Thursday, April 08, 2010

Faraway, So Close

We're already two games into the season, and it was already one of them there games.

It was a bit disheartening to see John Maine struggle so early in the season. As someone pointed out to me on Twitter, his velocity is down to 88 mph from 92. I still think it's in his head. For one, he was injured in 2008, then rushed to get back in 2009, only to reinjure himself and was out again last season. It was clear he struggled last year, and is struggling again. I believe the velocity is down so he doesn't re-aggravate his shoulder. That said, John Maine is a fan fave, and we want him to do well. Since he usually owns the Marlins, though, it would have been nice to see him back in form. Turns out Jorge Cantu owns him as well, hitting a home run in early innings.

Then again, John Maine has proven himself to be a no more than six-inning-starter. So perhaps it's time to rethink his role. Again too early, but I would say after the fifth game, he's still struggling...something needs to be done.

Anyway, this was one of those games I watched on television from first pitch to the very last out. I know we can't win them all, but the Marlins did their best to lose this game, by being up at one point 6-2, then tied and having a few lucky breaks go their way with the Mets making some boneheaded baserunning mistakes. Namely, Fernando Tatis running on a Wild Pitch and being thrown out at the plate, thus ending a rally where David Wright was at the plate with the bases juiced. I was pretty interested to see how Dubs was going to handle this pressure, since it seems like he's matured quite a bit over the offseason.

Of course, one thing that sticks out in later innings, in an effort of being aggressive, David Wright stole second base with Jason Bay at bat. Shortly after, Bay was intentionally walked, and was basically the rally-killer right there. He had marbles all right, but in a close game, turned out to be just enough for the Marlins to come back and win in the 10th.

One more thing. I'm certain the experiment of Mike Jacobs hitting cleanup has been proven to fail. Do we really need a strike-out artist there right now? I think it's safe the assume the only reason he's even friggin playing is because Daniel Murphy is out for six weeks. Then if that's the case, why not demote Jenrry Mejia (Stop messing with the kid already!), and bring up Ike Davis? I'm not a fan of bringing prospects up before their time, but Davis has proven he has the maturity level and can keep up with major league pitching.

Otherwise, I am on the fence about this game. The Mets didn't back down and fought tooth and nail. However, at the same time, they had a LOT of lucky breaks/calls go for them as well. However, the Marlins were trying their best to lose this game, yet still won in extra innings. It's still early, yes, and perhaps the Mets will continue to stress fundamentals in the sense of taking advantage of the other team's mistakes when they are made.

But this is the Marlins. They always have the Mets' number at one point.

On the other hand, it's only the second game of the season. We may get some better memories this season, that we'll easily forget about this disappointing loss.

Till then though, we have 160 of these puppies to play. I hope we are not talking about the games that got away so early in the season. It's easy to, though, after the longest winter ever.


Deb said...

Coopy doopy poopy snoopy -

I'm becoming more and more convinced that it is stupidity and lack of basic baseball acumen that is causing the Mets to be, well, a mediocre to bad team. Case in point: David Wright. As you correctly pointed out. And this is the cornerstone of the team? With friends like him, who needs enemies? LOL In short, it once again appears that the Mets, themselves, are their worst enemies.

They have seen the enemy, and it is themselves. :)

Coop said...

Can't disagree on the own worst enemy bit. However, I can look at the fight they had at the end (though it had more to do with questionable calls and Marlins stupidity), and think that's a plus. Either that, or the Tylenol PM last night made me loopier than I thought. It's the second game of the season, DW and the rest of the team will come around. I think. BTW I should do a BPP post soon,,,

Deb said...

So, what you're telling me, is that you're Coopy LOOPY doopy poopy scoopy; that about it? LOL Yeah, a BPP would be good, anytime you want to give it. And old friend from the board has had a few interesting things to say; read his comments if you get a chance. He might be

DyHrdMET said...

I still stand by my remark that John Maine needs extended Spring Training.

but let me ask something about Jacobs in the 4 hole. if you change your lineup on the days that Jacobs sits so that someone else hits 4th, and Jacobs isn't working out in the 4 hole, why not go with the "other guy" there. maybe I'm missing something. then again, I'd rather see Jacobs in the 4 spot than Tatis at 1B.

you mention Mejia, and I think he should be starting at AAA but the Mets are deparate, but maybe you're thinking of Tejada, who's clock started on Monday for a 4 game stint as a backup SS, but Ike Davis, who's a lot closer to being "ready" wasn't brought up to play 1B while Murphy is down. It doesn't make any sense.