Friday, June 18, 2010

Press Mute

I'm one of the rare people in America.

I hated the show Seinfeld.

Hate is a very strong word, and understand that I don't like to use it. But "dislike it very much" doesn't really cut my feelings for it. I wanted to punch Elaine. And why was that Kramer guy so funny? I would rather hear nails on a chalkboard than listen to George (or as he would say it, "Jawdge").

I only watched the show like three times in my life, mostly because I was living at home and my mom loved it. Yet each time I watched it, I wanted to throw the TV out the window.

However, going back to the whole "nails on a chalkboard" thing, the one thing I didn't get was Jerry Seinfeld. Yeah, I get it, as a stand up comedian, he's pretty balls on. But as an actor? You have to be fucking kidding me.

But to hear him speak for three innings, potentially more, during Wednesday's broadcast is enough to make my ears bleed. Seriously? I know, he's doing what every Mets fan dude in the universe would love to do -- call a Mets game with the best in the biz -- but he wouldn't have been able to do unless he was really connected.

As it turns out, I wasn't planning to go to the game, but may have two tickets to it. If ever there were an incentive for me to not watch a game at home, this would be it.

So if anyone is interested in going to a game with a really cool chick, let me know.

Hey everyone, I've mentioned it before, I'll mention it again. Get thee to John Delcos Mets Report's website (facebook fan page here). The former Mets beat writer still has insightful analysis on the team and has in-game chats. This would be a great place for some shyte-talking, especially this weekend with the Subway Series.

Nothing else to say except LGM/YGB.


Solly said...

My soulmate Bear Man and I will enjoy it without you :)

dgwPhotography said...

Hey RCC, how about meeting up with Chap and me at the game?

Coop said...

Who's RCC? Chap already beat you to it ;-). If I go, consider my ass with you guys.

dgwPhotography said...

LOL - what did you call yourself in your post?

Bear Man said...

Senor Solly and I were watching the Mets broadcast with Jerry Seinfeld and Keith Hernandez. Then Keith started talking about Lady Gaga in Jerry's box and...yada, yada, yada...we never heard Jerry do play-by-play with Keith again.

Coop said...

Gosh, Bear Man and Senor Solly, why don't you two just get married already?

Coop said...

Oh duh Whit, LOL. Yes the "really cool chick" will come sit if the tickets are still available!

Bear Man said...

Senor Solly and I would get married but we still haven't found a place that sells wedding invitations and envelopes that aren't fatal when you lick them.

Kelly H said...

If I weren't 1500 miles away I would totally join you at the game Miss Coop! Oh and, I dont like Seinfeld either ;)