Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jenrry, Isaac and Jon

Does everyone like Ike?

That seemed to be the prevailing opinion about our boy wonder who was brought up from the minors for the game yesterday. Since 2006, I have seen the debut of two over-hyped prospects in Lastings Milledge and Fernando Martinez, and their debuts weren't that great. I would hardly have called them saving the organization.

The Mets lost both those games, while 'Stings hit a double in his last at-bat of the game (as far as I remember, it was a long time ago, and my brain sometimes plays tricks on me), F-Mart didn't do anything except cause me to name the bridge in RF after him. (You had to be there to understand)

Of course I didn't go last night, and everything fell into place. It was just as well anyway. I think the underlying story not getting attention is that Jon Niese looked really great last night, he pitched certainly well enough to win, only giving up one run on 8 hits, with 7 strikeouts. His pitch count was a bit high, but he's young and nothing appeared to rattle him, which is a good thing. Of course, he did not get the win (that went to Nieve, one letter off his name) but I was totally afraid about Niese's hamstring injury rendering him useless or at the very least, not the same pitcher he was. I'm excited to see his next game (actually, I might be there for it I think).

And Jenrry Mejia came in to shut down the 9th inning.

While I think deep down that bringing up Ike Davis is an act of desperation (although quite frankly, I think he was the only so-called "prospect" who was ready after spring training, more so than the junk we were throwing at 1B every night before him), as is Mejia pitching out of the bullpen (let's screw with the mechanics of a guy who could be a front-line starter), I have to say I am encouraged by Niese and encouraged by the future.

I have glimpsed the future, folks. And their names are Jenrry, Ike and Jonathon.

John Delcos today was warning us not to get ahead of ourselves though over at his blog. And I do agree with him. I know how exciting it is to not only get a win but some encouraging play from your prospects, but remember Gregg Jefferies? Yeah, unfortunately, so do I, although I think that Davis has a little more poise and potential than he ever did (that's beside the point).

Last night's win was about the team taking advantage of some mistakes here and there (not to mention a big ass HR by Angel Pagan!), which has been the case in many of their wins so far this year. Then again, it's against a Cubs team that has more question marks than we do, so maybe this will be a first series win of the season or at most a SWEEEEEEEP. Hey, I can hope, right?

Trying to schedule a meet-and-greet on said F-Mart Bridge on Saturday, April 24, around 12:15 again. We had a pretty good turnout this time, if you will be there, come on by!


slgc said...

I like Ike.

DyHrdMET said...

I became a fan of Ike Davis. or in the new facebook lingo - I Like Ike Davis.

I wanna be like Ike.

Dave Doyle said...

I don't know if Ike is the future or not. But, like you said, the Jacobs/Tatis platoon at first base was atrocious. It was starting to remind me of watching Ramon Martinez, Anderson Hernandez, and Angel Berroa at short last season. Painful to watch.