Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chap and Coop Take (The Stadium Formerly Known As) Tradition

I am writing about our trip about four weeks after the fact, and a lot has happened since then. For one, Jose Reyes (to whom I yelled out that "This bear was named after you" -- referring to one Joey Beartran of course) was out with a hyperthyroid diagnosis, and has been cleared for activity as of yesterday. w00t. Second is that the pitching rotation still sucks the big one. Well, okay nothing has changed there (goes without saying that Johan Santana is exempt from that). And third is that Tradition Field is no longer "Tradition Field," but rather had a name change mid-stream.

Yes, the former Thomas J. White Stadium, then Tradition Field, is now Digital Domain Park.

Not that many of us here had a particular attachment to it. But it's just odd they did in the middle of spring training. Why not as soon as the regular season begins? Or in the offseason when you know, things like that happen? Eh, whatever.

Anyway, our trip was short and sweet and what I like to call a "drive-by" type. Chap had some timing constraints and before I knew it, we were limited to two and a half days. I was fine with it. After all, I am such a dork, I hate being away from my kitties for that long. (Yes, I admitted I was a dork). Also, with the bad weather, it turned out getting down there was an adventure in and of itself (read that part here), but I was afraid our trip back home would be impacted (turned out, it was not).

To my readers who have never done a Spring Training trip, I will suggest this. Open Workouts time is a very cool time to see the team. They are more loose, they do drills, you can actually SEE what is going on to make them in the shape they are for the regular season.
And see them in their element. Just remember -- it's a game to us, a job for them. You really can get up-close and personal. Just don't ask for autographs or pics with the players. Just take the pics, ask later!

I highly recommend going to more exhibition games at the beginning of the "season," since you get to see more of the up-and-comers on the team. Since Chap and I will have more time next year, we want to go to open workouts (perhaps the last day or so), see them in "action" so to speak in an intersquad game, then maybe for the first exhibition game. Then Disney! (that's for me, not for her).

Open workouts are fun, but they are pretty much done by 2 pm, which then leaves you in Port St. Lucie with not much else to do. Thank goodness for outlet malls. And Duffy's, home of the ever-famous two-for-one drink specials! Here's a pic of the gals about town at offending place, with the four drinks in front of us. w00t!
In any case, most of the news I have to report is kind of old news right now, but who knows, maybe someone will find it useful.

Chap and I arrived on a Friday, by the time we made it to PSL, it was too late to catch the workouts that day. However, F-O-C CrazyMetGirl reported for me that David Wright looked awesome in the days she saw him there. He was absolutely crushing the ball, from what people told us. Well, good. We have to be excited about that, considering his power drop off in '09. I only got to see him doing fielding drills on the Saturday workout.
There is David, entrenched in thought...wondering what 2010 will bring for him and the Mets...

We all know by now, Jose Reyes has been cleared of his hyperthyroid "injury" (for lack of a better term) and can play. Whether he will be back by Opening Day, time will only tell. But that's good news. I got to see him in his element here, while he took some running drills. Of course, seeing Jose Reyes after missing him all last season was a gift in and of itself.

Obviously, this pic I am about to post was taken before his hyperthyroid diagnosis...but when asked about how he looked, you had to say...
Well, at least he can spit...(photo credit to Sharon Chapman)

And of course our fearless pitching leader, Johan Santana. Another great shot of him in his element...the baseball field!
(photo credit to Sharon Chapman)

Here's Daniel Murphy walking between fields.
I think I have anointed Daniel Murphy as my new fave Met in 2010. Git 'ir done, young Daniel!

Chap and I also knew a few of the people who would be down there while we were. She and I were interviewed (separately) for a piece CrazyMetGirl's son, Ryan, was conducting for his school project. Hope you did well! Here is a pic of Chap honestly answering his questions...
And of course what My Summer Family photo album would be complete without a pic of some of the Summer Family!
I know, for a round-up, this was totally lame, but it's my blog, so deal with it. In the meantime, I say goodbye to the Stadium FKA as Tradition Field, and look forward to it's legacy as Digital Domain.


Caryn said...

My reasoning for the sudden change: The town of Tradition, FL, is a corporation who defaulted and no longer had the $$ to pay for the sponsorship. They found someone who would cough up the bucks to cover so they jumped on the chance to get whatever exposure they could this year.

Caryn said...

p.s. this was awesome!

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Some day, I just want to hang with you and Sharon. I might get worn out after a couple hours, but it would be fun to try and keep up with you two wild kids!

DyHrdMET said...

I've thought about going down to see the open workouts before games start, but some of My Spring Family turned me on to the idea of seeing the open workouts in PSL while the team is playing on the road. in whatever form, it's always a good trip/vacation.

and Caryn's pretty much right about the name change for Tradition Field. In my mix of photographs from my recent trip there, I actually have things like the scoreboard showing one logo one day and the other a different day.