Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday in the Park, A Summer Family Reunion

The first Saturday game is usually a special game for me. Many of my old Summer Family contingent (from back in the Shea days) all have Saturday weekend "plus" packages and not to mention, since it's the first official weekend game for several out-of-towners, it's a time to meet-and-greet with many who you do not normally see during weekday or weeknight games.

It was also a special game since Jose Reyes was returning to the lineup...FINALLY!...after an almost-year hiatus from the team.

At 12:15, we met on the Shea Bridge. DyHrdMet from Remembering Shea showed up, after visiting the Mets Hall of Fame and Museum, to which he described personally as "overwhelming" (in a good way!).
It was DyHrdMet and sister-blog of MSF, Studious Metsimus, hanging around, then our crowd got bigger. CoreyNYC and his wife Em joined us for a bit, then decided to grab some warm stuff (I was not at Friday night's game, but from what I understood, Saturday was a LOT better, wind chill factor be damned). Always good to see them.

Then my buddy JimD came out of nowhere! I knew he had Saturday seats, but forgot he is a "silent reader" of MSF, and he surprised me. Always good to see him.

Coop and Jim for GM!! (co-GMs, of course!)

Last but certainly not least, the biggest surprise of the day was seeing Uncle Gene and his son BW at the park! Usually, Gene-oh's oldest son, FunGuy, gets the Saturday tickets, but he couldn't make it, so it was Uncle Gene's first day at the park.
Something to know about Uncle Gene: he and Mr. E (Coop's dad, for the new readers) have been best friends since they were 10, and I have not known a life and especially have not known a life being a Mets fan without him being a prominent part of it. So although we are not technically "related," he is the family we choose, and it doesn't matter what the calendar day is. It's Christmas Day whenever I see Uncle Gene at the ballpark!

Meanwhile, DyHrdMet made a comment that I was the most popular person on the bridge. I doubt that, it was just that I am good events coordinator, ha ha.

No meet-and-greet with my sister blog is complete without a pic of us and the bears...taken by DyHrdMet himself.
Thanks to everyone and let's do this again for the next Saturday home game -- April 25!!

I have a post up at NY Baseball Blogs on Jose Reyes' return today. I'm hoping that he becomes THE sparkplug sooner rather than later. It may take some time...but he'll be back.

In the meantime, ONE WIN AND IN! Go Rangers today!!

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Bear Man said...

Sing with me:

In the park
I think I hate that Harris guy.

If Willie Harris didn't exist, your sister blog's correspondents would have left the ballpark much happier.

Still a great day with great company!