Saturday, April 10, 2010

What The McFadden's?

From the sounds of it, McFadden's is THE place to be before, during and after games at CitiField.
I, for one, was thrilled to hear that McFadden's would be franchising in CitiField, as there is one at Citizens Bank Park in Philly. (Well, I just wanted an on-site bar that one did not need club access to get there, but also I was hoping said bar would be an offshoot of Donovan's in Woodside, home of the cheap beers and best burgers -- and they really *are* the best!). Anyway, what I was thinking was, dang, I had upgraded my seats specifically to get club access since I had missed it when Shea turned into CitiField, I missed having that luxury.

Anyway back to CBP's McFadden's. I had never been in there, but that's because there are fewer restrictions on "clubs" there from what I saw. I sat in their version of the promenade during a game in 2008 and when it started to drizzle a little, one of my friends suggested we go to the bar on site. I thought - do we have access? To which they said, you don't even need to sit up here. And it was lovely and everything was wonderful to get out of the rain, even for a little bit. So I never had a chance to visit their version. From what I understand though (and nothing is said on their website) that one can come and go into the park (so long as they have a ticket I presume) and stay during the game.

So with all the massive promotion, all the commercials, all the signs in the stadium reminding us that, oh yeah, CitiField has a new on-site bar, can we not get in there during the games?

When we went downstairs to capitalize on our $2 draft beers (from when they were promoting the place on Sunday at the Open Workout). The security gentleman said we had to go outside to enter the facility. We said, "Uh, we are trying to get to McFadden's?" Thinking, I don't know, maybe they thought I was trying to break into the Mets front office or something. They were like, oh you can only get in from out there (pointing to the outside). And I said, wait, will we be able to get back in the park? No -- you're one and done.

Okay. So you were going to let me WALK OUT OF THE PARK, to spend money in a stupid ass bar that isn't even fully finished yet (from all reports I've gotten), and then tell me when I try to get back in that -- oh, by the way, you used your get out of jail free card? It certainly would have been nice to KNOW that before I went outside. Well, I did, but hey, it's only 'cause I asked first.

But that wasn't even why I was upset. Watch ANY Mets game on SNY, go to ANY game at CitiField, even merely HANG AROUND the park or go to any affiliated Mets websites, and they are promoting the beejeezus out of this place, the first week it's opened no less. And you mean to tell me that me, a paying ticket holder at CitiField, cannot even go INTO said bar once I've "checked into" CitiField? I cannot use the facility before or after the game. This is an onsite bar that once I am in the stadium, I cannot enter. I am just trying to be as crystal clear as possible here.

As I said when I walked away from security -- that is BASS ACKWARDS. But, as Chap said in her wisdom, "This is the METS we're talking about." Yep, no sense makes sense. And when I'm quoting Charles Manson when I'm dealing with the Mets, you know I'm riled up.

It was then brought to my attention from other members of the summer family that McFadden's IS open to ticketholders...just before the game (when you can enter the park, since they haven't scanned your ticket yet) or after the game.

In fact, walking back to my seats after hitting the Caesar's Club (where they were more than happy to accept my money for overpriced drinks) on the Shea Bridge in the 8th inning, the McFadden's ladies were again promoting the crap out of the place. Now I understand why. The game was ENDING and they want bodies in there to spend money. At this point, why would I want to hang around the Iron Triangle, when I can take the 7 train a few stops to Woodside to Donovan's or Saints and Sinners?

I guess, I mean maybe someone can explain it to me. I go to the Mets website and it does say paraphrased) that McFadden's is open year-round, seven days a week, and should have peak times before and after games. While one does not need a ticket to the gameday to get IN the establishment, you will need one to get in the stadium. Fair enough.

However, "any guest leaving the ballpark to return to McFadden's will not be able to re-enter CitiField -- AS IS THE CASE AT ANY OF OUR BALLPARK GATES." (Caps are mine for emphasis)

I have news for you Wilpons: McFadden's is a PART of CitiField. Therefore, if I am at a game, and want to bail for a few minutes for whatever reason (even if it's too hot, say, and I don't feel like walking all the way to the Caesar's Club, which by the way, the left field reserved people had to claw and scratch to get even THAT on our plans), why SHOULDN'T I be able to go in there for a beer (money, I'm sure, you won't mind me spending) if I AM a ticket holder already in the game? Why should it matter? You are penalizing people who want to go to the game, and actually want to patronize your establishments. What a grand idea. Not.

In the meantime, please try to make it clear, that even though you are promoting the heck out of this place, remind your fans already in the stadium that you can't go NOW, you can only go AFTER the game, that is, if you plan to return to your seats. Seats, you know, we more than likely paid for.

Of course, I am hoping that this is only temporary and that they purposely want to keep crowds low for the first week, since I did hear that it plans to be 100% complete by the next homestand. If they get the "commoner" area right this year (added food stands in the Promenade, gluten-free and vegetarian stands), let's hope they get this right too. Otherwise, it will be just another misjudgment call on the Wilpon's part.

Like that should surprise anyone, right?

What the McFadden's is that all about?

So what to say about today's game?

Twelve Mets left-on-base.

That about says it all.

I can't complain about Oliver Perez. He was actually somewhat of a good Ollie today. He had plenty of strikeouts, of course he walked a few but that's just Ollie, good or bad. As far as what I was thinking about today, he was potentially my biggest concern. He did just fine, actually.

Again, the Mets offense, in this quite early season, failed to show up. The Nationals scored two early, with the Mets getting those two runs back, then Ollie gave up two more...and the Mets answered with one more.

It wasn't even the starting pitching that stymied the Mets today. The Nationals bullpen (world beaters right there, fwah) held them at bay (no pun intended) after John Lannan left the game. There was a questionable incident in later innings when Fernando Tatis bunted on a 3-1 count, against Tyler Clippard who absolutely DOMINATED today. As if we expected anything less. Heck, Toasty Joe used to call this phenomenon "S.U.C.K. M.E." (Shaky Unknown Chuckers Kill Mets Everytime). Here is a bullpen guy on the Nationals who struck out SEVEN Mets in THREE innings. Are we regressing to the Rick Down days, when we couldn't hit crappy pitchers and slam good ones? Mind you, this is a guy with a lifetime WHIP of 1.356. And we couldn't only NOT buy a hit today, we couldn't even draw a fucking walk.

The 9th inning showed some promise when a quiet-all-day Jose Reyes (I can let him off the hook, he was "rusty"), in his debut for the season (!!!!), finally got on base. Woo woo! Then Cora bunts Reyes over, which led to a David Wright walk, but then...Jason Bay. Jason Bay looked absolutely stunned by the first two pitches by Capps, the Nats closer, then swung through strike three. I thought Jason Bay was supposed to be the guy everyone feared. Not exactly.

But Frenchy...he would hit one to the "Frenchy Riviera" (which is what Jim D. has coined the area where Frenchy hits his HRs). Not so fast...He did not, but Rod Barajas MIGHT have, COULD have, very well saved the day (our offensive "might" from the night before).

While noted Met-killer Willie Harris made the show-stopping catch to be the last out of the game with the tying and winning runs on base, it was another Willy who killed the Mets today, and that was Willy Taveras. Hello, he drove in all FOUR runs for the Nationals today!!! Unbelievable.

I could easily chalk this game up to, we can't win 'em all, boys. I really could.

But today was a game this team SHOULDA won.

I actually had a great Saturday in the Park with my Saturday partner-in-crime and had a Summer Family Reunion. I will post pictures tomorrow!


Bear Man said...

Tyler Clippard, Willy Taveras, Willie Harris. Definitely sound like Met killers to me. Had you said Tim Lincecum, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, I would have said piece of cake.

McFadden's is McF**king with us. I would have loved to check out the place. Now I don't really have much of a desire to go there. To the owners of said establishment, I say "screw you guys, I'm going home..."

DyHrdMET said...

(disclaimer, I'm not a big fan of bars or clubs at a stadium in any way. it takes away from the crowd that was noticably absent from the game yesterday).

maybe the idea with McFadden's is to get people who don't want to spend on the ticket to come to the bar, spend there, drink, have fun, and the Mets still get the $19 for those people to park at the stadium during the game.

of course, if the place were open during the game, the line would be longer than the Shake Shack.

or when it's finished, it's where Jerry Manuel will have is post-game press conference.

what was in that spot last year anyway?

MatthewA said...

The reason McFadden's has the policy about no re-entry is to prevent you or I from passing already-used tickets to folks in the bar who didn't pay for admission. They can't rescan your ticket, and they're certainly not going to take your word for it. I believe the Hard Rock at Yankee Stadium is operated the same way.

So, either A) they shut off McFadden's from the outside world during the game (meaning they lose potential revenue from folks without tickets during key games like Opening Day or the Subway Series), or B) they force you to exit the park if you want to go in the bar (which means you can't take advantage of the McFadden's experience during the game).

DyHrdMET said...

ooh - what about this angle. probably more of a positive consequence to the mets ticket office than anything else - you go down during the game, and buy another ticket to get back in to the stadium.

ok, that's crazy. what matt said though does make sense. I feel like it's a bit of false advertising.

Coop said...

Stop making sense MattA LOL. Here's my thinking - McFadden's is big enough and certainly there is enough "crowd control" in and around the park to determine what the capacity is and who comes in and out. However, if you are entering through the game, you get a hand stamp. Similar to when you see a band and pay a cover, but want to re-enter. Simple. If other stadiums can do it, there's no reason why the Mets cannot.