Sunday, April 18, 2010

Aim Low

There's a bit of the yin-and-yang coming into play with the Mets this weekend.

The Mets and Cardinals played a total of 38 innings over 3 games. That would tire anyone out (but mostly the fans, where I think after a 20-inning game on Saturday has most of us back on our Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder meds again).

The Mets took one out of three, once again losing a series to start the season (making the total four series lost in 2010). On the flip side, Omar Minaya must really be jazzed that they took one of three, since he said he'd be pleased with that scenario.

The reason for that is, well, St. Louis is a tough team. With Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday anchoring the team's hitting and Adam Wainwright looming in a start against a struggling John Maine earlier in the week, that would be acceptable thinking...if the team were 20 games out in say, August, and there was no chance of salvaging the season.

The yin-and-yang of the series? Pujols and Holliday were non-threatening. Pujols was miserable with RISP and Holliday had gone 0-for-5 in Saturday's debacle while going 3-for-3 Sunday night.

Wainwright was Wainwright, but for a dude who hasn't faced the Mets since, well, that fateful October night in 2006, and he dominated. Maine did okay, but if anyone didn't see that tying home run coming when it did, well, get your PTMD meds in order again. Someone tweeted tonight that Jerry took out Ollie with a 97 pitch count and dominated. That's cool. Leave in a tired Maine with over 100 pitches? That's cool.

Jerry Manuel should just change his name to Joe Fucking Cool.

Look, the Mets had a lot to achieve this series. It's hard to though when they can barely get in base, let alone not strikeout. As an example, Jason Bay has quickly become Jason "K"ay and David Wright is starting to show shadows of his April self that tends to appear, with 2 Ks Sunday night.

Let's get real: The only reason the Mets won the game on Saturday was due to the fact that the Cardinals sucked worse in bringing in RISP. And the reason for scoring three runs at ALL Sunday night? Due to idiot moves by the Cardinals. They deserved to lose this series. Can't say that about the others thus far, but nobody on the team tried to take charge at all this road trip (except for maybe Mike Pelfrey who, as Ed from Studious Metsimus pointed out, leads the team in wins AND saves. Heh).

Leadership? Look no further to Jerry "Joe Fucking Cool" Manuel and Omar Minaya to speak to that. After all, we got what we wanted. A win. Woo fucking hoo.

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Bags said...

Coop another thing the Cardinal do very well and did tonight is position their infield. I think they robbed Frenchy of 2 hits by having their 2nd baseman playing practically behind the bag.

This is always something LaRussa clubs have done well with; scouting and spray charts, that I wish the Mets would do better with. tonight it seemed like their guys were always in position to make the plays.