Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baseball Chicks Rock

I attended the first Mets loss since Sunday April 18 (okay, so that was four full days ago, but they have a mini-win streak going for a bit). I attended the game Wednesday night with MSF HOF all-star and F-O-C SNK (enough acronyms for ya?), this was probably the first game she and I had attended together in...I don't know. Two years maybe. Sure, we'd attended a few games at CitiField last year at the same time, but not sitting, you know, side-by-side.

I'm fortunate that I can attend games with people like SNK and others who knows as much about the team as I like to think I do personally. I guess that's why I like to write about my experiences as a Mets fan here at MSF, attending as many games as I do at home and on the road in a given season. When I write a blog post though, it's like having a conversation that's one-sided. and no one can interject until I am done. I'm one of *those* annoying fans who likes to comment on everything, make wisecracks or try to provide some thoughtful commentary during the game, whether watching it on TV or live. Kind of the image I *try* to project here (not sure if I succeed at times, hence the operative word is "try"), of course about 24 hours later trying to remember what I thought exactly in the 5th inning might be tough especially at my age.

Talking about your feelings and opinions on the team in real-time is just like buttah, nothing else compares to it. Of course, if you follow me on Twitter (@Coopz22) during a game, you'll see that I'm a wisecracker there as well, with tons to say. So I guess you can call me passionate too. It's about as close to the real thing Coop you will get in real time, only cyberspace-ly.

Anyway, some of the things we discussed (besides catching up on what was going on in our respective lives) ranged from whether Jason Bay was overrated (verdict: he is, but a decent player getting star money), Carlos Beltran's presence or lack thereof in the lineup was hurting the team more than Jose Reyes' return was helping, that David Wright was more feeling the pressure of batting 3rd when he's really a clean-up hitter (thus going back to the whole aforementioned Carlos Beltran thing), "too high, too high" in response to a pop-up (Major League references never get old with The Coop), Ollie Perez WALKING THE PITCHER, Lou Piniella taking a pitcher out of the game after throwing three pitches (literally) and do the Mets realize they are facing Carlos Silva? We also met up at McFadden's prior to the game due to the rain. The place still looks a bit "unfinished" but okay enough that we could meet there before the game and I didn't have to trek to Will Call in the Rotunda beforehand. (Pics below of some of the action)

Anyway, I could have this conversation with anyone really at a game. But SNK and I just prove that baseball chicks do indeed rock, every day of the week, twice on Sundays!

To give a brief background for those just following MSF, I met SNK three years when we both started our own Mets-centric blogs, and wrote for Flushing University. I am very grateful for this and appreciate having her in my life. I am still devoted to MSF, although SNK no longer blogs. Her old site, You Can't Script Baseball, will always hold a special place in my heart though.

Raise a glass to family we choose!
Moving right along, the Mets lost on Wednesday in case you couldn't figure that out. I'd like to think in honor of their not losing a series (can't officially, since it's a 4-game series), and Earth Day celebrations, Chap and I decided to "pitch in for a good cause," literally, and head over to East Harlem today to put our nose to the grindstone and garden!
Everyone who knows the Coop knows she has been a supporter of the Gary Keith and Ron or "Pitch in for a Good Cause Foundation" since its inception; however, today was a bit different since I did not attend a game under the GKR umbrella but rather got hands on for the organization they support, The Nourishing Kitchen of New York.

To give a little background, the kitchen is a non-profit soup kitchen devoted to enhancing their local community by providing hot and nutritious meals, but by offering cooking classes to enhance the neighborhood by contributing to overall health. Their newest project is participating in a community garden, which I've heard many exist in NYC, but I've never actually seen one. Frightening, since I friggin live here.
Chap and I had a small window of opportunity, but we were enlisted to help build out some of the signs and planting a few seeds for the garden. Namely, sunflowers, peppers, squash, and zucchini. It wasn't terribly taxing, but I thought it was so cool.
Being in the city doesn't really afford me a "green thumb."
I also learned about composting, which is something that intrigues me. I am all about sustainable living.
We also painted signs that would denote where each plant would be. It wasn't intentional, they just wanted a bright color, but Mets orange was the color. How apropos!

I joked that the signs looked like Bugs Bunny wrote them, since they were written in crayon. "Kar-its" anyone? (Oh and if you are digging the sporty GKR shirts Chap and I are wearing, visit Pitch in for a Good Cause's website!)

The community outreach may have not been entirely devoted or related to baseball. However, this ties in with the relationships we form by being baseball and Mets fans. Otherwise, I probably would have never heard of this effort. I am really excited to see how the Community Garden turns out. Can't wait to return.

Of course, though, since we are baseball fans, and Chap and I are chicks, the underlying theme today is that Baseball Chicks Rock.

Print the T-Shirt!

That is all.


slgc said...

Yes - we certainly do rock :)

Thanks for coming today Coop - it was great being there with you (and thanks for helping me maneuver through uncharted territory!).

SNK said...

Yes! Baseball chicks DO rock! i cannot believe it had been so long since we had gone to a game much fun!