Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Win - Lose - Draw

That is how I will describe the Mets mini-series in Atlanta. It was the Battle of Who Sucks Less, the Mets took game one, the Braves took game two.

I guess there are two things I can gather from that series. One is that, even in a two game series, the Mets can't even win a rubber match (though technically not a real one, but you get my drift, they can't seal the deal). Two is that the Mets are still even-Stevens (meaning they really haven't done much as far as improving their record).

It used to be that Johan Santana goes on the mound and he gives you the best chance to win every fifth day, and last night was no different. He was able to put the Mets in a position to win, only they did not bring up their end of the bargain.

Then there's David Wright. UGH. I mean, I am no D-Dubs apologist, but I am no hater of his. I am glad he's on our side, but clearly he is having some mental issues out there. Maybe he's suffering from Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder like we fans are. Now, I know I could probably get flamed for this, but I am wondering...just wondering...if the Mets wouldn't be...I don't know...prudent to start looking him?

Now just hear me out!! D-Dubs seems to be putting a lot of pressure on himself. He is A-Rod but without the infinite talent (and of course the paycheck). He may need to be in a smaller market to be a true leader. The Mets fanbase have been looking to him to be some kind of leader since Pedro Martinez and Carlos Delgado left the building, but my thinking is he can't handle it. No one puts more pressure on D-Dubs than himself.

No one wants to see him succeed more than him.

And someone posted earlier today that he's on pace for 20-30 HRs, 100 RBIs but over 200 Ks. TWO HUNDRED STRIKEOUTS BITCHES. That's insane. The issue is - he's become a home-run hitter in his head. I guess that's what happens when you have zero protection in the lineup with Streaky (Jason Bay) and Slumpy (Jeff Francoeur) as the biggest back-up threats to you.

Before everyone gets all hell-bent on WHO WOULD REPLACE HIS PRODUCTION???, well, I haven't thought that far ahead. But you know, I don't get paid for this shit, so there you go.

You could get a front-of-the-line starter in a deal that featured D-Wright, and you could certainly get a 3B prospect. That would in essence say the Mets have given up on this year, but perhaps it's best that we do that now and get it out of the way.

It would suck, but at least it would show some kind of futuristic game plan for the organization.


Yeah I know, I've got my asbestos suit on. In the meantime though, D-Dubs has the night off. Thank goodness. It seemed to work well for Jeff Francoeur last night but of course, he did hit into a double play in a critical play in the later innings that could have been a go-ahead run situation.

As fate would have it, the Mets are in DC for another two-game mini-series against the Nationals. Other beasts of the East, however, this is not a battle who sucks less.

It's the Battle of...Are the Mets REALLY As Bad As Some Think?


Bear Man said...

I refuse to believe that the Mets are as bad as some think? Perhaps the whole team suffers from what Bay and Francoeur have. They're all streaky and slumpy!

BTW, Streaky and Slumpy would make a great cartoon, kind of like Itchy and Scratchy. Instead of "fight, fight, fight, bite, bite, bite", it would be "Wright, Wright, Wright, strike, strike, strike"."

Solly said...

The problem with trading Wright or Reyes is you can't do it until their value goes back up. You'd only be getting 40 cents on the dollar if you move them when they're slumping.

And that's the rub. If they both go back to their 2006-ish numbers, why would you want to trade them in the first place?

I have a much better solution - COOP FOR GM!