Sunday, January 17, 2010


What a GREAT New York sports day!

The Jets actually WON an important game.

The Rangers scored SIX unanswered goals against Original Six rival Les Habitants.

And the Mets didn't lose!

I'm sorry for those of you who come here for Mets stories or news or insights, and if this bores you. But it's my site, so I will do whatever I want!!

After three years of disappointment, ennui and sadness with the Mets, I have had two great things happen to me tonight.

I have always told Mr. E that I could forgive him for making me into a Mets and a Rangers fan. Luckily for me, they've both won something in my lifetime. However, the Jets, I told him in the winter of 2008, I could NEVER forgive him for. He had a good laugh, I mean...of course, if that's the only thing Mr. E has messed up in raising me, was making me care about teams and being emotionally invested in something I have no control over...caring about sports, I guess I could fare a lot worse.

Initially I had tickets for tonight's Ranger game. At the last minute last week, my friend who I buy tickets from had invited me to see the team play on Thursday as well. Ironically, this was the 21st anniversary of me attending my first ever Rangers game at the Garden. That game was January 14, 1989, against the Penguins. A young upstart named Mario Lemieux played for the Pens. There was a guy with a cool name of Zarley Zalapski. Paul Coffey was their defenseman, and I later grew to respect and fear him on the ice as an opposing fan. Penguins goalie was Tom Barrasso.

That day I introduced myself to Ranger hockey and also to future legend Brian Leetch, who scored a shorthanded goal. The Rangers won that game. I learned what a shorthanded goal was.

Which came in handy today, since Brandon Dubinsky also scored a shorthanded goal tonight. Of course, the Rangers didn't repeat the win on my 21st anniversary. After the Canadiens scored two goals to open the game, it didn't look promising. The Rangers then scored SIX unanswered goals.

But the piece de resistance was that after the first period, a bunch of us Ranger fans stood in the beer vestibule watching the Jets game on the HDTV there. It looked like the game might spill over into the start of the second period for the hockey game. Lo and behold, I was back in my seats by the time the face off started.

Even though I am thrilled beyond all my wildest dreams that the Jets won today and going to the CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP (which I was just corrected by my co-pilot wasn't the "Finals," which comes from my hockey background)...the game ending was sort of anti-climactic. I cannot be the only one who watched that game who didn't see otherwise. I was watching in the area with the other fans, then the TV said, the Jets would be advancing.

Hmm. No J-E-T-S chants (I started one moments later, joined in by others). It was like, Oh ^shrug^ okay. And that was that.

Not that I'm not happy. The Jets have faced the Colts in recent weeks, and although it was a mail-it-in-game, even Jets fans weren't giving them much of a chance to win this weekend either against the Chargers.

Well they did, and they're going to play in Indianapolis next week so...neener neener neener!!!

Well I couldn't get many fans to join in with me at the Rangers game join with me now please.

(ahem, ahem, ahem)








What else?

There has to be something else....

Oh right.

The Mets didn't lose today. They also didn't cause a public relations fiasco.


Lets go RANGE-UHS!!!!

And goooooooooooo Jets!!!!

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Bear Man said...

Hey, in January 1969, the Jets won the Super Bowl (played in Miami) when they beat the Colts. Now they have to beat the Colts to play in the Super Bowl, which will be played in Miami.

1969. That was a good year for another reason, but I can't put my RING finger on it. Perhaps your co-pilot (Coop-pilot?) might be able to help me.

Let's go everyone! (Mets, Jets, Rangers)...

...and Coop for GM!!