Monday, April 12, 2010

In Mourning

Last night, I found myself in a panic. I felt like I was missing something.

I checked my keys, and they were there. My wallet, everything was intact. My cats, well, they were both there. Did I feed them? That had to be it. No, food bowls filled, everything was fine.
Then I realized that what I was missing was the Rangers making the NHL playoffs. In case you are not a hockey fan, they lost yesterday in a critical shootout game, a culmination of a home-and-home series against the Flyers, who will be advancing to the next round.

It's easy to say that they lost their chance yesterday. But if you have been following them all season, you know very well that their playoff chances simply were not squandered yesterday. In fact, I can think of a few games, even as much as a month ago, that they could have won and did not, that would have been the difference maker. Being a Mets fan, I can certainly sympathize. It's easy to point to the last games of the season they simply needed to win, and did not. When in reality, all they needed was one more game earlier on. I think with Mets 2007 and 2008, we can easily point to games they could have won but did not. It's never about the last game. It's about the entire season. (Another reason why I think Mets fans are freaking out now as well)

Since I am a masochistic sports fan, and I seem to gravitate towards teams that break my heart in continual fashion, it should not surprise me that the Rangers would lose a really tight game in a shootout mode, and thus not giving me at least a welcome distraction for a few days away from the Mets' dismal start.

I am done speaking about hockey for the rest of the baseball season...

So how's Jose Reyes doing?

Sorry, I need to make light of the abomination of a weekend series against the Nationals, and the abysmal start of the Mets in 2010. I am also p'd off because I had written a post on Jose's whimper-ish return at NY Baseball Blogs that got eaten up and missed the last several paragraphs. Boo!

Remember folks, as Jose goes so do the Mets. And he went 2-for-8 in his first two games back. No stolen bases, a few errors in the field. At the same time, I find it very telling that the Mets just mailed it in (against Livan Hernandez, no less) after being down 4-0 after a first inning Josh Willingham grand slam. I could say squandering a Johan Santana start is a bad thing, especially this early in the season, but it was clear that yesterday, even prior to the slam, that Johan did not have his best stuff.

Yes, even the ace is going to have a bad day. However, our offense needs to wake the fuck up.

Far be it for me to dictate how fans behave, but to boo Johan Santana is absolutely ludicrous. I was not at the game on Sunday, but to play devil's advocate, I wonder if some fans were booing just the overall situation. You know, a first inning grand slam to a guy who only does well against the Mets. A loss the day before in a game they SHOULD have won.

The sitch that after months of prognosticating, months of waiting, months of saying the Mets need to do this, this and this to be successful and win back fans' trust, they are doing all the little things wrong. In fact, it was Jerry Manuel, fearless leader himself, who said that yesterday they were unprepared.

Un-fucking-prepared. Un-fucking-believable. I really want to follow THIS guy into the trenches. I am no Willie Randolph fan, but when someone makes Willie look like Willie Coyote, Super Genius, on a daily basis, then what the fuck are we doing with this guy as manager?

I hate to say, but we need to come back from this road trip over .500. Not AT .500, OVER. If not, expect fans to riot simply by not showing up to games. I heard many fans were dressed as green seats, camouflaging themselves this weekend.

Seriously, a common refrain that I heard all offseason was that the Mets need to run out of the gate. They need to be strong and give us hope. Perhaps a .500 start would have done that (against the Marlins and Nationals at home though, I'm sure most would have found something to complain about). However, a 2-4 start is NOT what we expected.

Jose Reyes needs to turn it on this week. So do David Wright and Jason Bay. ENOUGH ALREADY. None of this "easing" into the season. You had all spring to prove your worthiness to us.

If this is not a successful road trip, the team is going to be under the microscope once again.

Carlos Beltran returning is NOT going to help that whatsoever if they are so far in the hole by the time he returns, it won't be worth it.

Far be it for me to dictate how fans react. I won't boo the team, and I'm not upset (yet, but give me a few days though). But I know why fans are upset, and I can't blame them.


Matt said...

I am in a deep Ranger depression ... to lose a shootout ..yikes

Rob A from FBD said...


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I just started a new Mets blog called Flushing Baseball Daily, could you guys please add my blog to your blogroll? The url is


Rob Abruzzese

Mike P said...

RIP Rangers, they had a good run...