Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This is written in honor of RD. You know who you are :).

I've had it to *HERE* (imagine me holding my hand sideways to my eyebrows) with Mets fans judging other Mets fans for their perceived "fandom."

I've had it with judging others for their attitudes. I've had it with judging others for supporting certain players. I'm tired of male Mets fans automatically thinking that female Mets fans are only "in it" simply because a player is "cute" or has "nice buns." I'm tired of being discounted by male Mets fans if I want to celebrate the achievements of a Met, simply because the rest of the world has mentioned he might be an eligible bachelor. I've had it with fans judging others for their time spent rooting for the team, as if tenure correlates to passion or vice versa.


I am a Mets fan. I have stuck with this team since I was 7 years old, and I'm not about to stop. No one ever said being a Mets fan is ever easy, but you learn to handle it.

Now as a fan, if I feel like hating on Oliver Perez, I will do it. I figure my season ticket dollars or money spent on Shake Shack is somewhat contributing to paying his salary, so if I do not like his performance, I will boo him.

Of course, *I* is loose for collective *I* since I consider myself a voice for Mets fans who don't have time to blog or complain about it in a public forum. I, personally, don't boo my uniform. However, I don't fault those who choose to because I believe they may be booing something abstract. Last year, Luis Castillo got booed, and the theory was, we were booing the *contract,* and not the player, the guy. Of course, as fans, we're not going to sit there and explain it. But if a grown man who gets to wear a cool uniform, get dirty, play a kid's game and get paid handsomely for it can't perform, well, shut the fuck up and take some Viagra. And take your lumps as a man.

Why is the Coop going off? Well, the impetus for this is that David Wright got his 1,000th hit on Wednesday night during a doubleheader. Which by the way the team SWEPT and not only that, took game three in a period of less than 24 hours. Now, *that,* as a wise man once said, is "simply amazin'."

But David Wright. Mention that name to Mets fans and you get mixed reactions. He's overrated. He should be a leader. He'll "never be Jeet-uh." He's streaky. He slumps too much. His time has come and gone.

I am far from a David Wright fan-girl. Ask me who my favorite player is, and I will tell you it is Jose Reyes. That's just the Mets though. In MLB, it's Tim Lincecum. Contrary to popular belief, I don't like a player or follow one because he's "hot" or "cute" or whatever terms are used to discount female fandom, I like them because they are good...or they are performing well for my Fantasy Team.

But David Wright hit a milestone Wednesday night. And people were made to feel inferior simply for enjoying it and for congratulating him in open forums. Why?

Because David Wright is a good looking guy who plays ball well? What, we can't be happy that a franchise-type player hits a milestone and we want to celebrate it?

That's bullshit. We should be celebrating together!!

But we won't because there is little unity in the Mets fan community.

This needs to change and quickly.

Why are we Mets fans?

There are multitude of reasons. Some are born into it. Some fall in love with a player who happens to wear the uniform. Some simply don't want to root for the Yankees. Hey, whatever floats your boat, far be it for me to judge why you are a Mets fan. But don't you dare go judging me or any of my contemporaries for their fandom. Just remember, you were a clueless little fuck at one point who formed opinions. Do yourself a favor, and don't base your opinions on He-Man Woman Haters Club manifesto or worse yet, the New York Post, for your thinly veiled Mets and self-loathing.

I've had enough of you asshats. Do us all a favor and just...don't root for the Mets anymore if you hate the team and the players that much.

It will leave room for the real fans who appreciate the good times, stick around during the bad times, and want to enjoy milestones, which by the way, the Mets are tough to come by.

Sorry if that was brutal, but I was very pissed off over some events over the last few days. Carry on.


Solly said...


This calls for an IM or something. I need details.

RD said...

You are a pretty damn amazin woman, you know that!?

Deb said...

As much as I have been an asshat negative for quite some time now, and do not believe that DW is the next best thing to sliced bread, it is pretty ridiculous not to at least acknowledge this milestone, and give the guy a hand for it. I mean, jeeze, louise, would it kill anyone?

I think some people would rather be right than anything else. That's the only reason I can think of for the type of behavior about which you've written.

I hope this team proves me wrong. There is nothing I would like better. I would happily eat crow, baseball, Citifield turf, whatever in Times Square at the height of rush hour if that were to be so. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy what's happening; appreciate the amazing development and fine performances of Pelfrey; appreciate the ever-professional Santana; appreciate the exuberance of Francoeur; get giggity over the youth and potential for Ike Davis; and ride the rollercoaster for as long as the money holds out, lol.

By the way, three questions that have disappeared from the vocabulary of the Mets fan:

1. When's Daniel Murphy coming back?
2. How much are we paying Bobby Bonilla?
3. Who's Daniel Murphy?