Friday, February 19, 2010


Thanks to Metsblog, I am able to see a live feed of Jerry Manuel's Q&A with reporters down in Port St. Lucie since I cannot watch it.

I know that the team was really hit by a catastrophic amount of injuries, but there are some of us (The Coop at the top of the list) who believe that a.) Jerry Manuel is not qualified to be a major league manager and 2.) that in line with "a," he allowed the team to mail it in (save the last weekend of the season) in 2009. What manager does that? I hate sounding like a Bobby V fan-girl ('cause you know, I am one) but Bobby V would have NEVER allowed that behavior. An outfield with Timo, Benny and Payton MADE the World Series in 2000 and yet, a game against the Nationals wasn't a "gimme."

Even if they were destined to be a fourth-place team with all those injuries and re-re-re-replaceMets anyway, Bobby V would not have conceded any of those games anyway. When Willie Randolph makes YOU look incompetent, you don't belong managing a baseball team on any level, period. Boom. End of story.

Anyway after that rant, I am very curious to see what Rusty Nail himself had to say about the state of the team and what they are going to focus on in 2010.


Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Of course we are going to stress "Fundamentals!" What team doesn't, jack ass? I'm sure that the Pirates are stressing "fundamentals," but they should because they have nothing else to stress upon. They are a LAST PLACE team.

For a team that expects to go "deep into October" (D-Dubs words, not mine), fundamentals is a poor excuse for a person who is supposed to be THE leader. Not "A" Leader - "THE" LEADER of the team. The general marching them into battle and subsequent victory. At this point, he looks more like Douglas C. Niedermayer getting killed by his own troops in Vietnam.

But let's examine 2009's stress on "Fundamentals" as well. In 2009, the team did not do things such as tagging each base in the regular season which would come back to bite any team in the ass, but of course it stands out with teams that are supposed to be very good and be exposed to be "very very bad." In fact, if you wax intellectual, the team failed miserably at stressing fundamentals.

Let's remember his unusual hitting drill, detailed last year as an 80-pitch-in-six-minutes drill and it's usefulness was that it was "to increase stamina and fight off fatigue at the plate while the season progresses by forcing his hitters to use their hands more." And bear in mind that with this type of drill, the team had a noticeable drop-off in offensive numbers (even with golden boy Wright most evidently). Too much, too soon, Jerry Berry. In fact, he later stated that it was to stress hand-eye coordination. Isn't that something pro baseball players learn in fucking LITTLE LEAGUE. In fact, I would contest that most baseball players, ya know, NEED that little skill to make it to the pros. Dumb ass.

Of course, we can all lean back on the whole injury excuse for that drop off in offense and who wouldn't? It's just easier to blame the intangible. My gut says that Jerry Manuel doesn't know what the fuck he's doing/talking about and therefore, should not talking about fundamentals.

Meet the "New" Mets, folks. Same as the old Mets. I think I've decided that this is the year I am going to get the grassroots effort for getting Jerry Manuel fired.

JUST SAY NO! And as always, Coop for GM. Kthxbai.


Caryn said...

He said something similarly inane last week, and I started tweeting "Jerry Manuel says that this year, there will be 9 men on the field at all times." "Jerry Manuel says, balls will be hit with bats." etc.


kranepool said...

I get the feeling that when J-Man left his home in Sac-Town he told Lady Gangsta' to plan a big 4th of July bash at the house because he'll be home for the holidays.

You are 100 % correct the team did quit on the manager and the organization and for that we get J-Man and Omar Back By Un-Popular Demand

I'm calling this Mets season the Magical Mystery Tour because they can finish anywhere from 1st (if everyone in the core comes through and my boy Murph comes with me to a Santamaria ritual in Corona) or dead last. Just be careful of the brown acid

Bear said...

While trying to put the "fun" in fundamental, Jerry the Jester ended up adding the "mental" part instead. Let's hope 2010 is the year he stops giggling like Muttley and starts managing like Bobby V.

Edgy DC said...

We're getting a little silly here when we get to statmeents like "Bobby V would have NEVER allowed that behavior. An outfield with Timo, Benny and Payton MADE the World Series in 2000 and yet, a game against the Nationals wasn't a 'gimme.'"

Bobby V's 2002 Mets, also injury-bitten, lost 10 of their last 15, including six of their last seven, even as the GM challenged him to manage like it was the World Series.

He also tried in vain to make a player out of an unfocused Timo Perez for two years after he cost them a World Series game.

I like Bobby Valentine also. A lot. But let's not let the facts get away from us.

Edgy DC said...

And the word is Santaria, not Santamaria.