Thursday, January 14, 2010

Selling the Drama

So have you heard the one about Carlos Beltran?

We all knew with the collective euphoria of signing Jason Bay and firming up the rotation, along with a month away from P's and C's, the feeling wouldn't last long. Interesting. I would have given it more than a week.

I think most Mets fans are sincerely torn about this recent development. As my friend DiLo put it, we are not sure if we should be peeved he hid and delayed this, or happy he skipped over the Mets doctors. Cause there is one or two things here for sure. One is: Carlos Beltran was more "hurt" than the team (and even himself) let on. Two: The Mets management including their medical team is in shambles.

And honestly, I am feeling exactly the way DiLo described it. I should be relieved that if Beltran was hurt, he got the surgery he needs. And as the reports suggest, he will be rehabbing for 8-12 weeks, potentially miss season opener but definitely miss Spring Training. On paper, that doesn't sound bad, and if the news were coming directly from the Mets and not from a legitimate medical staff, we all know that means he would be out for the season. So I can live with him getting a scope of his knee

Of course, this does not go without the Mets providing their own two cents, with some kind of press conference being done today regarding this. See, they claim they were not aware of the surgery and/or were made to know about it too late to do anything. They are looking for an "out clause" in his contract and have lobbied the Players Association, from an article, "the Mets are claiming this was done without clearance and that the Mets are threatening to take some form of action. There is a potential issue out there."


So now what? Well, if all goes well, and it seems like he visited a competent facility and felt the need to do this, then I should applaud Beltran for doing what he felt was right for himself and best for the team.

Or did he?

In 2009, I had great expectations for Beltran. To me, no one seemed more disappointed than him in the events of 2007 and 2008, and I could really see he desperately wanted to carry the team on his back for 2008. Of course, we all know what happened then, but I felt, knew that he would come through for the team, no matter what in 2009. Of course, he was out from June 21 till September. His effort was too little too late, unfortunately, but I felt again that 2010 would be Beltran's year. Shit, I was even saying before he started putting up MVP numbers in 2009 that he would be MVP not just of the Mets but in baseball. That was how much I wanted to believe in him.

Then there's the other part of me who used to call Carlos Beltran a "sissy," who was "all about the drama," the ringleader of the "Big Pussy's Posse" because (and I get this from Mets fans all the time -- he PLAYS hurt! he's always put the team before his own needs. Well I also believed that you can HURT the team more by playing hurt...but believe me when I say I was truly disappointed that he couldn't play last year because I felt like he had something to prove).

So I guess I am like the rest of the Mets fans in being on the fence. Happy he got it, disappointed he won't be there, angered by the way he went about it, getting paid anyway. Maybe if I start calling him out again, he will be back in 12 weeks to prove me wrong.

So how do you like them apples?


dykstraw said...

"carlos lobby myself, carlos lobby altcheck"

please contract this team

G-Fafif said...

"Selling The Drama" is a great song. I've been having Live flashbacks all week, now this headline. As for Beltran, hopefully pain will no longer lie on the riverside.

debmci said...

I've thought for a while now that this team is a fucking joke. I keep hoping, against hope, that something will happen that will convince me that I'm wrong.

It hasn' won't....I'm not.

One more in a long list of head scratching Mets Moments...what a fucking disgrace.

Like I said, a joke. A bad one. This whole entire organization.

dgwPhotography said...

I'm not on the fence at all - I applaud Carlos for steering clear of the Mets' medical staff.

I wouldn't be surprised if he has wanted to get this done all along, and they kept putting it off. He then got another opinion on his own, and got it done.

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