Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Would Pop-Pop Do?

Some Mets fans are having moral and ethical dilemmas in this World Series. I totally understand. While I'll pay attention to the overall stats, scores of the games, etc, I didn't turn the game on once last night. I could care less who wins or loses, they could get swine flu for all I care, and at the end of it all, I can do without the general Yankee ball-washing that occurs in times like this.

But I will say this. It's interesting to see some of the questions arising about who should be rooting for who or what this series, especially Mets fans. Why Yankee fans care about what or who the Mets should be rooting for is beyond me. Metstradamus said it best a few days ago. This is Satan's Series, no one wins here (for us).

Yankee fans will say you should root for New York. Phillies fans are okay with Mets fans jumping on their wagon. Here's the thing though: Most Mets fans I know are not exactly rooting for the Phillies. Someone told me today, Yay! The Yankees Lost! BOO! The Phillies WON! It's a lose-lose situation on either end. It's a different scenario where the Yankees root for the Mets. It's tougher when the shoe is on the other foot. Obviously, if the Angels were playing the Phillies, or the Dodgers were playing the Yankees, our allegiance would be easier to see.

But why do most Mets fans have a problem with rooting for New York? Yankees fans arguments center around, shouldn't you root for NY, even if it's the Yankees?

I think it goes to the roots the old school American League versus National League rivalries. Imagine this: let's say the year is 1946 and you are a dyed-in-the-wool New York Giants fan (the baseball variety, of course). The hated Dodgers are playing the Yankees in the World Series. As a Giants fan, I would have to believe you would root for the National League. Although the Dodgers were hated, I think Yankee hatred ran deep even then. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Although the enemy of my enemy of my enemy are all my enemies. Maybe no one cared. But life was different then. There was no Internet, no blogs, no Twitter feeds. All that was there were your friends. But if you were a baseball, you knew the World Series was going on.

Mr. E's dad, Pop-Pop, was a baseball fan. He had National League roots, and leaned towards the Dodgers. My dad was too young to understand the true rivalries. But even when the NL skipped town in 1957, Pop-Pop could not root for the Yankees in good conscience so he, like most NL fans, had to wait till the Mets came around.

So maybe some old schoolers can shed some light on this. I know why I'm not rooting for the Yankees. I know why I'm not exactly rooting for the Phillies either. But I'm not rooting for the Yankees to win, that much I know.

Back when it was the two NL teams and one AL team, was it fashionable to root for the NL team playing them, even if they were your arch rival in the regular season? I think a lot of this overexposure now has to do with saturation of social media. Maybe it mattered back then, maybe it didn't. But I'm curious to know from anyone who was either around or knew from people who were around.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Seventh Layer of Baseball Hell

Someone asked me this a few days ago.

"Being a Mets fan, how could you root for the Phillies in a Phillies/Yankees World Series?"

His reasoning: if I were a Yankees fan, and the Red Sox were playing the Mets, I'd have to root for the Mets.

My answer was two-fold. My first response was: I am not rooting for the Phillies. I'm also not rooting for the Yankees, but that's neither here nor there. The Sox/Yankees rivalry is a LOT different than the Mets/Phillies. The latter been over the last few years while the former has run deep through decades and decades. Even in 1999, when the Mets lost to the Braves in the NLCS, I had to think I didn't want the Yankees to win, and the Braves were our direct rival. My Yankee hate is pretty independent of my Mets love. I hate the Phillies less, direct rivalry or no. But that doesn't mean I'm rooting for the Phillies.

The other response was: if the Yankees win, I'll have to hear about it all winter. If the Phillies win, well, they are the reigning World Champions so it's deserving. Plus we'll never hear about it -- a World Series win will keep them occupied until the next time the Eagles play.

But again, I keep going back to the whole, I am not rooting for the Phillies, the Yankees or anyone in this World Series. Even when I pledged my allegiance to the Angels a few weeks back, it was mostly because I liked their story, I liked their fans, I liked their team and their stadium. It had absolutely nothing to do with them playing the Yankees. In fact it didn't even occur to me they could play the Yankees in the ALCS. I was rooting for them to win not to simply beat the Yankees.

I happen to be a person who believes in the law-of-attraction. I know my Yankee hate is pretty deep rooted, but I wonder if all the Yankee haters out in full-force was maybe causing them to win. When I saw people with "No Yankees" shirts or symbols on their websites, I had to remind them for the common good, BE POSITIVE! Root FOR the Angels. Root FOR the Dodgers. But don't root against something or someone.

So much for that method of thinking. Instead of the Freeway Series I was rooting for, the other part I was not believing would EVER happen -- a Turnpike Series -- is going to happen.

I have some Yankee friends who are trying to get me to come to their side. It's tempting but I have to pass. If it were ever easy for me, I'd never have been a Mets fan.

But I can't in good conscience root for the Phillies either.

So what do I root for? Barring a destructive earthquake, flood or catastrophe, maybe everyone gets swine flu and they have to forfeit the Series? Someone posted a similar situation in an old Stanley Cup Playoffs, where once upon a time it had to be forfeited. That is the best scenario we can think of as Mets fans.

I can't dictate who people are going to root for, against or ignore. I know a guy who says to keep peace in his household, he's going to root for the Yankees. Some are going the whole "National League vs. American League" old-time rule: root for your league.

But what is the verdict for The Coop? I'm pretending that baseball does not exist until February 2010, and in order not to burn in baseball hell, I would think we should do the same to satisfy our souls. I could see a conflict occurring if the Mets were a part of the problem this year, but they were non-factors. I hate both those teams, but could care less about the series. Just too much negativity to hate on one or the other.

Go Rangers, Go Jets. Go whatever team not related to baseball. But I truly could care less about who takes home the Commissioner's Trophy in 2009.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roll Call 2009

The Roll Call of My Summer Family has taken a life of its own. I started this site in the 2007 offseason because I wanted to reach out to the friends I have made over the years from going to baseball games, and to also reach out to a new community of Mets fans. The Electronic Generation. The "Shea Generation," if you will. MSF's Roll Call started as a shout-out to my old community and also for the new generation I have met. (see 2007 and 2008)

I hereby dedicate this season to...all Mets fans. Give yourselves a hand!! It was a long one, but a good one. We stuck by our team when it was tough (not that being a Mets fan is EVER easy), we mourned two straight years of disappointment capped by a move to a new home that none of us grew into (yet), some of us believed till the absolute possible second (CrazyMetGirl and I remarked in September that we still believed a Wild Card was within reach at the end of July), some of us knew that this clearly wasn't the year (this was pretty much everyone else besides us!), and others well, enjoyed the season for what it was.

I fell into all of those schizo kind of personalities, as evidence on this site. I was sad about the last few years but tried to be encouraging for 2009. I kept saying as Mets were dropping like flies one-by-one, well as long as "This Guy" doesn't get hurt, we'll be fine. But then "this guy" turned into "That Guy" and before I knew it...I knew no one on the team. And especially (I just speak for myself here) I had NO IDEA how losing Shea would impact me. Even at the Fernando Tatis grand slam game (one of the best games of the year to witness), I wanted to go to Shea Stadium. Not CitiField. If I close my eyes, I can still see her and I can at least walk around the cavernous stadium in my dreams. I couldn't be a Baseball Chick if my heart wasn't completely in it and it wasn't.

It was so bad that I became a frontrunner and rooted for the team with a stadium that reminded me most of Shea. So Go Halos, I am getting back out there for the World Series.

In any case, like many other years, it's the people, the Mets Community, that kept me coming back for more. That is why I dedicate my 2009 Memories to y'all, my Met family, my summer compadres who I have grown to love and cherish as much as my real family.

Roll Call honors the past and is a call-out to the present of those special people who make the season more special simply by just being there. As Woody Allen once said, 80% of success is just showing up. So I guess that makes the Mets about 80% successful (I keed, I keed).

Where to begin? This is no particular order, just a stream of consciousness.

LadyMet, the reigning diva of Mets baseball, who is basically a nicer version of me (ha ha). LOTF, GOTB is a fun and lively read.

The guys over at OH! Murph, who coined themselves the Onion of Mets news. It was fun meeting you guys at CitiField this year -- I know we'd rather watch a game, not participate in dunk tanks (their words, not mine). At least there's one thing some fans could look forward to during games in 2009 -- our back-and-forth on Twitter. Can't wait for what we have in store for 2010.

Jason at Remembering Shea. I think we found each other's sites by accident. I am very pleased to not only know about it, but to discuss fond memories of Shea as well. It's people like you that can honor the past and acknowledge the present in a way that makes me proud to be a Mets fan.

Speaking of being proud to be a Mets fan, networking amongst blogs and FOBs (friends-of-bloggers), I met some FOBs that I am happy to consider just the F part of FOB. The Chaps, CharlieH and Whit (you all know who you are) I had the opportunity to meet through mutual bloggers. These folks are incredibly special as they keep me humble as a Mets fan (a very tough thing to do, I can assure you), but they all have the ability to make me want to be a better human being. Outside of being a Mets fan. Very honored to have you guys in my life.

Perhaps you follow Ed on Facebook or his posts on Metsmerized, but one thing is for sure -- his creative stories with his family of bears -- Joey, Jerry and Billy (cousin to my Chester) -- has put him on a par with Cow-Bell Man and Pin Man with the moniker Bear Man. I love to see what adventures they will have in the offseason and perhaps, a game or five with Aunt Coop in 2010. Also, mad props go to him for having great taste in music and movies. Chocolate-covered pretzel, anyone?

Danielle from the Wright Stuff attended several games with me...all losses. Then we figured out it was just US sitting together that caused the losses (okay, well that makes me feel a LITTLE better about their performance). Such a shame we can no longer attend games seated next to each other, as I really enjoyed myself.

Mad love to the electronic generation of Mets fans I have met as a result of Facebook and Twitter. I don't know if I'm going to remember everyone, as there are way too many to list! But I'd like to point out some who I've met in person -- on the West Coast trip, if you can believe.

I met BradH and his lady at the San Diego hotel we had unwittingly booked in anticipation of seeing the Mets at Petco Park. Of course, the game we went to left a little (okay LOTS) to be desired, but how funny we just recognize each other simply from our Facebook profiles. They are also Jersey people, so they gotta be cool automatically.

The Coop's Summer Family went coastal, baby, and had connections made on the West Coast even prior to my vacation plans, simply online! Introducing my West Coast Mets Family in the Solly-Sollies -- Solly and J-Sol, some of the most fun I've had a game and maybe, just maybe...a post-season trip in 2009? If there is a baseball god, she will be working on this already.

My usual suspects list is longer than last year so I won't go into incredible detail (read the previous years, you'll see who has made the cut!). I'd especially like to thank BrooklynMetFan and all the motley crew who shows up there. This is the heart of the Mets community. Though we were at each other's throats most of the year (even before the season started!!), we are a tight community and supportive of each other once again. BMF, BlondiesJake, Ft Greene Met Fan, El Duderino, Phanatic, GroteFan, Joesky the Met Brawler, WWMD, USMF, Matt the Met Fan among others, you are all second to none.

Special thanks go to the supporting blog network and the people behind them. You all know who you are!! It's tough to build a community in CitiField because of the lack of box seats and the regularity (or lack thereof) of the mini-plans. I miss all my Section 14 peeps, I miss everyone I used to see on a regular basis at Shea. But we need to band together, against all odds and make our own community!!

Here's the Mets 2010 but until then - this will be an Angels site. Go Halos!!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

2009 Met-Nificent Moments

I can't be negative all the damn time. Especially after a sweep at home to salvage what was left of the season, I thought, well, it wasn't always so bad this season.

A 70-win season was totally not what we thought on Opening Day, Jose Reyes' injury is questionable, David Wright has lost his power...but it wasn't always so bad, was it?

So let's take a look and see...what were the Met-nificent Moments of 2009?

1.) Gary Sheffield hits #500. I watched this one on television, but wasn't it nice to get a moment like that at our house and NOT be on the receiving end of it? Seriously, something like that is usually like -- what Mets pitcher gave up #500 to Sheffield? All kidding aside, I would say most Mets fans were torn on getting Gary Sheffield. He's a clubhouse CANCER! He's a bad guy! He did roids! The Tigers are paying him to NOT play for them! All of that was washed aside as he made his mark as a Met. True, he earned 499 of them not playing for them, but it was still fun nonetheless.

2.) Jonathon Niese and Josh Thole: Battery of the Future. While they never played together due to Jon Niese's injury, what we saw of Thole in the last few weeks of the season and what we saw of Niese prior to his injury reminded us that the Kids are not only Alright, but that maybe, just maybe, our future wasn't as shabby as some would like us to think. Which leads me to...

3.) F-Mart's first game with the big team. I attended this game with Dykstraw, Fort Greene Met Fan and El Duderino hanging out on the right field bridge, trying to get a good glimpse of Fernando Martinez in the field. This was significant for two reasons: one was -- it was F-Mart for pete's sakes, and the other -- this was something most Mets fans could rally around at CitiField (and as FGMF pointed out, the slice of lemon in her fried calamari was better than anything she ever had at Shea). Although the injury bug didn't miss him either, he has a lot of growing up to do yet at the same time most fans are anxious to see what other contributions to expect from him.

4.) Jeff Francoeur becomes a Met. Although I might have been happier to lose Ryan Church as a result of it (sorry Julie), I was initially upset that a Brave bastard was on our team. This was quickly put to rest with his games -- yes, I know he is allergic to walks, and he thinks OBP is a song by Naughty by Nature...but seeing a guy who isn't afraid to hit and smart on defense is pretty hot (and so is his tush).

5.) Carlos Beltran returns home, sort of, in Brooklyn! I attended this game in early September with CrazyMetGirl, and we saw him get a base hit and RBI in his very first at-bat. There was even a close-call with a long fly ball out, but as CMG said later on, it was like seeing an old friend again. It ended up being bittersweet, though. While it was commendable that he wanted to come back this season, no one would have faulted him for not the same time, as GK&R said today, you can't help but look at his numbers and wonder what might have been (and SNK and I were saying he would have been an MVP candidate were it not for bruised knee bones).

6.) Nelson Figueroa. I will admit, I was not jazzed about depending on Figgy for much. In fact, I have been known to say that I was quote-unquote done with him after calling out the Nationals on being "softball girls" from his stint in 2008. I get that he's a local boy, he grew up a Mets fan, etc etc. Local guy gone good. I was ready to cut him off, though. Well, I'm actually glad for once I was not the general manager, although he came back with something to prove after being DFA'd, clearing waivers, and then ultimately coming back only to be our most reliable pitcher down the stretch (unfortunately, it was the rest of the team that didn't come through). Nelson Figueroa became this generation's Steve Trachsel, save the whole human rain delay factor.

7.) Fernando Tatis' grand slam game. This game came on a day that was potentially one of the strangest I've ever known as a Mets fan. It was a Monday night, I missed Shea, Omar Minaya made a complete ass of himself earlier in the day at the mother of all press conferences, Tony Bernazard was fired, Adam Rubin's motives were questioned, and it was hot. Africa hot. Hot hot hot outside. I went to the game basically because, well, I didn't want to go to the gym, and I sat with Howard Megdal and CharlieH. I was with CharlieH during the actual home run, and what was funny was that because of our vantage point in the Promenade, we needed to actually watch the hit on the TVs they put up there and we kind of looked at each other like -- um, did that REALLY just go over the wall? The reaction from the rest of the stadium said it all...As we have called it with 20-20 hindsight, CharlieH and I felt like we were getting settled into our new home.

8.) Nolan Ryan returns to Flushing. At the 1969 reunion ceremonies, perhaps the Curse of Nolan Ryan has been lifted by this inviting him back to New York. It was nice seeing him on the mound with Tom Seaver and Jerry Koosman for the ceremonial first pitch at the August 22 game.

9.) Macca plays CitiField. I know, this isn't exactly Mets-nificent, but it's my damn site, and I'll calls it like I sees it. It was cool to see a Beatle christen our new stadium and maybe he can sprinkle some of that old Beatles magic around. I think we need it.

10.) Gary, Keith and Ron, and KB too! This is the gift that keeps on giving folks. I know I am particularly grateful that we have such a great trio in the booth, and I know for a fact many fans fear losing Kevin Burkhardt to another network or MLB. We are selfish bastards who want him all to ourselves on SNY!!! When it was evident that the team we signed on for was not going according to plan, if there was anyone who knew how we were feeling as a fan base, it was GK&R. It was bittersweet listening to them say goodbye today, as I felt like I was sending some good friends away for the winter. And I miss Howie Rose too. I gotta start listening to the FAN more often.

I feel like I could find more, but at the top of my head, this is all I can think of. Maybe ending the season with a Bang and not a whimper helped too. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to comment below.

Some Other Beginning's End

Well, wasn't that special? 2009 that is.

I had a dream last night. A dream that today was a cold and blustery day. A day where I would inevitably get up and put on layers and wonder why, of all days, I was going "today."

I should have gone, but I didn't. I should have gone to Closing Day, but Mr. E couldn't go and it was tough this year, you know, to say goodbye to the "community" when I hadn't seen anyone of my community mostly all year. The old Section 14 crew was spread out around the new stadium. Section 22 had disbanded years ago. Section 10 I don't believe re-upped their season to get a mini-plan ("Saturday plans").

So it was easier to stay home. And I wish I hadn't. It was easier without my partner-in-crime, who had said after the Castillo game in the House of Evil wasn't "going to another FUCKIN' game again." Well, he stayed true to his word. I did, but I was barely there in spirit. It usually consisted of me drinking a lot.

But if there were a game, or a series to attend, it was this one. There was heart, there was passion, and heck, it even looked like the team had FUN. All I wanted that they went out with a bang and not a whimper. Greg, you got your wish. It's a 70-win season.

And the fans. Sigh, the fans. The fans that I have made my friends and family over the years showed up one last time to send off our boys into the winter.

I'll be attending my first hockey game next week. And then I guess in about a month, we'll shut down the Grand Dame of the Games to be played till early spring. Then we'll start our countdowns again.

This may have been a lost season. And we've been lost, I think, as a fan base, getting used to a new home and subsequently new players.

I know most of us have been disappointed by the circle of events that have occurred. It was tough for most of us to go to games. We did, and I was so proud of the fans for standing up and cheering. At last, we got the series we wanted from them. (to think what might have been if we saw them sweep the last three years' home series)

I seem to have forgotten that was why I became a fan in the first place. Sure, the uniform helps. But it's the fans that have kept me coming back for more.

Let's go Mets. And Lets go Mets fans. How many days till P's and C's?

My annual Roll Call posting will be up this week!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Thar She Blows

I've been pretty silent this year. Very blah, very bored, lots of ennui. More so in my adult life than when I was a child and I think it has to do with the fact that I have chosen myself as a Mets fan voice, someone whose opinion is to be taken seriously. So when I have nothing to say, I just reflect. I do that a lot in real life.

Therefore, I apologize for being Coop-lite this season. I have a reputation to uphold here at My Summer Family. I have spoken up on other fan forums (like Brooklyn Met Fan and Metsblog) but I feel like I not only have differing opinions from some fans, but also that no one really takes me seriously. Because I've been Coop-lite.

This coming from the woman who coined the Big Pussy Posse. This coming from the Oh Pea lover, who dumped him for Brian Schneider's hot butt (and yes, I do realize he sucks and should not be on the team next year). this coming from the voice of the season ticket holder who would rather go to spin class and kickboxing gyms to work out my life frustrations rather than go to the ballpark and drink and forget them THAT way. (Hey, at least I'm being somewhat healthy about it)

But oh boy. You're gonna hear it now.

So I got the very contrived letter from the Mets yesterday, on how they are going to go lower ticket prices next year for season ticket holders. Some fans (like Ed over at Studious Metsimus) brought up the fact that this may apply to season ticket holders, not mini-plan holders, like him. And Ed, sorry to call you out, but I have a feeling that you will also be reaping the rewards of a discount around the park. See, season ticket holders do not get any kind of discount, unless you count not having to go through Ticketmaster for those "convenience charges" or any hullabaloo like that. Although we do have other methods to pay with, by going to the park and selling fees on StubHub and all that fun stuff.

What gets me is that this isn't for the fans. Once again, it's for the Wilpons, who unless they haven't been to their eye doctor in a while (unless he, too, was affected by Bernie Madoff's investment company), have to see that the seats in the park are empty, their viewership is down on SNY and kind of like Woody Boyd's uncle who got hit by a combine running into the house when his aunt was baking brownies...the fans along with the team are just begging 2009 to just die already. (Yes, that was a Cheers reference)

So in today's AM NY (and if anyone can find the link to the story, I would be grateful), the quote from Dave Howard -- the Mets exec VP of business operations -- says it's not because of the dismal season, but because of the economic realities forcing them to increase demand for the tickets.

Well, as they say on my redneck side of the family, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!!!! Of COURSE it's the economic reality. It has NOTHING to do with us fans who's money has helped keep this turd of a team afloat this season (Ponzi schemes be damned). NOOOOOO -- it's all about the Benjamins. Who cares if the fans sit down and see yet again a shitty product? They have 20% of the Loge-zanine seats in the Excelsior area!!! We'll still get our money! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!

You wanted it, now you got it.

Dear Fred, Uncle Saul, and Jeffy:
I know there are only three games left this season. I know you have had my money theoretically since last September in the form of a "down payment" from my playoff non-usable tickets for 2008 for the inaugural 2009 season at CitiField.

I know I have been drunk at more games than I care to remember (and that's the truth, I really DON'T care to remember). I visited other ballparks this summer and realized that a team 3000 miles away across the country got my respect and desire in less than 15 minutes, and the team I have been following since I was seven years old really could care less that I spend most of my leisure time as an adult following this team around when I could be spending my money at the beach, on tolls going to the Jersey Shore, following the Grateful Dead around, anything, something, other than following this team that cares more about my money than me and my feelings associated with the team.

I talk tough now, but after a monumental collapse, going out with a whimper and not a bang, and then this year which is the Staten Island of all baseball existences (no-man's land), I say -- you think you're doing me a favor by lowering ticket prices? How about getting Brian Schneider to give me a pedicure and foot massage? That would make me feel a LITTLE bit better than watching this team that you probably have no desire in pumping any more of YOUR money into to make better. You'll just use mine.

I have an idea. Why don't I give you a c-note, tape to a brick, and shove it up your ass sideways? That would make me feel a ton better. And while we're at it, why don't you guys do something other than be the good guys and pay out of slot in the draft? I think Mets fans would feel a lot better if you did that too.


Love, The Coop

Triple dog dare me to send that one out.

Kisses. I'm back. Took me long enough.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


You know, Frankie Rodriguez pisses me off. Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

We spent oodles of money to get him to join us after successful seasons with the Angels, and I have to bear witness to watch him give up not one, but TWO walk-off GRAND SLAMS in one f'ing season. The first one was a lot worse because, well, I was there in San Diego (but was not there to witness the actual hit, I just went back to my hotel). I don't know what's worse - the fact that they happened or that they happened against two last fucking place teams with nothing to play for.

But what else pisses me off is, well, me. This general malaise that I have regarding this season. I was remarking to someone earlier this morning that the last time I felt like this about a Mets team was in 2003, when I didn't attend a game from June that year onward. This year I feel is a lot worse because back then at least, I could rationalize that I only had Saturday games and there could be conflicts on only Saturdays that keep me from coming to games. I spent a good amount of money this year to buy every game, thinking, you know, I'd WANT to go.

But people keep telling me -- you'll want to go. You'll WISH you went next week, when you can't go anymore.

Let's face it, folks. This season has been over, for quite a while. The Mets are not only going mail it in this weekend, I believe and know, first-hand, that many fans are indeed mailing in it and not bothering to go.

Part of me feels like I should go, since, hell, I already paid for the tickets and all.

But what I find amazing this year is that, I know I'm not the only one in this sinking ship.

Last season, especially a year-and-few-days-ago, we had several reasons to attend. Several reasons to WANT to attend. Never mind the idea that the Mets kept it exciting till the very last day (2007 was deflating -- last year, and I may be romanticizing it, was a bit more exciting since none of us expected them to do much after the collapse in 2007) -- we wanted to say Goodbye to Shea just one last time. And it was sad that (especially for me) I didn't get to appreciate it while it was there, because, well, after the game I just wanted to get the hell out of dodge. Even an impromptu goodbye-thing scheduled over the winter couldn't get me out there. And now? I miss it, and want it to come back.

But I think it's just the emotional attachment, or lack thereof, I feel about CitiField this year is what is keeping me away from these last games.

I remember going to a game last year with a friend, the last Tuesday game I want to say, and he said, wow - it's my last game at Shea. I was floored. I guess because I know this friend of mine to be a BIG Mets fan, and I knew other big Mets fans would be there that weekend. And he wouldn't? For shame!

But then I spoke with another person I consider to be a big Mets fan, and her last game was the first weekend of September. And without batting an eyelash - it was just expected. No one wants to attend.

If I knew the Mets would fall apart in the season. If I knew there wouldn't be something to play for after July. If I knew I could get excited one last time to go the park, I would. But I don't feel the excitement attached to going to CitiField as I did with Shea Stadium. I know it will change over the years...

...But with David Wright all but checked out, Frankie Rodriguez not having anything to play for and therefore making him disinterested in closing out games...

Why the hell do I want to go games if the TEAM doesn't even want to show up?

The worst part is, they kind of have to. They get paid for it. Sadly, I PAY to live in this place over the summer and I spend money maintaining (in the form of beer revenue, which, proud to admit, I helped quite a bit this summer and with Mets stuff).

Will I regret skipping out this weekend? I doubt it. Because I know David Wright, Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran (well, maybe not him, he actually had a valid reason to NOT return, so he gets a pass)...I know for a fact this is the last place Jerry Manuel wants to be.

Come November 1st though, I'll have wished I went just one last time. I would like to think they cared to still play, cared to win. But they don't and quite frankly, I don't think I do either.