Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Break The Rusty NAIL...And Run

(That title is for Solly)

In 2008, I had a rant of a post called "WWCD" or "What Would Coop Do?" that consisted of me throwing shit to the wall and seeing if it stuck. I will reiterate now as I was vocal back then and in years prior that I was never a fan of Willie Randolph being the Mets manager. Great guy, I certainly respect his baseball "pedigree" but I always thought he was too inexperienced to be a major league manager. Shit, this was a guy who wouldn't take a position in the minors (even for a year!) because he thought it was "beneath" him.

I advocated firing Willie, even as far back as 2005. I thought the Mets won despite him. Clearly the finish in 2007 was not something to be desired.

I digress. In that same post, I made a mention of Jerry Manuel, and said something to the effect that the last thing this team needs is that "stiff" we call a bench coach as our manager.

What happens? Jerry Manuel gets promoted to "interim" Manager and Willie-gate occurred. That was fine, believe it or not, I feel like the Mets got a lot of flack for how the firing went down. If you ask me, the real "disgrace" was losing a 7-game NL East lead with 17 to play and the only encouraging thing you had to say was "Champagne is sweeter." STFU, Willie.

However, I was "okay" with Jerry's title for the time. Please note, I said the "title" which the operative word was "interim" and not "full-time Mets" manager. I thought, finally, maybe the Mets will do something right here.

After 2008 was over, I was certain that with the fateful finish, Omar & Co would have open interviews (maybe even appeasing the Mets fanbase by bringing in say, Wally Backman, even though we know he wouldn't be seriously considered, just throw us a bone).

I don't think Jerry is a bad guy, he's just not right for the team. Then or now.

However, I have always thought that Ken Oberkfell has been the RIGHT guy.

Obie, as I like to call him, has been in the Mets system as a coach/manager for years. As I've heard from fans who follow the minors, he has a game plan. The players respect him, and overall he knows how to handle his players. I believe he is a good scout for talent and knows how to best maximize their potential.

Turns out I am not the only one who believes this. Besides my inspiration for blogging, which was the old site The Metropolitans (which is no more - cry, sob) had an Oberkfell for Manager movement, today Mark Healey over at Gotham Baseball has a superb piece today on Obie being the answer for the Mets malaise.

I sat around wondering what angle I would take today due to the performance of last night's game. I can rip John Maine, but choose not to, I think as DyHrdMet suggests, he needs an "extended spring training" in the minors. I can rip the fact that the team still cannot hit with RISP, but again, stat heads will tell me to shut the hell up, so I won't do that either.

Please let it be known that I am a firm believer that firing Omar (or demoting him or whatever) or firing Jerry is not *the* solution to the Mets problems, but rather indicative of the Mets problems. The Front Office has no one to blame but themselves without having a game plan or something in place that has us encouraged for the future. I don't even think THEY know what's what. You can't fire a team, so you fire the fall guys.

You know what will happen, they will make HoJo manager (big mistake, if you ask me) or give Razor Shines a promotion. WTH? Do right by us and bring a guy in who not only gives a shit but is not afraid to make the team do pushups.

Everyone who knows The Coop knows she is a big ol' Bobby V fan girl. I am, I freely admit it, I love Bobby V and in my dreams, he will always be my favorite Mets manager (besides Davey). However, I am not advocating bringing him back. I truly believe RIGHT NOW that would be a disaster of unmitigated proportions.

I will re-echo what Healey wrote today, and bring up Ken Oberkfell. It's time now, it's always BEEN time, and this is something I could get excited about.

Something else I'd like to bring up is that everyone is making a big shit stink over Mets ticket sales thus far for 2010. I'm not blind, it was evident over the weekend that many were dressed as green seats and for the first weekend after a long winter, I think it's safe to assume that fans are not feeling the love about the Mets this year.

I guess you know the whole, fool me once, shame on you philosophy, etc etc.

Mets Police did a great job of finding fans who have been solicited by Mets ticket sale officers after the opening week homestand. Reiterating their mini-plans, discounted seats, etc etc.

It's easy to point the finger and say, well if the Mets had a better product, they'd be selling out, period.

Not so fast.

According to some sleuth work by F-O-C CoreyNYC, the Yankees had not only tickets for their home opener and Championship Ring Ceremony on StubHub for as little as $11 the day OF the's afternoon game fared a little worse, with tickets (including added fees from StubHub) going for $10.50 in the upper boxes of the stadium.

This is a team that is putting a QUALITY product on the field. Granted this is a Wednesday afternoon game. But I'm looking at the big picture. If the Yankees aren't selling out Opening Day, with a quality product, then the Mets are certainly not going to with a "questionable" product.

How come no one is coming down on the Yankees for this? Is it because of the perception that they actually care about product and quality?

Or is it because people like to bash the Mets?


I'm gonna drink tonight and Tweet (@Coopz22) during the game. Should be amusing. Mets fans are on fire already. Good times.


Deb said...

It's definitely because the Yankees are pretty much un-bashable. I suppose it's also partially because we are so busy bashing the Mets, who well and truly deserve it. The Yankees fly beneath the radar because they (a) win; (b) win; and (c) yep, you guessed it - WIN.

Rob A from FBD said...

The only thing I would add is this, I question whether or not the front office has any long term plan whatsoever and I wouldn't want them to fire Jerry unless Omar is fired at the same time. If one is fired and not the other I don't think it will help the situation at all. It would probably just make things worse really.

DyHrdMET said...

Maine was a guy that I always thought had great stuff. A quality number 2 guy. Maybe had in past tense is the right word. Then he got injured. Maybe there's real problems with his arm now. Maybe it's all in his head. Maybe it's both. We want it to be neither. Time in rehab or extended Spring may be the trick (thanks for the shoutout). Maybe we're closer to finding out.

I said a year ago that the Mets needed to just clean house and rebuild, getting rid of the guys who had the stigma of the blown NLCS in 2006 and the blown division leads of 2007 and 2008.

and if I were to attend a Mets game dressed as an empty seat, I'd go as a Field Level seat from Shea.

Solly said...

Makes me wish the Mets didn't let Towers go to the Yanks. I'd love to see him take over for Omar.

Towers can then fire Jerry and hire Bobby/Backman/Obie/whoever.

The bigger problem is upstairs. Quite frankly, this team will never win until it has ownership willing to do what it takes and go the extra mile.

Sassdawg. said...

I know these are old memories, but does everyone remember when the Yankees became "Dynastic". When the old kook decided to eat Jell-O and let the baseball people run the baseball team, that's when. For the love of Jeebus H Effing Christ, will the Wilpon family either sell the team or do their best wallpaper impression?

MSF Challenge, without wikipediaing, how many teams principal owners can you name?

Some of them you know, but some of them, who's ever heard of half of these people.