Saturday, May 08, 2010

Never Let The Facts Get In The Way Of A Good Story

I should be happy. I mean, two days, two walk-off wins for the Mets. Bengie Molina was crying to Kevin Burkhardt on Friday about the Mets "not wanting" him (wah!), but I think the guys we got instead -- Henry Blanco and Rod Barajas -- seem to really pay off in dividends. Also, since Molina left the game yesterday due to a tweaked hamstring, it REALLY seems Omar not following his gut worked out well for him in this respect.

My new nicknames for our catching duo were Blanco Lightning and Hot Rod. However, I would like to shmush their names together and call them Blanco Lightning Rod. Be sure to credit me with that name.

What I should be upset about mostly is that the hiccupy bullpen lost the lead two games in row, especially our most reliable parts of Perpetual Pedro, Fernando Nieveryday and Frankie Rodriguez. Losing the lead for our two most dependable starters, Santana (barring last week's major hiccup against the Phils of course) and Big Pelf (ditto). I should really be upset that the Mets did not take advantage of a slow-ass Wellemeyer on Saturday. I'm a little disappointed in the offense, the K's by David Wright and Jason Bay's been lackluster (on the road - not at home).

I should be happy that the Mets have won two in a row against not only a top team in the NL West, but a team that boasts one of the best starting pitching staffs in MLB, period.

Well, I am happy to that extent.

What I was not happy about is facts getting in the way of a good story. While at the game on Saturday, I was following some Tweets (@coopz22 if you can handle the Coop) and someone starting retweeting David Lennon, the Mets beat writer from Newsday, on how he was remarking that for a Saturday afternoon, CitiField was "empty."

To that I say, "HUH?"

I was at the game. Sure, the game did not have every seat filled (especially in the Promenade, where it was very windy) but I will say that outside of Opening Day, this was the fullest game I've attended. If he was looking at the two section in the Excelsior level that actually were quite empty, then yeah, I'd say he had a good story. Of course, I was pissed off that most of these writers and what the cameras do not pick up is that due to the layout of the stadium, many fans are also milling about in "Standing Room" areas watching the game. What a novel idea.

I guess I missed the day in my Journalism 101 where writers were told to never let the facts get in the way of a good story. At the beginning of the season, the Mets did not get off to a running start, not to mention, fans were still smarting over last season and the weather by the way was freaking cold. Many bloggers were even commenting on it. I think what would be a fair analysis is to see how other teams (outside of the west coast perfect weather stadiums) are doing in their attendance. Suffice to say, I've been selling my tickets, so tushies have been in Section 138 since Opening Day, I am proud to report.

However, I don't think the media can handle that the Mets are doing pretty decently (even with all the negativity surrounding their offseason and start), their division is interesting (which I wrote about for MetsMerized on Friday), their pitching and bullpen have performed almost over their heads and better than expected, and they've been winning close games although one of their biggest offensive threats (Carlos Beltran) still sits on the DL. So what do reporters do? Attack the fans who still are "not coming out" to support them.

Don't believe everything you read, some and none of what you see. The pictures you see on camera are not telling the whole story, and the reporters are clearly feeding on the negativity that still lies within the Mets community.

It's fun going to games now. I even remarked that I felt like I was home a few weeks ago. Two walk-offs in a row, though I should be upset that the games should not have even come to that point, are not only dramatic, but shows what fight this team has although they are not exactly intact. They may not be a playoff team right now, but they are certainly going to keep things interesting.

What reporters SHOULD be focusing on is the home field. Not what's going on in the seats, but on the field. You know, the Mets have won 9 home games in a row. THAT, as a wise man once said, is truly amazin'.

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Caryn said...

To be fair, Coop, there was a night I took a photo, you weren't there and commented that it was 'empty' when it wasn't. I agree that the beat writers are too quick to say that the ballpark is 'empty' when there are tons of people milling around, on the concourses, or in the clubs (especially on a horribly windy day). Of course, none of the beat writers can be bothered to go walk around and find out. The Sunday ESPN game that rained out was the biggest culprit of that.