Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Really Big Shew

I like batteries. Oh get your head out of the gutter. I'm talking BASEBALL batteries.

I like my pitchers and catchers and not just for the cool term I look forward to once per year, those two weeks where football season is over, hockey season is still not exciting enough for playoff hopes and where I anticipate baseball season to start. Even throughout the league, I have what I called "Fan-girl crushes," like Giants' Tim Lincecum whom I enjoy watching, even when he's beating my team. Usually the case, especially in 2009.

But I would have to say my "fav'rit" (in honor of...someone) player on the Mets now is Jose Reyes, and we all know he is neither a pitcher nor a catcher (discuss). Of course, I was horrified and mostly saddened to have lost him all last season, and more so because I had bought his jersey at the beginning of the season, which led to me believe I was a jinx. But I loved Jose Reyes and still do, certainly I mostly miss his infectious way of playing. He just has so much fun out there and we reap the rewards of those benefits for sure.

It's been tough for me to be excited about the 2010 season. I am excited about road trips, about going to open workouts with Chap and about heckling Jason Bay (in a good way of course) from my seats in the outfield now.

After reading this article today, from Kevin Kernan, Jose sounds "back" and better than over, ready to put on his show. I remember telling a friend last offseason after signing K-Rod, GREAT, another thing for the Phillies, Marlins and everyone else basically to hate. My friend said, well, let them hate us, because I love it!

Well, Jose may have been the catalyst, and as he goes, the rest do. Now we can get back to the real part of this game -- the showboating, and getting the rivalries to mean something again, especially in the NL East.

Of course, it doesn't mean much till he actually plays and I can see his leg isn't about to fall off. But something did concern me in this article, and ties in with my next topic on "shows," (and by "shows," I mean "shit-shows"). Jose says he is "100%" and is confident in the medical staff. Well, clearly, he is the only one. As the next topic I want to weigh in on is J.J. Putz and "Putz-gate," where he claimed that the Mets told him to downplay his level of hurt and whether he was hurt or not. Mostly, in an interview with Comcast Chicago, Putz says the Mets made the trade with nary a physical or any questions about his health. For a dude coming off a season where he WAS hurt, didn't this thought cross their minds, that, I don't know, maybe again he'd be ineffective. Considering all they gave up for Putz too, it was a bit of thinking with the head-downstairs in Omar's case. Erm, no pun intended.

I can understand, however, not telling the media he's hurt. Why should he? If he's hurt, everyone is going to know. I mean, talk about a shit-storm that would cause. The point is, he was made to play with the injured arm. That's the story here.

Of course, it all ended up being moot because the entire team was hurt. News flash: JJ Putz didn't matter last season. The fucking Mets didn't matter in 2009.

What matters now in 2010 is that all those who say that are healthy (Jose Reyes), who are on their way to being healthy (Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana), and were pretty much healthy to begin with (David Wright, Jason Bay, Daniel Murphy) stay healthy.

Forget comeback. The New York Mets, staying healthy in 2010. Now that will be a hell of a Really Big Shew, if you ask me.


Bear Man said...

Mad props on your title. Any reference to one of my fellow Eds (Sullivan, Kranepool, Ed from "The Lion King") will always get my attention.

As for your post, I'm hoping Jose really is back. Of course, he (as well as the numerous other casualties of bore) thought he'd be back sooner than later in 2009 and it wasn't to be.

Maybe 2010 will be the year the Philthies get hurt. Maybe Cole Hamels will give the entire team mono. Maybe, maybe, maybe. I just hope the Mets give us a really big shew before I throw them my really big shoe (and trust me...I have much better aim than Ollie Ollie Ollie (Oy, oy vey!))

Solly said...

Putz annoys me - he had no problem hiding this injury when he cashed every Mets paycheck, nor did he have a problem playing in the WBC. Fuck him.

Also, I'm excited to see Jose too but the Mets rotation has so many question marks (not to mention holes at C, 1B, 2B, and now CF), that the team is probably closer to the Nats than they are the Phillies. The Phils picked up Halladay and the Mets countered with... Kelvim Escobar? Really?

Anonymous said...

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