Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Greetings from Flushing, Bay

Apparently, the Mets have given a stay-of-execution for their fans who are unsure of renewing their plans. I was going to renew anyway, but I understand it is a huge commitment. Not just money but time as well.

Some fans wanted to wait and see who else renewed so they could get upgrades or perhaps pool resources. Others wanted to see just what the Mets would do or who they would sign if they even wanted to spend a bunch of moolah for 2010 for a lot of the same.

I did say this though. Once I figured out I was sitting in the LF reserved section next season, I knew that I would be starting a new community in Section 138, as long as a component was, well, there in 2010.

Due to the news hitting the tape today, I am hereby calling the left field reserve area at CitiField "Jason's Bay-Watch." Oh and in case you couldn't figure it out already, Jason Bay ("pending physical") should be a Met officially by next week. Just in time for the new year, just in time for pitchers and catchers and just in time for me to sit out in left field and heckle him like Hilda heckled Duke. (I know he never played LF but you get the idea)

It's also our answer to Mannywood. Yes, I know that Jason Bay is nowhere NEAR the player that Manny Ramirez is (just ask Red Sox Nation about that). But hey, he's got a marketable enough name, he's Canadian (actually, that doesn't mean anything...I just wanted to say "Eh?" right there) and we can all wear our orange one-pieces (Silicone optional). I'll be the Yasmeen-look alike in Section 138.

So what does this mean to the Coop? I can't say that I'm unhappy with the Bay signing. Ahem, I meant the "pending physical" unofficial-official Bay signing. I've made it clear on other forums that I prefer him for four years to eight-years of Holliday who just screams "O-ver-ray-ted (clap! clap! clapclapclap!)."

Jason Bay is a career.280/.376/.519 and unlike other Mets signings trying to plug up the gap in LF (Hello, Moises Alou), he's not 95 years-old and falling apart. He's a former Rookie of the Year and won an AL Silver Slugger Award in 2009. He plays hard, he's a well-rounded offensive and defensive player, and I think he will flourish in CitiField. He's like Carlos Beltran-lite. And we have three decent and above-average defenders in the out field. I think there's something that can be said about that (what, I don't know, but you figure it out).

Last but not least, getting Jason Bay is righting a wrong that was committed years ago under Steve Phillips' reign. Could you imagine if the awesome threesome coming through the Mets ranks in the early-2000s were Wright, Reyes AND Bay?

The Mets could do better, I'm sure, as someone mentioned on Twitter earlier. But the fact is, they could do worse, and for 2010, I don't think it's going to get better than Bay.

I'm okay with that. You should be too!

Happy Holi-Bays everyone!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ya Gotta Believe This Winter!

Dear MSF member and friend, Chap, is running on the Team McGraw for the Tug McGraw Foundation in the 2010 NY Marathon.

Chap is looking to raise $3000 by next October, and she's doing well so far with her Mets Connections!!

Check out her fundraising page at Active.com. Chap is an inspiration, putting on smiles while running miles and being an inspiration for living her best life ever. She always keeps believin', like all Mets fans should and do...like Tug McGraw himself.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Halladays For Phils Fans...Really?

I can understand the excitement from my Phils fans friends and of course the disappointment and otherwise seemingly white-flag-waving (and sweet irony befitting a Mets fan) in preparation for 2010 of my fellow Mets fans. Roy Halladay is one of the best pitchers of his day by far and they ended up getting CASH in the end too.

Let's take a look at the big picture and see if this deal is as bad for the Mets as you would think it is.

On the surface, yes. Like my buddy Ed over at Studious Metsimus said in so many words, yes while the Mets are sitting with their thumbs up their collective asses, we once again get no one and everyone else is all happy-happy joy-joy. So I can understand the malaise permeating the Mets fan base. Shit, I've been dealing with it since before All-Star Break of this year.

But big picture, I just can't see the fuss. Ray Halladay is an elite pitcher, you can't deny that. Plus they are able to give him a contract extension and while not cheap, he will be willing to do it at a discount.

Here's the kicker -- the Phillies had to trade Cliff Lee in order to make the deal happen. Why isn't anyone paying attention to this?

Roy Halladay has never pitched in a huge market -- all right, Philly is far from "huge" like L.A. or New York but now that Philly has a decent team, there's going to be plenty of pressure to perform there. I think he'll do well under pressure, as well as Lee did in his abbreviated stay in Philly. Roy Halladay has never pitched in a post-season either while Lee has two under my watch. Plus he's two years younger than Hally and a southpaw. My point is, the Phillies got marginally better right NOW, with the edge going to Toronto in this transaction.

But you know who really made out on this deal was Cleveland, who weren't even involved in this particular menage-a-trois. The Phillies traded seven prospects for basically a half-year rental of Lee. Sure, it netted them Halladay, on the flip side they had to part with coveted Kyle Drabek, who they were adamant about not including before (but of course, you can argue this would be the guy you'd trade him for).

I'm not saying that the Mets, constructed as they are for 2010 with no big FA promises (maybe Jason Bay, but you know he'll get more money/years someplace else), are going to be world-beaters. But how does this trade make the Phillies any better? In fact, if you want to wax intellectual about it, it's made them theoretically weaker once you factor in all the prospects they had to give up.

Jeff Passan over at Yahoo! Sports was my inspiration, with this article here. Sure having Halladay on any NL East starting pitching staff is daunting. But so does having Johan Santana. I guess my point is, I think Mets fans need to chill out as this deal does not in essence lock up the NL East for the Phillies. It already WAS locked up by them without this trade. So in essence, nothing has changed. What is clearly evident though is NOTHING has changed for the Mets.

The major undertones from Mets fans here after hearing about this trade are that the Mets NEED help. That is for certain. CoreyNYC brought this up before on BMF, where he said the Mets gave up a shit-ton of prospects in the JJ Putz deal and got zero in return since he signed elsewhere this offseason and was injured last year...they are essentially the anti-Phillies. With no one on the horizon in the free agent splashy market, a depleted farm system (that was getting bit by the injury bug by breathing near CitiField last season) that has nothing attractive for a decent trade and everything other question mark contemplating the IFs for 2010, I understand it well.

Once again, for 2010, the Mets will be the bridesmaids and not the brides.

Wait, I take that back.

We are the ugly stepsisters of Cinderella, and oh wait, she just discovered her glass slipper.

Happy new year everyone!!!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Miscellaneous Met Ramblings

Hey y'all, Coop here and what can I tell ya? According to the news reports, absolutely not a damn thing!

So today will be a ramble of miscellaneous items to keep my three readers amused (Hi Solly, DyhrdMet and BearMan!).

I love getting lectured on being a Mets fan from Yankee fans. Really. I have a standing chiropractor visit once a month and the last visit was right after the Yankees win in the World Series. Doc is a Yankee fan. I especially love when he and other Yankee fans try to tell me what the Mets need to do "right," you know like I haven't followed this team since I was seven years old and have aspired to be the GM since then. I'm not a Yankee apologist nor am I one of those fans that uses the "payroll argument" ad nauseum. But it absolutely kills me when they say stuff like "Well, we SAVED $50 million in payroll and still won for the first time in nine years." Yeah, right, like they're doing us a favor or something.

I know, I know, before anyone comes in here and says "Well the Mets have the highest payroll in the NL" I have made it perfectly clear that I hate the fact they have a high payroll b/c it means jack shit when they are putting the likes of Alex Cora and Omir Santos out there on a daily basis when their meal tickets are all nursing their wounds on the DL. The Yankess, admittedly, are smarter with their money. But they've also done it at the expense of other teams.

I also don't like how they've brainwashed the general public into thinking that this behavior is "okay." It's not and it's made a playing field of if you can't beat 'em, join 'em or some crap. I don't like talking about the Yankees and the pot-meet-kettle themes of payroll but I am just disgusted by people lecturing me on my fan choices and what my team needs to do better when they don't know shit about my team. Just what their team does and act like it's the gold standard for other teams. What. Ev. Ah.

OK off the soapbox now, we are entering winter meeting mode, and for the Mets aint nothin' happenin' as Henry Carvajal from The Mighty Flyers would sing. We have heard several stories behind the whole dumping Castillo and hey - if we can get a can of creamed corn for that fat bastard in the offseason I say pull the trigger (I love creamed corn, hope they serve it in World's Fare Market next season). To me, there are so many holes to be filled and question marks upon question marks, I wonder if there is any move that could make us potentially hopeful for 2010. Omar, Chris Coste aint doin' that for me. Sorry to say. Unless we sign someone like Lackey, I'm not gonna be a happy Mets fan.

Have I been? Not in 2009. But as I told some people, they one more year with me to try to prove their love to me. Therefore, I renewed my season ticket package for 2010, with better seats in the outfield reserved. I know many fans with varying season plans were wondering about their future with the organization. At the end of the day, we'll still go to games. How many games we go TO are contingent upon who we sign. But most of us here in the blogosphere do attend more games than the average fan.

That said, I do have to say I like the way the Mets have been buttering us season ticket holders up. For example, I have a "Behind the Scenes" Citi Field tour scheduled for next weekend, open to ticket holders. I also got some cryptic "Port St Lucie Special Access" as a season ticket holder. For REAL real?? My sales rep couldn't give me many details but since Chap and I have decided to go...I'll be flashing my credentials like Garth and Wayne at Alice Cooper's concert. (No relation)

I got nothin' else. The Rangers are horrible and as another fan said today, the Jets need everyone in the AFC to lose today in order to better their chances for playoffs this season. Yeah, my teams suck. Thanks, Dad!