Friday, April 16, 2010

Theory of Relativity

So the Mets won yesterday and Big Pelf brought his Big A Game to Colorado, while along the way capitalizing on some fundamental mistake the Rockies made.

Likewise, the Mets caused some concern at some points of the game. For example, Jose Reyes missing the double-steal signal, with Luis Castillo being caught in a rundown. Then again, Big Pelf managed to get out of a rundown and scored a run subsequently, so I guess in the end, it all evens out.

But I don't really want to talk about game specifics. Sure, it was good to see the Mets win, but let's keep things relative. It's the third series of the season. They've lost all three series and only won ONE game each series. They have started the season 3-6.

Is it really the end of the world, though? According to most (or at least the most vocal), it could be, especially since John Maine has been confirmed as the ESPN Game Night starter on Sunday. Quite possibly, he is the one pitcher who has showed us the least hope thus far, but who knows? He could bring it, as he promises he will.

However, we have heard nothing from other teams who have had probably craptacular starts as the Mets have had. For example, the Astros won their first and only game this year yesterday, going 1-8 to start. Of course, the 'Stros don't have the type of expectations that the Mets have had this year. But keep in mind, that it took them THAT long to win a game.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, have started the year 3-7. These are the reigning AL West Champs.

Speaking of L.A., the Dodgers have some of the most dynamic young players in the game with Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. Their SS Rafael Furcal has absolutely been on fire starting this season, and they are treading water at 4-5.

The Red Sox have also had a lackluster start, 4-5, but are also getting the help of reinforcements with returning players.

My point? It's too early to get up in arms, it's too early to compare our start to the Phillies, who have had their players dropping like flies to injuries yet still hold first place. It will take a while, but they'll be facing us soon. Not that it will matter (ha), but keep in mind, they have also started the season against the Nationals (home-and-home), and the Astros. Yes, the same team that just won their very first game of the season yesterday.

I won't discount good teams, since it's obvious the Phillies have one of those. Before we claim the season is over before it started, let's think that some teams that are actually very good have also not been as "great" out of the starting gate.

Speaking of the Phillies, there was an interesting story about how classy the fans are with a guy who got arrested for intentionally vomiting on a family in front of him. Uh, gross. And I believe they were all Phillies fans, so it wasn't even a rivalry type thing (not that that is an excuse, but at least it would sort-of kind-of make sense? Maybe? OK, I'm reaching here).

Anyway, the story has been circulated in cyberspace for sure, but I was also reminded that back in 2008, I was at Citizens Bank Park for a road trip. I was in standing room with a few other Mets fans, yet there was a Phillies fan standing towards the end of us. I thought he knew the Mets fans we had struck a conversation with, so we just sort of ignored him.

Till we hear him prepare to hock a massive loogy on the rows in front of him.

We all looked at each other like, WTF? Yet, there was no punishment for this guy, I believe he simply walked away. When I talked to the Mets fans next to me, I was like, You don't know that guy? They said they didn't, he was just sort of standing there, minding his own business.

So there was no back story, no heckling, no problems they witnessed. Yet this guy had it in him to spit for no reason.

Stay classy as always, Philadelphia!


Bear Man said...

Just last year, the Rockies fired Clint Hurdle after a horrible start and Jim Tracy turned that team around so quickly, they ended up making the playoffs and had the best record in franchise history (92-70, even better than their '07 team that won the pennant).

So that's the plan. Fire Jerry Manuel, replace him with a Chia Pet and watch the team soar to new heights.

Coop said...

I think you are being too kind to Chia Pets. Although I wouldn't balk if say, Ken Oberkfell, were manager instead of Manuel. Obie for Mgr, Coop for GM