Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

Tuesday, May 18 kicked off the first regular-season Two Boots' Amazin' Tuesday (since the first one of 2010 occurred during the off-season). Our hosts with the most, Greg from FAFIF and Jon from MBTN, headed the evening. Of course, as Greg later pointed out on his site, our record with Amazin' Tuesdays (game-wise) is not that great. We were joined by such Mets bloggerazzi all-stars as Metsgrrl, Studious Metsimus, DyHrdMet, Matt Cerrone and Ted Berg. I did a reading, as did Josh Wilker from Cardboard Gods.

This was our first Amazin' Tuesday. however, at Two Boots Tavern in Grand Central. The spirit was the same, but our original setting in the Lower East Side (RIP) was certainly more intimate and quiet, as Two Boots Grand Central was, you know, in Grand Central Freaking Station. It was busy, it was loud, and to us amateurs (i.e., me) it was a little daunting to read in an environment like that. However, we all made it work, and it was fun, as Greg pointed out, bringing out the cast of characters of MSF to life. Thanks to everyone for making it possible and for coming out to support our cause (which is - reading is fundamental...even in sports).

Here are some pics chronicling the night. Some of them are not taken by me (or my camera) but you get the idea.
Senor Coop and I listening to Greg talk about 1975 from his book Faith and Fear in Flushing.

(two above pictures courtesy of Chap)

(Moi reading, courtesy of Metsgrrl)

The pizza of the night...the "Schneck" (which was black forest ham and sauerkraut. To be ingested at one's own risk. Photo on Chap's Flickr feed but pic taken by yours truly!)
Jon Springer, regaling us with the tale of Jeff McKnight (from Mets by the Numbers)
Joey listening intently to said McKnight-mare.
Scenes of the crowd - Steve and Mark (I think!), regulars from Cranepool Forum and F-O-Cs.
Josh Wilker, reading from Cardboard Gods.

All in all, a great time had by all. It would have been nice if the Mets won, but I guess you can't have it all.

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Michael Leggett said...

I recorded my own Postgame Show on RandomFandom Red Sox NYC, early this Morning:

I DON't Think Jeffy Gets It.

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