Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Three items have come out today that are mildly disturbing, at least for Mets fans.

One is - Ben Sheets is no longer on the table, according to Ken Rosenthal.
Two would be - an option for our 1B situation, Xavier Nady, is very close to signing with the Cubs.
And third would obviously be - the Mets organization completely losing their fucking minds and actually getting John Smoltz, an ex-Braves/Met-killer, on their team. No seriously, this is their "next target." (If I weren't quoting a story, I'd throw the word "fucking" in between "next" and "target" there)

I have so many things going through my mind at this point, I barely know where to begin, so I will just start with the top. According to the terms of this proposed deal, Sheets would get a deal in the avenue of $8-10mm for a one-year deal, plus incentives. Do you mean to tell me that Jeff Wilpon couldn't pony up the cash or at the very least MEET that? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm sure if I could get the likes of Cow-Bell Man, Senor Solly, Sign Guy and Bear Man to collect their loose change, THAT consortium could get him to play for the Mets with a sweeter deal than the A's are giving him. I digress, though...this is just a "rumor."

Moving right along to the second piece, I'm not bent so much about Xavier Nady signing with the Cubs as I am two things that are outlying this story. One is -- as long as Carlos Delgado is out there, Omar might have a sniff or two of the "good old days" with him and give him a one-year contract or so. That wouldn't happen with a legit back-up 1B or at the very least someone who can spell Daniel Murphy. That said, I don't MIND Daniel Murphy at 1B, I am just feeling like we need an insurance policy, in case he becomes trade bait (and we ALL know he will at some point this season whether we like it or not). The second is -- I also feel like the Mets have been cursed since that trade deadline mini-massacre after Dominican-gate that left the Mets without a lefty-power masher since, oh, 2006. Enter Xavier. I wanted to right that wrong a while ago. But...I can let that one go. I think.

But the idea of John Fucking Smoltz on my team, an aging pitching vet whose arm is not only about to fall off but whose better days are simply behind him. Don't come to me with "well, he's only bullpen help." Keep dreaming. You know and I know he will be in the starting rotation at some point, doing his best impression of Jose Lima Time.

Plus, we ALL know how aging ex-Braves/Met-killers fare on this team. See: Tom Glavine.

I just don't get it -- especially with Erik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn and Jon Garland still out there, WHY ON EARTH ARE WE WASTING OUR FUCKING TIME CALLING JOHN SMOLTZ'S FUCKING AGENT?? Why? Is it because we WANT to finish 5th in the division this year, to get a sweet spot in the draft next year? 'Cause we all know, the Wilpons won't bother to pay over-slot in the draft to get a sweet spot anyway (you know, like our competition the Phillies, among others, do and have great teams in the pipelines).

You know what kills me most of all though? Okay, so I was thinking over the last two seasons, the Mets have picked up guys off the garbage heap that had overbloated contracts on others teams who simply were not working out. See: Gary Sheffield and Gary Matthews Jr. The most noteworthy I've seen is that the Tigers were willing to pay Sheff in the neighborhood of $14mm to NOT play for them in 2009. The Angels are paying Matthews $20mm over two years to NOT play for them.

The only time I've ever seen the Mets and Wilpon & Co do anything remotely like this is when they fire managers who have multi-year contracts or General Managers.

No, I am not advocating firing Manuel and Minaya, simply because it's the wrong thing to do RIGHT NOW. The time to let those guys go was after 2008. Manuel was interim manager. Make him fucking interview with other candidates (for the record, I wanted Oberkfell). Minaya, well, we all know he had his moment, now he's a scapegoat for the real problem. And that problem won't be going away with a simple managerial change.

And that problem would be, ladies and gentleman (and some bears I know who read this)...(Drum roll please)...STERLING EQUITIES!!!

(*~*chirping crickets*~*)

I'm not saying this is going to solve all the Mets problems (because believe me...there are many MANY more than what I have just illuminated). But what is prohibiting the Mets from releasing Luis Castillo and giving Orlando Hudson a contract? It's addition by subtraction, sort of (although there is a bit of addition there as well). Compared to what organizations like the Tigers and the Angels, outright devouring buckets of money they KNOW they willingly overspent for stupid ass reasons, eating the last half of Castillo's contract is exactly what the Mets should be doing. Sometimes, imitiation IS the sincerest form of flattery, when operating like an actual baseball organization that not only gives a crap about their fans but knowing when to pull the plug as well.

That will never happen.

We give contracts that are absolutely certifiable ($12mm to Oh Pea, which even I knew was crazy when I had high hopes for him), and not take a chance with Ben Sheets this year who we all know is good when healthy (~$10mm with incentives). You know when Ben Sheets DOES get injured? When he sees a two-year contract with the Mets in 2011, after winning the AL Cy Young Award in 2010.

We'll take garbage from other teams AS LONG as the other teams eat the contracts ($14mm for Sheff, $20mm for Sarge II), but not take out our own (Castillo, who can easily be replaced).

As long as the Wilpons are running the show, we'll never see anything daring like that. You know, actually doing the right thing for the team, whether that is taking a high-risk, high-reward gander at someone who has proven performance, or admitting they are wrong and walking away.

My advice to them...is to eat, piggy, EAT!!!


PS I was profiled on the Mets Police the other day -- thanks guys for the plug. However, when I originally answered the form (a few weeks ago), it was right after the Bay signing. I was cautiously optimistic and even went to say that if Beltran is 100% healthy, we'll be legit wild card contenders.

We all know how that panned out. We'll be lucky to not finish last place at this point. (I'm exaggerating, I know, I'm just pissed off). I just wanted to point this out so I didn't look like more of a moron when someone points this out.

Mr. Wilpon...SELL THIS TEAM!!!


Bear Man said...

Can we just forfeit now? Please??

"Eat, piggy, eat" is great advice for the Wilpons. Unfortunately, they're just being pigf**kers right now instead of giving some of their bacon to the good free agents. Canadian bacon (Sgt. Bay of The Yukon) is just not good enough. Pork up some of your change and get us some pitching!

DyHrdMET said...

I've been thinking about a conspiracy lately that the Mets are all talk and no play (like the friend who ups your bid on ebay to milk more money out of the real buyer). They weren't going to sign Molina or Sheets. They aren't going to sign Smoltz. And they won't sign the next guy. Yes, I know that signing Jason Bay goes against that theory, but...

forget about trying to pool money to sign a free agent - let's pool up money to buy the franchise. I'll kick in about $100. Then Coop can really be GM.