Saturday, May 01, 2010


Going into Saturday's game.? Nah, I'm not a-skeered.

I keep using the term "cautiously optimistic" to describe myself. It's a long season, and I refuse to think that the Mets are going to win the division in April. Unless, you know, we're looking back at highlight tapes of the 1986 team.

Today is different. First, I know Mike Pelfrey will not maintain a 0.96 ERA this whole season. Just like Roy Halladay would not go undefeated this year, as he lost his first game just last week for the Phillies.

This is strictly my opinion only: I have ALWAYS thought Roy Halladay was a tad overrated. I thought a pitching rotation with Halladay AND Cliff Lee would be absolutely dominant. Without Cliff Lee, he has no one in the rotation but Joe Blanton, who injured himself eating donuts (sorry, that was mean). And there is no protection in the bullpen either, with LOLidge (coined by Vazzano over at TheRopolitans) imploding in his first appearance last night since the DL and Ryan Madson injured himself after blowing a save the other day. Yes, Halladay joins the team that is the last NL represents as "World F-ing Champs," and they are falling apart around him.

This series will certainly separate the men from the pussies. I won't say "tone-setting" because we thought that by beating the Phillies in 2008, we'd win it all, and still fell short of the playoffs.

The NL East seems to be more competitively balanced this year, and maybe there will be less pressure having two very good teams going neck and neck, by having five teams that will keep each other in check to have wins against the outlying divisions contribute to their overall standings.

I hope that made sense. It's quite early and I have not had my morning coffee yet.

I guess my overall stance is, divisions are not won in May. They are not lost in May either unless you are the Pirates or some poorly run team.

I am staying cautiously optimistic.

But I aint a-skeered.

I was also encouraged by retaliation last night for Frenchy's clang on the arm. Although I wish it was Victorino who got hit and not Chase Utley. I think I am one of the rare Mets fans who actually doesn't mind Utley. It's Victorino I would force feed Spam to till he vomited.

Let Utley have his "corner" at CitiField. CBP now has their own "Frenchy Riviera" with his HR last night.

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Sassdawg. said...

Who throws the most Gas on the Mets, Pelf? I'd bring him in to lay a 98 mph heater right into Victorino's uterus. Oooh, I really don't like that guy. He's a douche.