Thursday, January 21, 2010

TWIB Notes From The Coop

Remember the old show This Week in Baseball, the "real" one, hosted by Mel Allen. There was always a section of the show called "T.W.I.B. Notes." I guess it's a bit of a misnomer here, since I'll probably talk about football as well. P's and C's don't report for another 27 days. We won't even see games for another 12 days after that. Loyal Coop followers will also have no choice but to read anything including baseball that I have to write (kind of like Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer, right before he launches into the spirited "Love Stinks").

So last night, a guy who was all but a uniform number assignment away from being a Met, signed with my fave AL team, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Orange County, California, North America, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy. Uh, short form is that Joel Piniero signed with the Angels last night. As Cerrone said over at Metsblog, I think the Mets have cooties. No one wants to sign with them (see: Bengie Molina), even when they are the only ones offering money and years. Until an interloper comes in. I can't say I blame him though for going to Anaheim. The team is the real deal, they just came off a great year, are an A-plus organization and have a competent manager. Heh, maybe I should just become an Angels fan girl after all that (I keed).

While I can appreciate the Mets not wanting to outbid themselves (see: Luis Castillo), I also wonder if they have the sense of urgency we fans do. We don't need a blockbuster deal or some kind of top-flight ace on the pitching staff. Some guy with a rubber arm, who eats innings, translates well in the NL and gives us a chance to win every fifth day.

It's been no secret I have had sort of a fangirl thing for Jon Garland for a few years. In fact, I was famously saying in the offseason leading to 2008 that we should pursue HIM rather than a pie-in-the-sky deal for Johan Santana (See: Johan Santana is now a Met). Well, I think the time has come that my vision comes to fruition and get that man on the team PRONTO. If I can see that there are more question marks than exclamation points in this damn rotation, at least put a guy in there that you know exactly what you are getting. SIGH Do I need to break out the list again? Johan - sure thing. Maine - injury waiting to happen. Oh Pea - nuff said. Pelfrey - ???????. And who else is there? Ben Sheets? I like him, I think he's worth the risk, but let's be fair. As soon as the rumors start that the Texas Rangers are "interested," he is all but going there (because they are the only team dumb enough to give him what he wants guaranteed. See: A-Rod).

So Omar, Jeff, whoever is listening. Please just go get Jon Garland already. We shoulda had him years ago. But now we can, and I would be satisfied with the rotation. Now, I didn't say "happy" with it, but I'd understand.

Next up: my blolleagues over at Studious Metsimus have brought to my attention that co-blogger Joey B. (from da B) has not been happy about his lack of blogging from his blogmaster, Bear Man. Since he specifically mentioned writing for me, I asked Joey for his dad's permission to bring him to spring training. So in addition to Chap and me, Joey will be coming along for the trip!

Of course, last is my obligatory posting on the Jets. Seems like Joe Namath is liking the confidence they are projecting, going into the heavily favored Peyton Manning-led Indianapolis this weekend for the Conference Championships. I have to say, being a lifelong Jets fan (something I wasn't necessarily "proud" of), this type of thinking is different and I have to say that I, too, have been drinking the green Kool-Aid as of late and truly believe they have more than a fighting chance to win this weekend.

Joe Willie also makes an interesting point, that the Jets infamously beat the "favored" Colts in Super Bowl III. Of course, the Colts were still in Baltimore at the time (ironically, the Jets could have played Baltimore Ravens this weekend had they won as well). But I can't help but notice that the Jets have this hottie new quarterback, much like Broadway Joe was back in the dizzay. Perhaps we will see Mark Sanchez in about 30 years, hitting on some young female reporter on the sidelines at a game.

I keed, I keed. Personally, though, I would just like to see the Jets win. Just make it to the Super Bowl. That's all I ask. It will just be fun to have a team that I genuinely root for in there.


Bear Man said...

Totally agree with you on Jon Garland. If Ben Sheets proves to be too expensive (the NOIVE of him to ask for $10-$12 million per injury, I mean, per season), then Jon G will do for me.

As per Joey, Bear Man is only letting him go so he can interview players and personnel for Studious Metsimus. If he comes back with a tan, I'm going to have to talk to him about his priorities as a blogger.

Solly said...

My take on Sheets is what Kilmer said in "Heat" - the bank is worth the risk. The upside for a Johan-Sheets 1-2 is just too awesome to turn down. Yeah he's an injury risk but then again, Johan has had two elbow surgeries since 2004 and Maine & OP aren't clean bills of health either. You're already risking an injury with them, why not do it with someone with upside? And what's to say we can't sign Garland as backup?

DyHrdMET said...

Bears Gone Wild - Spring Training Edition. That's all I'm asking for. Glad Joey gets to make the trip. Having been to Port St. Lucie every Spring since 2004, I highly recommend it as a nice long vacation for man (or woman) and bear alike.

Andrew said...

The main problem with Jon Garland is that he's a bad pitcher. The guy hasn't had an ERA under 4 for a season since '05, and it's not because of bad luck. He doesn't strike anybody out at all and he gives up a lot of hits. What's to like? Why would I want Garland to take away starts that Jon Niese could be getting instead? Doesn't make an ounce of sense.

Coop said...

So tell me how you really feel Andrew? LOL Hey I like Jon Niese as much as the next guy but do you remember he also hit the injury wagon last year? There's no telling if Niese is going to be the promising young pitcher he was. I think he needs another season in the minors. No one is saying give Garland 5 years...just give him a year. Then send him on his merry way.

Andrew said...

Coop: I just don't see what you think Gadland is going to add. As I said in the Metsblog comments yesterday, we don't need 200 "eaten" innings, we need 200 good innings. I'd rather have two starts and a Tommy John surgery from Ben Sheets than 200 innings of 4.50 or worse ERA from Jon Garland. Pitchers like Garland are a dime a dozen. You can always trade for one in the middle of the season if you desperately need innings. If Niese were to get hurt, that'd be another thing. But Garland doesn't strike guys out, doesn't pitch particularly deep into games, doesn't really do anything particularly well at all. That's a small-market pitcher, not a Mets pitcher. Bill James projects Garland to go 12-12 with a 4.33 ERA and 235 hits in 216 IP. And that's the most optimistic projection.

Personally, I'm an advocate of acquiring Harang and making Perez, Maine, Pelfrey and Niese earn their way into the rotation in spring training. If Niese is the odd man out, he goes to AAA; if one of the others is, he goes to the bullpen.

Coop said...

I'd be on board with a Harang or Arroyo trade over signing Garland. Of course, it goes without saying that I would rather have sheets over every one else though. But I was saying why not take a shot at Garland. He's decent and will give you decent innings. the Rest of the rotation is a crapshoot anyway.