Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Like That...Poof! It Was Gone

"It" could have meant a lot of things before tonight's game.  

IT could have been the aura of Tony Bernazard, who, unless you were living under a rock, was fired earlier today.  (and yes, there was someone sitting next to me tonight who had NO CLUE what had happened mere hours before the game started)

IT could have been the 0.1% of an ounce shred of dignity this team STILL had after said firing, but was soon swept away with an idiotic statement by our fearless leader himself, Omar Minaya (something to do with a guy named Adam Rubin or other).

IT could have been my tickets for tonight -- alas, I could not get any buyers for my seats (wouldn't YOU have wanted to be at CitiField to see what fallout occurred after Minaya said so many stupid ass things to get basically his ticket stamped one-way OUT of New York once and for all?).  So I decided, literally, last second, as I stood on the platform at Bryant Park for the train I usually take to get home, that I would instead go to Flushing to see the game.  

Ergo, I had to walk up a flight of stairs and a cross-walk over.  There I was, waiting for the 7 express train once again, headed towards Queens.  

But once I got to the stadium, things were weird.  I don't think anyone cared that much in the stadium about what had transpired earlier on.  You'd have never guessed, judging by some of the Tweets I was getting during the day.  See, although the Coop has a TV on at all times at her job, she decided to spare her coworkers the agony of listening to not just a Mets press conference, but a press conference where Omar Minaya would essentially tell you something by not telling you anything at all.  

I picked the WRONG DAMNED DAY to do that.

But I also didn't feel like sitting in my seats.  I had a friend sitting in the field level, so this time around, I got to sit 24 rows back from the field.  I lasted till the 6th inning.  I also had an open invite to the Excelsior suites as well as sitting with CharlieH up a few sections away from the regular Coop seats in Promenade.  By the time I got upstairs to visit CharlieH, I decided to just hang around there.

IT up in CharlieH's seats was the Left Fielder, or as he termed it, "just a rumor."  Talk about obstructions.  Luckily, there was a TV monitor to our lefts as well, so we could just follow any play from there. 

But that's where it got interesting.  

We all know how the game ended up tonight.  Tatis hits a granny in the 8th, the Mets break the tie, Frankie comes in, and we all go home happy Mets fans. 

But we had to look to our left, to see what happened.

But the funny thing was...Tatis almost didn't happen.

You know what we ALL thought when he came up, bases loaded situation, 1 out in the bottom of the 8th.

We are all going to stick around for extra innings (or as CharlieH put it -- they're gonna make us stick around, aren't they?  And I mean that without a shred of irony, 'cause that is what this team is doing to us now.  We don't even want to stick around, even after two great wins coming to us from Houston).  

But the baseball gods had other things in mind.  

We turn to our collective left...and saw a ball go over the wall.

Um.  Did that ball just do what I *think* it just did?

That ball really went over the wall.

Wait.  Tatis *didn't* hit into a 4-6-3 or 6-4-3?  Which was exactly what CharlieH, his nephew and I were chanting, right before the pitching change -- since I mean COME ON!  Clearly that was what was going to happen right there...Frenchy was intentionally walked -- OK, first off FRENCHY WALKED!!!  

And THEN...we all knew Tatis was going to bat for Sullivan.  And we ALL knew Tatis would inevitably hit into a DP.  Oh that Jim Tracy.  Such a shrewd manager.  No wonder his team is first in the Wild Card.

But IT went over the wall.  I'm certain THAT was not part of Tracy's grand plan.  

Just like that *POOF* the ball went over the wall.  

Just like that *POOF* it was the 9th inning and just like that *POOF* Frankie comes in to save the 9th.

Just like Omar Minaya had intended after all.

Perhaps it was said best on Twitter after the game.  Leave it to a Mets win to make us forget about the nightmare of the press conference earlier in the day.  Leave it to baseball to make us realize that fun could still be had.  

Leave it to the Mets to know that Omar's *POOF* into thin air by the relentless New York media would be put off for at least a day, as we would celebrating something in the air that night, the stars so bright...


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Promotions N' More

Hey guys, few things while I have what is remaining with my sanity.  

On Thursday, July 30, check out Mets Weekly's own Julie Alexandria as part of the 12 Angry Mascots sports-comedy show, co-hosted by Scott from 12 Angry Mascots and Neil Janowitz from ESPN the Mag, at the Comix Comedy Club (353 W. 14th St @ 9th Ave).  

Julie will be joined by NY Rangers' Christopher Higgins (recently traded to the team for Scott Gomez) on the July 30th show, 7:30 pm. There will also be stand-up from Comedy Central's Dan Allen and VH1's Best Week Ever's Matt Goldich. Visit for info on tickets and more.

The Coop has also joined Frankie The Sports Guy's blog roll where I will be bringing my sharp wit and take on the Mets situation every so often.  Stop by and say hi.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's Up, Doc?

I have to take a few minutes to address the media goings-on with this whole Roy Halladay could have potentially been a Met for a bunch of scrubs.

Let me go on record and say -- I aint buyin' it.

For one, this "leaked" out the day that apparently the Brutus to this Julius Caesar operation called the Mets, Tony Bernazard, apparently went apeshit on some Mets lackey for having the gall to tell him to wait to switch seats at some game (page down for info).

Two - I highly doubt the Blue Jays J.P. Ricciardi called up Omar and was like - hey, what's up dude? So I was thinking - would you like our ace pitcher for a bag of balls? Say the word, and I will pick up the likes of Niese and F-Mart from the airport myself...oh, F-Mart is injured, you say. Well, let me call my buddy Bud and get him to approve the move. Two words: NOT HAPPENIN'.

Three - Do you really think the Jays would give up their ace when they have a chance to be spoilers to the Red Sox and Yankees? It would be a purely money deal.

Four - this kind of goes against everything that we've been taught. True, trading for Santana was one of the best if not THE best deals this team has ever made, up there with Mike Piazza and Keith Hernandez, etc etc. If this injury-raping has made us see, is that this team has zero reinforcements at the ready. That's the fault of the preceding era, along with Omar giving up draft picks to make splashy signings. This is a hurry up and wait operation. We are going to TRADE the remaining back ups we have, not to mention - most of these guys aren't major league ready, and trade them to a team that is IN THE WILD CARD RACE IN THE AL?

I will leave you with this note. In 2006, many media outlets were crucifying Omar Minaya for not getting Barry Zito for a minor pittance of Lastings Milledge. Till you know, Billy Beane came out ON RECORD and said - I haven't talked to Omar Minaya about such a deal. And I think we ALL know it wouldn't have been just Milledge (not to mention Zito has been horrible since his contract year, so that was a good deal, yes?). Halladay is great, he's an ace on any staff where Johan Santana is not on already. But he's 32, due $15mm in 2010 and I mean...would you be surprised if his arm fell off after putting on the performance of a lifetime this year?

I don't doubt that there was a phone call exchanged to see what Halladay could be acquired for. I am just thinking that the four names floated was just a START, and that we'd have to include David Wright for you know the Blue Jays turning down a potential David Wright trade back in 2002 for Jose Cruz, Jr.

That said, if that WAS the trade proposal for four scrubs for Halladay...The Coop would be all over it. But I'm not the GM, and that's YOUR problem. So whatever Omar does, just remember, the Coop would have probably done the opposite.

Back later. Peace.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rock the VOTE!

Hey boys and girls, it's The Coop's favorite time of year again. Nope, not All-star Break (which I roundly boycott), but *drum roll please* THE ANNUAL HATE HALL OF FAME VOTING!!!

The Hate Hall is run by none other than the Great Metstradamus, and there are no limits to the hatred on this list, including in the past former Mets and former Brave and Cardinal bastards, and newly anointed Philly Phucks.

Check out the inaugural list here, along with subsequent follow-ups.

So what are you waiting for? Vote early, vote often. (Actually I don't know if you can vote often - so definitely make it calculated. I am leaning towards Shane Victorino myself).

Love, the Coop

Sunday, July 12, 2009

...To Meet the M-A-T-T-S! A Baseball Weekend...

I often don't heed my own advice.

I might have been known to say once or twice that a day of bad baseball is better than a day with no baseball at all. But recently, the Mets have been putting me to sleep. I go to a game, they get blown out, only to win the next day, then sleepwalk through yet another game. I know, I know, what I always say - it's the D LIST PEOPLE - but then, even I get tired of saying that to myself.

I needed a break. Even All-Star Break (which is a break to me, since I refuse to watch that Shit Show) is coming up but I needed something else. So I took Friday and Saturday off from the Mets, and made a date to go to the game today with two of my favorite people ever -- Greg from Faith and Fear and Zoe.

But I didn't take a break from baseball per se. I had the bright idea late Friday to think of going to Coney Island for the Ferry Series against the rival Staten Island Yankees. I mentioned this to Yankee fan pal Em Pea (kind of like Oh Pea except he's a not a pitcher I have a fanboy crush on) and kind of like The Coop he says - sure, why not? We had already attended a game in the House of Evil last month (which I will post pictures on during the break this week, I promise). So we take a trip to people watch and Cyclone/Yankee watch at KeySpan Park.

It was fun - very laid back, but something I needed to get me back in the groove of baseball, even though the Cyclones lost in a Big Boy Club fashion, 6-0. But as Woodside Frank used to say, you could go to a Cyclones game and if they lose it's no big deal. You are not a sour puss the rest of the day.

But I got to Meet the Matts, hence the title of the posting. You've more than likely seen these guys around, they are the bald dudes sporting sunglasses with Mets-colored sports jackets and suits. They are funny as hell and completely clever. Anyway, they were out representin' the orange and blue for the Cyclones while another friend masquerading as "Matt" (but told me his name was Brian) was dressed in Yankees colors.

Of course, I am not representing my team, unless you count the black in the mourning period I've been in all season.

Today was interesting though. As I said, I was sitting in the Coop seats in the Promenade with Greg and Zoe. Then a funny thing happened on the way to the start of the game. My old friend Bar gave me a call and said - hey! My kid and I are sitting in Section 126, you should come down here. Oh but Bar, I say, I have two other people here. No problem! We have an extra seat and there are tons of empty seats down here.

It was a no-brainer, Dear Two Readers. We went down. And this field level is a field level I have never experienced.
This was the view from our seats. Yow-ZA.

But the funniest thing that happened during the game was the Home Run Apple and its Performance Anxiety. See, Brian Schneider hit a home run. No, that was not a type-o. Although it was great seeing his tight butt in a white uniform, I gotta tell ya, seeing the HR apple come up after 80 innings without one from the team (that was something that was tweeted the inning before the HR) was pretty sweet.

Then something else happened.

ANOTHER home run was hit by Fernando Tatis. I was shocked. I mean. No one was on base. I said to Zoe - the good news is, he can't hit into a double play. But imagine my surprise when it cleared the LF fence!

But then...silence. No apple. Apparently, we've found out that it takes the Apple 2 1/2 minutes to reset. WTF is that about? This is the year 2009, folks. With all the bells and whistles this new park has, the HR Apple can't figure out a way to come up TWICE in the same inning?

Here's a pic of when it did come up. I swear, you'd think the Beatles with John Lennon and George Harrison reincarnated came back to bring down Flushing again, with a replay of the 6th game of the 1986 World Series.

It doesn't take much to amuse us fans these days. Here's a shot of the crowd going wild when the HR apple finally DID make an appearance. Better late than never, I suppose.

So the Mets won today, but of course it wasn't without incident, when K-Rod decided to make things interesting in the 9th, as per usual.

But the best part was that this series was a won series, they won the last two games of the series, took a rubber match finally AND...will go to the ASB on a high-ish note. I guess that even being three games under .500 is not THAT bad in the grand scheme of things. Especially now that we hear that Reyes and Delgado are working out and looking good. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I mean, in the movies we have guys like Ricky Vaughan becoming fan favorites and his team winning a pennant in a last-ditch playoff game. Which reminds me, I saw someone on the 7 train today going to the game who was WEARING a custom Cleveland Indians #99 jersey.

As long as there is baseball, we have colorful characters. Including the Matts. Which made my weekend. Even the Mets winning two of three didn't compare.

Will be writing during the break, because I only take a break for the All-Star Game, that I have boycotted pretty much since the 90s.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Holy Sheepshit - Church for French? Oui? Ou HELL NON!!!!

The Coop has never been a fan of Ryan Church. Heck, the only GOOD thing that came out of the stupid ass trade that brought him here was me seeing Brian Schneider's hot butt in a tight uniform.

But I have to say Ryan Church has grown on me as of late. I guess because, well, on a team of crap, something has to stick to the wall. I guess Church has stuck to the wall and I didn't - not so much "like" him - but more tolerated his presence.

But a straight-up trade for JEFF FRANCOEUR for Church? With his whopping .250 BA and 5 HRs? Oh yes, THAT is the crap-for-crap deal we've been waiting for.

I don't know whether to break dance or shoot myself in the foot. Frenchy for Churchy? Really, Omar? Really? Gosh you must really love waving the white flag right before All-Star Break.

I guess I give too much credit for Omar Minaya these days. But seriously - what is the point of this deal? The fact was, Jeff Francoeur was good for one month nearly five years ago. He's awful. Do we get marginally better D from him? Probably not.

I mean, if we were gonna trade Church, why trade him for a guy just like him? Why not keep him?

I just don't get it. This is a dumb-ass deal.

'Cause All Life Is, Is Really Just a Circle

Seems like yesterday that it was Opening Day on the road in Cincinnati, and Mets fans had all the hope in the world. Why shouldn't they? After another disappointing end to another disappointing year, things would be SO different this year. The team was hungrier. A year older, a year wiser. We had a new stadium to call "home" (and yet, even today, it still feels like I'm a visitor) and our bullpen, the Achilles Heel of the team in 2007 and 2008, was revamped to include not only the best closer in baseball, but the guy who was also a great closer who would be our new set-up.

Funny how we've come full circle. Cincinnati is now coming to town to play us in our visitor's home park, it's the weekend before All-Star Break, and we are currently four games under .500, 5.5 games back.

The only thing full-circle is playing the Reds again. But I remember that series. We took the first game, and barely had any offense with the fully-loaded team and Johan pitching. Now, Johan pitches and can barely stay in the game, while the rest of the team is decimated save poor David Wright. Our bullet proof closer? Has blown two games, and the set-up guy is nowhere to found (except on the DL, which we should have known better).

The rest of the team seems like they are nowhere near returning. My vote for NL MVP, Carlos Beltran? Gone. Reyes? Once this team stops pussy-footing around, maybe they will be honest with the fan base, quit insulting our intelligence and maybe just maybe admit that Reyes isn't coming back this year. The only two I have hope in returning? Billy Wagner and Carlos Delgado. By the time they return, it will be too late.

I voted against Pedro coming back this season...and he may be starting for our arch enemies after All-Star Break. I'm glad to not deal with this diva ways anymore, but why do I feel like he's going to bite us in the ass every time he faces us?

Oliver Perez came back from the "Disabled List" (which seemed to be a nice way of saying he was visiting a Funny Farm the last two months), and that's supposed to be our bright spot. Meanwhile, John Maine has disappeared again, First-Half Johan reappeared after we thought he wouldn't come this year, Livan shall not be a good man and Big Pelf has a Big Game then alternately comes up short all this first half.

We've lost two of three to the Dodgers in this home stand, one only one game against them this year (though they do have the best record in baseball right now, I have to think we'd have maybe won one game against them anyway fully-stacked, since you know we couldn't even beat the Reds fully loaded in the Opening Week). Prior to that, we were swept by the Phils, took two in the row on the road against the Brewers and the Pirates. Then what? Do we have any respite coming up after the break, like against the Nationals? Cause quite frankly, this team isn't going to do much.

But what can we do? I suggested backing up the truck a few weeks ago, and I was ridiculed for it. Now, it doesn't seem like a bad idea. This organization continually comes up a day late, a buck short, even more evident in the last two seasons and I, for one, am sick of it. Sick of investing a lot of time into something that quite frankly doesn't love me back. Dykstraw once said this is kind of like an emotionally abusive girlfriend/boyfriend. You still love them, but you might need to take a break every now and then.

Sure, every day we live breathe and eat being a Mets fan, ya gotta believe. And I gotta believe that there is a ton of baseball to play, and they might still surprise us. Best case scenario after this weekend we could be one game under .500. Worst case, we pack up and just enjoy what's left of the season.

I would venture to say most of us stick around to see what will happen. For the most part, we've borne witness to some good baseball in our years, we stick around for the good times, only to be reminded that to be a Mets fan, you stick around for some shitty times as well.

I'm here for both.

But funny how we've come full circle once again. Once again, we are underperforming with one of the worst assembled teams money can buy, and we still have hope.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The One That Coulda Got Away (And the One That Did)

Last night was interesting. I was strangely at peace with the game yesterday before it started. Of course, it helped that I attended kickboxing class and all aggression that I had from this team had pretty much dissipated.

Of course I was concerned about my Sweet Oh Pea. For my newer readers, be assured, I was the #1 Oliver Perez Fan Girl out there. It wasn't because he's cute (honestly, I don't find him all to be) but I was more intrigued with his pitching. I've said he had SABOR! Flavor, although I think spicy would be more apt.

But also it was a losing proposition. The Mets and their weak offense were no match for Manny and the offensive heavy Dodgers.

So I decided to have fun with it. Andrew over at 'Ropolitans suggested we try a Tweeting Trend on #OliverPerez. Just having a blast with it. Like #OliverPerez listens to Barbra Streisand in Spanish. #OliverPerez lives in a van down by the river. Etc, etc.

But Mets gave me my mojo back last night. I almost had a heart attack when K-Rod decided to make it interesting and give up a HR Rod to Manny in the 9th. But they held on for the win.

And Oh Murph!!!! Giving us a web gem for years to come. "Check this one out guys!"

But this was easily a losable game. We all know a 4 run lead at one point is never big enough.

But the one that got away was Manny. I wanted, I'm sure most Mets fans wanted him. And even though he came back from his suspension and would not have been much help to us, when he hit that home run last night (plus driving in 3 runs in Tuesday's game), who didn't think - Dang. He woulda looked good in a Mets uniform.

As for tonight, I believe I will be participating in a TweetOff during the game. Follow The Coop at Twitter @Coopz22.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How Come I'm Not Ready To Jump?

Hey MSF land, Coop here with another update for you. I had a crazy weekend, mostly dealing with parental units and other familial persons, so the Mets took a back seat to pretty much anything else. And possibly, I picked the BEST weekend to not watch or devote any blocks of time to Mets fandom. Basically the only game I was able to watch, well, I actually listened to on Mom's deck as i ate chips and drank beer. Seems to be a constant, with the Mets and me these days - beer and Mets. Mets and beer. No wonder I was sweating alcohol at the gym this morning.

In any case, I find myself trying to be the voice of reason with the team. Most of the fan base is ready to jump but the curious case of my buddy Brooklyn Met Fan, he says that Omar Minaya should stand pat for the time being and I completely agree with him. But just because I think Omar should stand pat does not mean I am writing off the season. Losing three games to the Yankees and the Phillies in consecutive weekends is not fun at all. And even the Phils scoring 22 runs in last night's game does not cause me to have suicidal tendencies and wanting to drink the poison-Aid to get rid of this season.

In fact, I'm kind of excited to see how this season will end up.

If the Mets drop two games of ten in September, sure, I'm gonna freak out. But it's July (ok this has extended since June but who's paying attention).

We have a hard-ish series against the Dodgers (I think Big Pelf is gonna give us a Big Game tonight, personally) and then an easier one (sort of) against the Reds.

It's All-Star Break next week (and if David Wright knows what's good for him, he should graciously back out of it, I'm telling you, if someone needs a vacation now, it's HIM - o-for-23 against the Yanks and Phils? Eagads). Our reinforcements should come back soon, Beltran is returning after the break. And sorry to say but although I was wondering if Reyes' time has come and gone, we need him back and we need him bad.

No panic moves, Omar. Cause you know what that means - parting with talent for a rental. He's not good at that, that has been established.

The only thing that really steams me is that the Wilpons unwillingness to take chances on players with great marketing tools that could BRING in as many dollars to compensate for money spent has hurt the team. If there is one thing I could say is that they need to sell the Mets. It's their ineptitude and meddling that causes the team to be a joke. They define the whole pound-wise, penny-foolish saying. Overspend for Luis Castillo? Sure! Offering Derek Lowe a 4th year? Nah, let's see what Oh Pea is looking for.

I know it sounds like I'm making excuses and giving the whole Mets organization a free pass for bumbling around. But I'm not or at least I feel as though I'm being as realistic as possible. We are not getting Halladay no matter how hard we try. Kiss Holliday good bye as I am sure Beane wants a hefty ransom for his services (plus he's another rental). The only person I could be on board for is Alex Rios but let's be fair - just because WE think our fantasy trades would work doesn't mean the Blue Jays want what we offer.

I guess it's time to hurry up and wait. So HURRY UP already!!!


I got an interesting link today for WFAN - why don't y'all check it out? WFAN broadcasts streams live online free and allows you access to New York's #1 sports station! From the looks of it, it seems pretty suh-weet.

I'm trying to figure out a way to embed it here on MSF - anyone who can help please let me know (clueless about technology over here).

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Best Time To Be a Mets Fan

I have a theory about fans and Mets fans, more specifically. That you get to see who the "true" and "real" fans are during a down period, not to mention who the Johnny-Come-Latelies who claim to be a "lifelong Mets fan" when they have not worn their Mets jackets since 1986, and have had their "lifelong Yankee fan" jacket since, oh say, 1995.

This is the time, this is the place to rally for your team. Alex Cora said it best last week, when he said, "Don't feel bad about the Metropolitans."

This is our time, this is our team. We need to be Tammy Wynettes and stand by our men, no matter how horrible they may be playing now.

We signed on for this when we knew that being a Mets fan meant more ennui than excitement, more broken hearts than celebrations.

Because this is the time all the roaches in the Mets fanbase scatter back to the Bronx, and we will be in Queens with the real people, who know what need to be done in order to make the team better.

Every year fans, even with the best of years, continually take it on the chin and say, "Thank you, Sir, may I have another?"

And we keep coming back.

We can join the Big Pussy Posse and whine and cry about how bad the team is. Or just enjoy ourselves this summer and wait for the Wilpons to realize they need to sell the team for any kind of organizational change.

But honestly, who could foresee all these injuries hitting at the same time?

Do not feel bad for the Metropolitans, and do not feel bad for ourselves. Because baby, rain or shine, all the time, we got each other...and we got the Mets.

Meet me for a beer in Section 522, my new home.

This is the time to be a Mets fan. Win or lose, scrubs or no, this is our team.