Sunday, May 16, 2010

Excuses Are Like Assholes

...Everyone has one. And they ALLLLLL stink.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have returned. I knew I couldn't stay away too long, but I guess the way the Mets have played since basically last Wednesday, I'm not sad anymore about my team. I've been sad for the past three years. I'm not embarrassed of them. I'm not humiliated by them anymore.

I am red hot and fucking pissed off right now.

Where do I begin?

Jerry Manuel tried, in vain, to shake up the lineup the last two games. Lineup change, schmine up change. What I want to see is an organizational and philosophical change. No more of this "We believe in comebacks" bullshit, please. The sentiment is nice, but technically, comebacks (in the Mets view) do not equate to "winning." That much is evident in the last five games, starting at home against the Nationals and now the four-game series against the Marlins.

At the end of the day (sorry, channeling my inner Omar), wins and losses are what matter to this team. Going from (as Studious Metsimus says today) worst to first to worst again is not going to fly this year.

Joe Janish over at Mets Today said that John Maine is incredibly lucky. He was nice and said that with Oliver Perez on the team, Maine's role as "ugly girl" is pretty hidden. No one likes John Maine more than me and no one wants to see him succeed more than Mets fans. However, I have to say that any other team would have shipped Maine's ass on out of town by now. Of course, the Mets have probably the most expensive reliever in baseball in Oh Pea, and John Maine's lack-of-an "out" pitch is simply not gonna fly this year. Well, fly in the facetious sense, not the fact that they cause a lot of fly balls.

As a fan, I am tired of listening to excuses. Fans, management and players are all guilty of it.

I do agree that, as they say in the public announcement at CitiField, "Mets fans are the best fans in the world." We are, for all the B.S. we have to put up with on a daily basis with this damn team, and we should be demanding more from them. Applaud effort in St. Louis for all I care. Here, we should be protesting and screaming our heads off at CitiField RIGHT NOW.

And I don't even mean the team on the field -- most of us are informed enough to know that as long as Sterling Equities owns this team, aint nothin' gonna change. However, if I hear more excuses from the fan base, I am going to scream. If this team had the "fight," if this team had cajones, if this team has what it takes to be better than a .500 team (which I am not thinking they are, even if/when Beltran returns), then show it to me. The sad part is, the talent is there on paper. But paper does not win championships or even at the base level GAMES.

They are not winning games, and yes, this stretch of games is critical (with or without me writing it for MetsMerized Online last week) because it's against (yep, you guessed it) NL EAST teams. Right now, the Phillies have zero competition. The competition was almost a dead heat last week but with the Mets skydiving with no parachute towards Earth, the Marlins playing Scrappy as per usual, and the Nationals coming out of nowhere this year, the Phillies are going to waltz right back into the National League Championship this year and you know what? They are going to win another World Series at that rate.

Now where was I? Oh, so back to management and players. First off, don't give me the crap that (pick any that apply): K-Rod isn't pitching enough and/or not participating in competitive enough situations - FUCK THAT NOISE. He is a professional that is getting paid handsomely to get three fucking outs. And that's it. If Jerry Manuel, as his "manager," tells him that's what he needs to do, then he needs to grow a pair and do it.

Don't get me started on Oliver Perez.

If you really want to shake up the lineup, have Luis Castillo bat leadoff. Yeah, I said it. Although another poster at MMO has some good suggestions on it as well. But this team needs more than just a line up change, it needs me cracking the Coopinatrix whip. Give me ten minutes with everyone there, I'll have them all crying for their moms while sucking their thumbs in the corner.

Oh did I say "me?" I meant, Coopinatrix of course.

Someone on Brooklyn Met Fan, F-O-C IrishMike said that if/when Beltran returns, Jeff Francoeur and Angel Pagan need to platoon on RF. I am not sure if Pagan has the arm for RF, but all I can say is IrishMike for GM (with Coop as Assistant - that would be a killer leadership for the Mets right now).

Of course, my gut is telling me Beltran aint comin' back. Yeah, I said it. And perfectly expect to get flamed for it.

Lastly, I am done with the organizational leadership on this team. Well, I've been technically done with them for years, but I am REALLY fucking done with this fucking lot.

Let's say, for argument's sake, that when Omar Minaya goes over to Atlanta and has "discussions" with Jerry Manuel and let's say even for more argument's sake that Manuel is fired, along with several coaches. My point is, this shit happened in 2008. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. Especially if the Mets management do not right a wrong and put Ken Oberkfell as Mets manager IMMEDIATELY and instead, throw in Jerry Manuel-lite, Bob Melvin, as manager.

As my dear Aunt Babe would say - you have the be FUCKING kidding me. The Mets deserve better. The Mets should not and cannot tolerate failure. Bob Melvin won't create change. Maybe they'll win a few games here and there, but it will NOT CHANGE.

And none of this will ever change until the Wilpons sell this team. Failure has not only been an option but has been the mainstream for such a long time. Second fiddle has been played one too many times for this team since Wilpon increased his stake from 5% to 50% in 1987. How ironic it correlates with when the Mets started to change and NOT for the better after dominating baseball and winning the World Series in 1986.

So Mr. Wilpon (channeling my best Ronnie Reagan)...


...And lastly my Fantasy team blows goats. If there is a G*d, she is not a Mets fan, nor likes my fantasy team.

Thank goodness there is still a lot of baseball to be played. For both the CoopDeVilles and the Mets.

Just wanted to address my post from the other day. I wanted to throw out there that the "offending" poster has apologized, it was sincere and heartfelt and I have accepted it. I know this person is a good dude. On the flip side, I am taking a break from writing at this other site, at least for the short-term, to take a step back.

Don't worry, I will still be doing my MetsMerized project (I think Joe D and Rainiedazze would beat me up for it LOL).

I am pleased, though, that the post has created a lot of dialogue, not only on this site but on multiple venues including Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs, even outside Metsopotamia. In fact, Yankee and baseball blogger Joanna from "Your Baseball Girl," noted that recently in the forums that gender issues have been profound and highlighted the Coop's piece from last week as being one of those addressing it. Hats off, Joanna, and glad to have you on my side. Our teams may differ, but fun fearless and fabulous female bloggers always get a high-five from me.

Last but certainly not least, come support the Coop, FAFIF, MBTN, Cardboard Gods and Two Boots Tavern for Amazin' Tuesday -- May 18 at Two Boots Grand Central.


Bear Man said...

So Omar Minaya is headed to Atlanta while the Mets are there. Is he there to fire Jerry Manuel and replace him with Ken Oberkfell? No. Why not? Because that would be the right thing to do.

Same thing with eating GMJ's contract and releasing him. Same thing with sending Ollie to the minors instead of having him suck in the bullpen. Of the last 13 games, 12 have been decided by two runs or less. Does anyone really trust Ollie to come into a tight game? The only place he could be used would be in a blowout and there haven't been many of those recently for the Mets or against them.

Good luck with your fantasy team. At least that can still be fixed. Just don't let the Wilpons or Omar Minaya get anywhere near it.

Solly said...

What do you think of this?

Reyes, Pagan, Wright, Davis, Bay, Barajas, Frenchy, Castillo, Pitcher

I know it's top-heavy but I don't know what else to do. Maybe you put Castillo up first ahead of Reyes.

Cutting GMJ is a given. Cut OP today. Period. The Angels were willing to eat GMJ's deal, the Tigers were willing to eat Sheff's two years ago. The Mets have to do the same here. Cut bait, admit you're wrong, and move on.

The real bitch of it if Mejia was in AA or AAA from Day One, he'd be ready (maybe) to take over in the rotation.

Oh, and Omar doesn't have the right to fire another manager. The Wilpons need to realize that as bad as Jerry is at managing the team, someone needs to be held accountable for assembling the team. Bye bye Omar, know what I'm sayin'?

Fuck this team, fuck this ownership, it's a goddamn disgrace season ticket holders like yourselves are being charged up the ass for such a shitty product.

That being said, see you in SF :D

DyHrdMET said...

nothing has changed in the last year. injuries were an excuse a year ago, but the Mets can't play that spin now.

the Mets need the total overhaul, from the Wilpons down. That being said, cutting loose a lot of these players that we all complain about will essentially having the Mets admit (many) mistakes, and I think the Wilpons are too stubborn to do that.

now, for Jerry. I think he has to go. It's a band-aid on a broken leg, but it needs to be done. He's got the team to the point offensively where fans are picking their desired lineup for the 8 position players like they pick an NCAA Bracket. Firing Jerry alone won't fix things. They may respond to a new manager similar to how they responded to Jerry by making a big run (and they had something close to that already this year when Ike Davis came up). But don't let it fool you.

They need to rebuild and clean house, and it's the only way to fix things, and unfortunately, it's an opinion that I've had for about a full calendar year now.

And I'll stop because I'm not sure what I'm saying anymore. But I trust you and know you're on the money here.