anonymous said...

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