Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the Road Again...

To me, the start of the baseball season is not defined by a date or a certain timeline, you know like "Pitchers and Catchers Reporting" or "Opening Day" or whatever else is contingent to defining something very baseball-esque and welcoming and spring-y.

My definition of when baseball season starts is...when I go on the road to follow the team. Baseball season starts for me approximately at noon Friday, February 26, as I head on down to Port St. Lucie with the one and only Ms. Chap to support our teams and their spring workouts!

Say it with me folks -- w00t!!!

Of course, Mother Nature has other plans at the moment, but what's a Mets fan, if not to believe. And I believe Chap and I are meant to be down there. Perhaps our flight gets delayed...perhaps we get bumped to another flight. The point is, we were doing a drive-by visit anyway, and as long as we have all day Saturday to chum around and take pictures of our boys (especially with a special guest who is tagging along with us), I'm fine with being delayed. Besides, what's a Mets fan to do...if not to BELIEVE???

(Which reminds me, if you haven't yet donated to Chap's Ya Gotta Believe efforts to fund raise for Tug's it NOW!!)

I've waited this long for Mets baseball to be back. I can wait another few hours than I had originally planned.

But in light of everything, despite the snow, sleet or freezing rain that may be occurring tonight, springtime is officially here with the Mets at camp, baseball in PSL and just a little over a month to wait till our first game at CitiField.



slgc said...

Looking forward to getting down there (and thanks for plugging my Team McGraw efforts!).

Hasta manana!

Tanya said...

Have fun and be safe! Take loads of pics.

Bear Man said...

Take good care of your special guest. May all of you be safe and have the most possible fun allowable to humans. Be sure to spread the word of "Coop For GM!"

LadyMet said...

Have a fabulous time!

I think Coop for GM will replace the Wright Stache as THE fan-based movement this season. Consider me on board.