Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Feelings on 2008 and 2009

So I was talking to Metsgrrl and TBF the other night, during the Mets/Yanks game on Saturday night. And my philosophy is this: 2008 was not a collapse. Sure, it sucked that we lost again in a grand fashion late in the year, but I was okay with how the season ended. Meaning to me, it didn't end on the last game of the year. It ended way before that for me, especially in the last week.

But that malaise that has infiltrated the Mets fan base has extended into 2009, but I think what contributes to our fan-wide Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder (PTMD) is losing Shea. Yeah, I said it. At least in 2007, we were able to put aside the way 2007 ended (which in my perspective was way more horrifying that 2008) by coming home.

We are visitors in our own home now. It's no fault of the ownership or anything like that. I mean, you'd think three years of hearing about how this new home was getting built and seeing it built in front of our eyes would have prepared us better.

But with the way 2008 ended -- with a whimper, not with a bang -- and having to come back to a new home. It was devastating and probably more long-term hurtful and apathy-driven than the Mets losing ever could be.

So this leads to me almost-the-mid-point of 2009. Right now, this team is NOTHING what we signed on for as fans. Our pitching rotation consists of an ace and four guys who should be competing for the 5th spot on teams like Washington and Baltimore.

Right now, our offense consists of David Wright, and not much else. Think he's ever going to see a good pitch? Well, he does - he just swings and misses. A LOT.

We are simply told to "roll with it." The team is told to keep their head above water.

And what are we rewarded with? Games where we are happy that we scored six runs, even when a guy who has never hit a grand slam in his CAREER hits one (which was completely predictable by the way - and how many times can WE look back as fans and say - wow, we had the bases loaded and actually DROVE in a run?). Games we are SHOCKED, I tells ya, SHOCKED that Nieve can't make it out of the fifth inning? Games where we are thrilled to get only ONE hit.

Is it any wonder that fans are not only losing interest, but we are adopting this Kevin-McReynolds-Philosophy on everything?

My feelings are such that 2008's end would have been okay had we been back home. We are visitors at our own home. And we don't even recognize the residents (whether on the field or in the stands).

Is it any wonder that we all need our meds?

Sunday, June 21, 2009


In honor of the GKR Father's Day event today (which rocked, thanks to the Pitchinforagoodcause.org Foundation), I am going to promote some goings-on coming up in Metsopotamia.  

I am basically too fried to discuss what's happened the last few days.  I will try to get some fluff on here during the week.

In any case...the theme this week is Ron and Keith.  But first Ron.  

At 12 noon Wednesday, June 25, YOU can attend a Benefit for Urban Dove, starring Ron Darling.   

The event will be held at Gallagher's Steak House, 228 W. 52nd St.  For only $75, enjoy a power lunch with Ronnie and special guest Bobby O, and get a copy of Ronnie's new book "The Complete Game!"  An autograph and Q&A session will follow.

Call for reservations at 212-245-5336.  (You can get there by basically every important train line! 1,2,3,N,R,Q,W trains all get ya there!)

The next is probably a no-brainer.  I still have not gotten a chance to watch it, but definitely take a look at it, since mostly everyone I know who has seen it really love it.

Without further ado, visit I'm Keith Hernandez and click "Watch Now" for the I'm Keith Hernandez movie.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fuckin' Franco

Tonight was a night of memories from the get-go.

Actually this season so far has been a metaphor for a lot of bittersweet memories.  As a for instance, I had a Kenny Rogers Karma piece up earlier this season.  I've been living the life of great Mets philosopher Kevin McReynolds.  The last two seasons have brought upon a new medical term called "Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder."

But tonight was interesting for several reasons, as we had a two-fer.  One was, the commemorative Mets victory over a certain team with the name of a regional bird 40-years ago coinciding with another 40th anniversary of a music festival promoting peace and love.  

About 40 strong (instead of 400,000 strong) descended upon a Metsopotamia-Town-Hall on the Lower East Side tonight, celebrating what our Leader(s) termed as "MetsStock."

(Here were five representatives of the 40 strong)

In the meantime, I had a funny memory of my own.  See, I wasn't worried going into the 9th inning, which I guess make sense.  I mean, if you figure that you win either way (the Mets win, we all win.  If they lose, it just means I drink more.  See?  Win-win), you kind of don't care that Frankie R gives up a lead-off double and the Mets just don't get the calls they should.

But no -- what I thought of was kind of one of those bittersweet memories most of us seasoned Mets fans have.  

Back in 1996, I attended a game with Mr. E and one of his special lady friends.  It was a double-header in July of that year.  I forget who they played, but I want to say it was the Reds.  In any case, the first game was boooooring.  Like, biology class boring.  Anyway, it was the 9th inning and "bullet proof relief-man" (that's a bit of irony there folks) John Franco comes in, and promptly gives up the tying runs.

I think the other team went ahead in the 10th.  Needless to say, because we were falling asleep, Mr. E and I got out of dodge.  But not before a lone voice in the Upper Deck of Section 30-something said what he wanted to say - said what we were all thinking actually.


That was what I was thinking when K-Rod changed his name to BB-Rod and 1B-Rod or 2B-Rod or WALK-OFF TO THE FUCKING BALTIMORE ORIOLES ROD...Eh, you get the point.

Can't get too mad.  In 2006, the Orioles took the series of a vastly superior Mets team.  I know, we are hardly superior this year.  But when you are thinking like Kevin McReynolds, either scenario, you win, right?  Right?

Oh and as irony would have it, I go to grab a shirt to sleep in.  These were my two choices.
This wasn't just done for the site.  Seriously, these were my two choices.  

I ended up going with Choice #3 - a Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation Shirt. 

Sometimes, Kevin McReynolds Philosophy doesn't take away the bitterness of a bittersweet memory. 


Now's The Time To Reyes Goodbye?

Is it time to part ways with Jose?

I was inspired yesterday by a posting from a Red Sox blogger who suggested a King's Ransom for bringing Jose to Boston. I mean, if the Mets *were* to consider trading Jose, that would only be the most acceptable return. A king's ransom, that is. (see article here)

Now, I am pretty loathe to trading Jose Reyes or David Wright, the quote-unquote Future Franchises, or anyone named Carlos Beltran or Johan Santana at this juncture. But I started thinking about the future.

I may advocate backing up the truck, but that's only proverbial. By backing up the flatbed, I mean - we don't build around the likes of Oliver Perez or Luis Castillo, but around the aforementioned Big Four. Not many teams can say they have that kind of talent to build around, so the Mets are fortunate at that respect. Unfortunate in that the injuries of complementary talent is eating away at the offense of the team.

But my question is -- Will the Mets re-up with Jose Reyes once his contract is up, in 2010 but technically there is an option for one more year, bringing it to 2011? Reyes (and Wright) had a contract extension mid-year 2006, if y'all remember. Thank goodness he is not a Boras client where he has a reasonable agent who will negotiate, but we really have to consider what the Wilpons are willing to pay him, and what Reyes thinks he is worth.

Keep in mind he will only be the ripe young age of 27 by the time his contract is up.


Seems a bit early to give up on a young'un like him, since like most Mets fans, I would like to see this team take a bit of a youth movement, and maybe shell out some extra dollars for when Beltran's contract is up in 2011 for him to lead the team.

But again we need to think about how the Mets organization values him, as a player and in dollars. Someone threw out a number and (which I think to be a kind estimate) of maybe $100mm over 7 years, given hometown discounts and what not (and since Jose has made his home in Queens, he might be loathe to traveling far from his family).

Considering Beltran got $119 mm/7 yrs, I think it's a fair proposal. And also we have to bear in mind Wright's future contributions as well, since he will be renegotiating in 2012, and has an option for 2013.

What is Jose Reyes worth? And will the Mets be willing to pay it?

That seems to be a common theme here. It's tough to project what he will do for the rest of this year (providing he returns, which I have a sneaking suspicion he will not) and come back strong in 2010 -- perhaps he will be that player like A.J. Burnett who performs in a contract year and then is injured 95% of the next contract he signs.

According to Cot's Baseball Contracts, the Mets have a payroll of $145 mm for 2009. Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner come off the books after this year (and they have zero chance of returning, as far as I'm concerned, next season), $12mm and $10.5mm respectively. Brian Schneider (although I will miss his cute butt) will hopefully be done after this season, $4.9mm off the books. Ryan Church also, with $2.8mm off after this season.

In fact, the only player who has a contract year up in 2009 that I would like to see the Mets keep around (and they better) is Big Pelf, he is a Boras client so expect to pay more than fair market value of for him.

Barring the Wilpons opening the checkbook for a Justin Morneau-type in the offseason (nice bat, decent 1B), I doubt they do any kind of splashy FA signing this year. Perhaps Omar Minaya will see fit in riding it out with Ike Davis, although truth be told I think he is way too young.

But that brings me to this - a lot of shit comes off the books next season to tune of around $30mm. And although we know the Wilpons aren't exactly "cheap," they aren't exactly what we would call "smart with their money." And if that much money comes off the books, with how conscious they became once the Bernie Madoff-scheme hit their purses, it's not exactly a necessity to refill those losses.

That said, if the conservative estimate to give Jose Reyes his due, over the course of 7-years, he could potentially earn $14mm per.

Will Jose Reyes be worth that much? I would say so, but the most important question is -- will he be worth that much to the Mets?

I would hate to see him go. I think if I were running the Mets, I would throw whatever money at him he wanted, because I know talented athletes like him come once in a lifetime.

But if the Mets do not value him that highly, there needs to be a Plan B.

Despite what Metsopotamia may think, I have not yet given up on this season and I know there is a helluva lot more baseball to play. But if the team is concerned for the future and realistic about it, if I'm Omar Minaya I have to not only take that call but jump at the opportunity.

I don't say I would approve the move. But I would understand.

Hat tip to Cot's Baseball Contracts Mets page. This stuff is a life saver.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Jayson Stark over at ESPN has some interesting notes on our own David Wright's year.

Lost in the mix of how "unclutch" or "cheap" his RBIs / hits may be (and lack of HR production), is the fact that he is on his way to making history in the realm of Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx and Larry Walker, to name a few.

Read no further than this line to get the gist of the article: "On one hand, he's leading the league in hitting, at .364. On the other, he's on pace to strike out 161 times."

Stark goes on to say that no .360 hitter has struck out 100 times (that's where the Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx references come in), and those who have struck out 161+ times have not hit higher than .320-ish (Sammy Sosa, Ryan Howard, Bobby Bonds).

Hat tip goes to my friend DiLo who clued me into this article. I'm not expert in stats, but this was very interesting stuff.

Is It Time To Back Up The Truck?

After the horrifying loss Friday night against the Yanks, the mail-it-in Santana start on Sunday (in other words: EAGADS), and two games-that-got-away from the Phils, I ask you this.

Is it time to back up the truck?

I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. And I mean it figuratively of course (wouldn't it be funny, though, to see a flat bed pulling up to the player's entrance in CitiField and having, say, Luis Castillo getting on there first). But I also mean, maybe it's time to hang up notions that this is a championship team and build around the core of Santana, Wright, Reyes and Beltran.

Again, it's not a bad thing. Who else are we going to build around...Alex Cora? Castillo? Fernando Tatis? Are we going to trade Reyes, Wright or Beltran? All three, everything considered, are incredibly cheap, all at fair market value (especially now that Beltran is in the last years of his contract). Santana, I mean, even if he is not pitching at his best, second-half Johan is right around the corner. He aint going anywhere either.

It is also not time for the panic move. My gut tells me Jose Reyes is not going to be back for awhile. My female intuition also tells me that Delgado has played his last game in a Mets uniform. Do we want to see Omar trade, say, Fernando Martinez for a Matt Holliday only to have him leave at the end of the season? Then we see F-Mart become a fan fave someplace else, and we are still stuck at square one. We also traded a lot of talented pieces for J.J. Putz. And where exactly is J.J. Putz right now? Exactly.

Also bear in mind, Billy Beane is Matt Holliday's boss. Beane hates Omar. See, I love these Mets pundits who come out every year and say Omar should do a deal with Beane. First...WE HAVE NOTHING BEANE WANTS. Second...look at the first. Nothing to see here, folks. Keep moving. In 2006, when everyone was up in arms about Zito being a FA in the offseason and that Omar should get him as a half-year rental, Beane said on a radio show he hadn't even spoken to Omar. I'm willing to believe him than some local sports writing hack who has nothing better to do than drum up trade rumors. I would rather get Carlos Lee, personally, but that's just me talkin'.

And mainly, the reason I say it's time to back up the truck is this. I was at the Mets/Yankees game on Saturday. I owe my three readers a write-up on that. Anyway, I saw my enemy-defender friend Paulie Vee at the game. Like most Yankee-fan mentalities, he said that Omar should "overpay" for Pedro. First off, pitching really isn't the problem right now. Pelf has had a bad start but will come around. Maine is injured but he'll be fine (I think). Santana is Santana. Oh Pea will be back (oh yes, he will be). And Livan has really been holding his own. Pedro has F'd this team over more times than come through for them in the past four years. Leave it to a Yankee fan to go for the name and not what the stats represent.

Yankee fans are always looking for the easy way out, with overpaying for free agents and trading for chips with everything they have in their system. They didn't make the playoffs last year and it looks like, even with the highest payroll in MLB, they will be hoping for the Wild Card.


Do we want out team to be like that? I thought better of Mets fans. I haven't given up on this team yet, but it wouldn't be a bad thing to just suck it up, play ball, not care about the outcome...and wait till next year to build around the core.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I didn't know what to say today.  Basically because I was speechless.  And you know it must be a bad time if The Coop doesn't have something even smart-ass-tick to say, even about Luis Castillo.  There are only so many Luis Castillo jokes one can tell.  There's only so many "Hey it's the D LIST" rationalizations a gal can make.  

But I will tell you this.  The Mets-read Must-read of the day has to go hands-down to FAFIF's Greg and his take on the whole situation.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  And like most Mets fans, you will dust yourself off, and take it again.  Cause that's what us Mets fans do.  But somehow, I don't feel like the Mets themselves appreciate us fully.  They expect it.  Just like they expect to get paid, regardless of how they play.

Also be sure to cruise down to the comments section and read Joe D's (from MetsMerized) open letter to Luis.  It's priceless.

But I guess to sum up my feelings, it would have to be on a thread from my Facebook page.  My friend Pace (who is ironically going to the House of Evil with me as an enemy supporter) said that wow, wouldn't it have been funny if they didn't run it out?

A feeling, I would gather, most Mets fans are used to.

To which Dykstraw said - the Mets wouldn't have run it out.  To which Toasty Joe agreed, as he put it, 1000% with Dykstraw.

The muffed play isn't all about Castillo.  It's about the shitty-ass, pussy-esque plays this team has made since Opening Day.  

Can't turn the page on this one till Omar gives Castillo his outright release as Greg suggested.  

Enough already.  Stop being pussies and play to win, for fuck's sake.

Love, The Coop

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coop and Zoe Go To Washington

I know, it's hokey.  But cute.  (Check out Zoe's hot hot hot pics over h'ya.)

Back in March, CoreyNYC noticed the Mets would be in DC a weekend in June.  Due to my crazy-ass work schedule, I can't really take time off during the week just yet, but I thought, a weekend in DC...why not?  I sure as hell aint going to set foot in Philly this year, unless it's September and we are up by like 49 games.  Save a trip I have scheduled for San Diego in August, and plans to go to Yankee Stadium this weekend, I am hitting a lot of stadiums I have not been to yet.  So, as far as NL East rivalries go, the trip down I-95 won the battle.  

So we arrive via Boltbus mid-afternoon Saturday...check into our fab hotel (also a tip-off from the ever-bargain seeking CoreyNYC on Travelzoo) in a gorgeous area known as "Embassy Row."  Yes...there ARE embassies there. I am not ashamed to admit I had a total blonde moment when Zoe pointed this out to me and the light bulb went on.  DUH.  

Anyway, here is a pic of us in front of our hotel.  This is right before we head on the Metro to the stadium.  

OK so as I mentioned earlier, Embassy Row was two Metro lines away from the stadium.   We stayed on the Red Line, and the stadium stop is at the Navy Yards, on the Green Line.  For the love of all that is good and holy, when you are visiting DC, please make a notation and memorize the areas on the green line.  Stay on the Green Line.  And while trying to exit the stadium, it's not efficient AT ALL (since they haven't quite figured out how to run extra trains on game day), but you won't have to wait for TWO trains as opposed to one. (Can you tell I have it out for the DC transit system? Nahhhh no axe to grind here)

Anyhoo, I digress, back to the stadium.  The area around it...um, not so picturesque.  But there is a nice bridge and river in the back of the stadium, nicer than say, the Chop Shops at Iron Triangle, Flushing.  
But what confused me, was some of the art work in and around the stadium.  For example, this jammy right here, which was over on the left field/3rd base side...
Fun.  There were also these statues in the CF entrance that were like "live action" throwing, hitting or catching.  You can't really see it in this photo but there was like "smoke" coming out of the back of him to re-enact the throwing.  Very conceptual.  NOT.

But what struck me is this....  

WTF does Sandy Koufax have ANYTHING to do with Washington Nationals?  Zoe got a pic of Hank Greenberg, and I mean, ok.  I know the Nationals are new.  They are an expansion team (The Expos, for those of you keeping track at home) and not to mention a RELOCATED expansion team.  But again, I ask, what the hell does Sandy Koofoo have to do with Nationals history?  Trust me, there was a lot more, but let me tell ya.  You know how Mets fans complain about the overdoing of Brooklyn Dodgers history at a Mets stadium, this stadium has almost NOTHING to do with the Nationals, except for the fact it's named after them and it's in Washington.  Everything else is an homage to everything MLB.  THIS is why I consider this a minor league ballpark for a major league team.  Boom.

The stadium did have some decent food options.  For those of you who are carnivores there was a BBQ type place that had wings and pulled pork (although I am sure not nearly the caliber of Blue Smoke).  This advertisement is for the Rough Rider Grill...which wasn't opened yet.  
I didn't eat much on the Saturday game, but for the Sunday game, I had the Fish & Chips platter on the first base food court.  Zoe and Wright Stuff had the chicken nachos and also gave it two thumbs up (I don't eat chicken but those suckers were STACKED!!!).

But EASILY the best part of the stadium was....
The MARGARITA YARDS!!!! No joke, these suckers were $12, and honestly LOADED with alcohol. It's a good thing I wasn't driving after all. The best part was, we got them at the Red Porch bar, behind CF, and it was open to the public. What a novel friggin idea. Of course, this is a minor league ballpark, so I can't compare to our stadium. But damn those margaritas. Very refreshing.  

We went to BP on Saturday.  There was a DJ spinning 70s R&B and disco.  Very sweet.  

There was a cute kiddie section with games and such.  I liked the Build-A-Bear-Workshop for in that area.  And the Rushmores!!  No pics of them.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I liked the bobbleheads and the lifesize racers.  My favorite was Roosevelt.  

Saturdays game was obviously the worst one, with John Maine digging the long ball and not much else.   But all of that bad vibe-age went away with all of the My Summer Family friends that showed up...including Chicago Met Fan (who sat in our initial section, before we decided to take a coup of the lower sections)...
Here's CrazyMetGirl and The Wright Stuff, in our "assumed" seats.  You should have seen us storming the fort there.  The ushers were like - uh, guys?  Guys?  Tickets, please?  We just ignored him.  All 10 of us.  Or however many there were.  There were lots of us.  Trust me.  
Later on in the night, we were SO excited - the Mets had a RUN!  You never know what will happen when you are down 7-1 as opposed to 7-0.  Here are some rally caps with CoreyNYC, CrazymetGirl and her son.  
And after the game, when all the alcohol was cleaned out...Hail Hail!  The New York Gang's All Here!!!  A quick meet up before going to the bars to...drink more alcohol...
Then of course, the game was better ~ WAAAAAY better ~ then on Saturday night. These smiles here were mostly alcohol induced.  Sundays' was more natural...
Yes I know I am holding a margarita there. But I didn't have like 90 beers like I did on Saturday night.

So all in all, I guess my verdict is that if you haven't been to the stadium...and like to follow the Mets...definitely check it out.  It's nice, it's new...it's just bland.  Boring.  Very bush league.  Like the Nationals.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My Life On The D-List (Or "Home Again")

Tonight was different.

Tonight I went to CitiField as an "observer."  I plan to put up pics on Thursday from tonight.

(Yes, I know that I owe my two whole readers a ReCoop of the DC trip, but I have been coming home late from other life events and have not had time to clean my house let alone chronicle my pictures from there yet - I promise, tomorrow night)

But I went as a guest of someone else tonight.  Mets/Phillies are probably the easiest ticket for me to sell as a season ticket holder - besides the Yankees of course - so when I had the opportunity to sit in a new section at Citi, well, how could I have said no?

I saw in Right Field tonight - not in the bleachers but in the field area.  That section was absolute mayhem.  A "roll call" was started for Ryan Church, who (surprisingly) acknowledged them.  Two HRs from the Phillies were hit in our general area, to which the Mets fan who caught it promptly threw it back.

I would like to say I was there for the start of this new tradition at CitiField.  Since the first ever hit was a home run by the opposing team on Opening Day, Mets fans have been throwing the ball back onto the field ever since.

As for me, I was (once again) talking shit to some Phillies fans.  All in all, I have no problem with Phils fans.  They have more bark than bite.  But it sure is fun to mess with them.  In any case, I was telling some Mets fans (in plain earshot) that this was a no-lose situation for the team tonight.  How so, you may ask?  Well, it's simple.  The "D" team was out there tonight.  The underwhelming likes of Alex Cora and Omir"acle" Santos were out there, not to mention a slumping Gary Sheffield.  Throw in David Wright and Carlos Beltran to round it out and first-half Johan creeping in (I was hoping he wouldn't show up, but as long as second-half Johan comes back around, I'm okay with it)...let's just say, the Phils have a good line up.  A good line up and besides Brad Lidge and Brett Myers, a healthy lineup.

The game was ours.  If we won - gravy.  If we lose, well, what did you expect?  It's the D-team.

But another interesting thing about tonight is personal.  I finally felt like I was home.  CitiField has been growing on me, little by little.  But tonight was different.  When I got off the train and saw all the Phillies shirts and hats walking towards our house, I thought - wow, I really hate this team.  

I hadn't been thinking much of our NL East rivalries lately, simply because our team has bigger fish to fry these days.  But I realized - oh wow.  We are in the midst of a division race.  Cool beans.

But besides the vibe of winning a good game against a division rival was this.  Since I was sitting someplace new, I went in through a different gate.  Let me tell you - Chop Shop City is just as charming walking through it as it is to view from the RF Bridge (This is a little bit of a joke).

However, I found someone I hadn't seen all season.  The last two seasons at Shea, I had almost exclusively gone through the Diamond Club entrance to see the game.  The ticket taker there was Tom Lydon.  Such a nice guy.  Even if he really didn't remember me, he always made sure he acted like it.  I wondered what happened to him once Shea came down.  If he retired or what.

Well, look no further than the Bullpen "Chop Shop" Gate.  As Tommy L is taking tickets at our new home.

Yeah, I said.

I'm home again.  The calendar may read "June 9," but to me, it's Christmas Day, since I was able to see my Tommy.

Let's take two tomorrow.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Nationals Park Survival Guide

If you read nothing else, read the following summation of my impressions of Nationals Park:
It is a minor league ballpark for a major league team.

You know if you go to KeySpan or Lakewood Blue Claws or even Trenton Thunder, there is a lot of kids-interactive stuff, distracting stuff for adults (like ginormous frozen margaritas) and slightly better food than the old Shea Stadium, but...not really. The Nationals are truly a team with no identity. We may joke about the lack of Mets history in a Mets ballpark but make no mistake - all references in this place is clearly a hand job to the powers that be in Major League Baseball. Seriously, what does Sandy Koufax have to do with the Washington Nationals?

But there was a minor league feel to the stadium, I just can't pinpoint. It's nice but meh. Very generica.

I liked the stadium - it's nice and new but there are definitely different things I would do for my next trip (like not use the ketchup dispensers which had explosive diarrhea all over my clothes and Zoe's bag), which to tell you the truth, may not be for another few years. It depends upon the Mets schedule and how it plays out - there are many other stadiums I have not been to that I would rather visit in the future - but mostly, it's by personal choice.

I am probably the single WORST person to ask about D.C. because every time I have ever been there in my life it's been a complete clusterbomb, just stuff that happens beyond my control that probably have absolutely NOTHING to do with the town itself...But of course I have a terrible vibe when I go there, so I was hoping to change that this trip. All in all, I was with good company but the stadium was just a'ight. (I'll post pics later.)

But here are some tips for next time around.

~ I bought my tickets WAY in advance because myself and some other fans wanted to all sit together. We snuck down to a lower level and let me tell ya...the guards there are not assertive AT ALL. It's one thing if you have one or two people sneak in with an unsuspecting Mom or Dad. We had about TEN people just take over, in our Mets gear - clearly we were not meant to be in those seats. I wouldn't suggest buying the worst seats in the house, but I also wouldn't fret about getting game day tickets once you get down there. Probably save a boat load of money on not-so-convenient convenience charges from Ticketmaster.

~ The Metro is the worst transportation system in the history of transportation systems, worse than the BART or MUNI in San Francisco (which I thought took the prize till I visited the Nation's Capitol). I will never ever EVER complain about the MTA again. After this weekend, I no longer care that the C train never runs on the weekends when it's supposed to and that the D train should be a local train instead of express on the weekends. Whatever. All I can say is for a city that is SO prepared for terrorist attacks, fingers-on-the-button action plans, secret service agents knowin when President is scheduled to take a dump -- not to mention they are supposed to be at the forefront of the green movement, this town is WICKED unprepared for fans who wish to, you know, BE GREEN and run extra trains on game night. I may beb bothered about the MTA not running express trains prior to the Mets weekend games, but even before they started running express trains on ANY game night, they always had extra trains. Boom. The platforms in DC are just jammed with people and forget about ever timing your trains perfectly that you can just hop off one then onto another. Yes, I know I'm spoiled with our train system here. But I need efficiency. Deal with it.

~ That said, the train would not have been so bad if we stayed somewhere on the Green Line, which runs directly to the park, on the Navy Yards Station. For the love of all that is good and holy, do not attempt to board when you walk out of the CF gate. Walk a block down to NJ Ave (Jersey represents!), and get in there. There has to be less of an idiot merge there. Zoe and I stayed someplace nice by Dupont Circle, off Embassy Row. It was a gorgeous area. But I would not stay there again unless I was NOT planning to attend a game.

~ If you have a car, drive and/or if you have a license but no car, definitely rent a car when you are there. Zoe and I were stressing out about how to get back to our hotel after the game AND still have time to make our bus. We could have taken a cab but outside of NYC cabs are truly not a way of life and way overpriced than they should be.

~ Kill yourself before ever taking the Boltbus to DC. For a four hour ride, the seats were uncomfortable and my ass fell asleep. Oh yeah and...what else. Oh - their drivers are insane. I swear I thought we were going to crash the entire time. For one, I think our driver was drunk or was drinking vodka out of his coffee cup. At the very least was on hallucinogenic drugs. Not to mention his tailgating, paying attention to everything else BUT the road in front of him, passing 18-wheelers on the right, switching lanes like a mad man. We made it home but not without my life flashing in front of my eyes every six seconds. Take Megabus or splurge for the Amtrak (not cheap!). Trust me, I even entertained booking a JetBlue flight for $99 or whatever.

I don't want to make it sound like I was ungrateful. I had some great company, with the Usual Suspects like Zoe, CoreyNYC and his gal, Dykstraw and his lady, CrazyMetGirl and her son and even a visit from Chicago Met Fan herself!! You look at our photos and it's a group of friends having a good time at the ballpark. And I'm not sorry I went.

But don't ask me what I thought of DC. You will not get an unbiased opinion from me.

Again pics will come later.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Where Was The Coop This Weekend?

Three guesses...
But more tomorrow since I just got back from the Boltbus trip (a story in and of itself) and I am WIPED!!!  Stay tuned...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Don't Panic!

Dear Mr. Minaya:
If you choose not to read past the first line of this letter please just read these two words:

Don't Panic.

What I mean is - don't panic in the vein of not trading Lastings Milledge for Manny Ramirez when you had the chance.

What I mean is - panicking and trading Xavier Nady for Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez.

What I mean is - not panicking and not making a move for Pat Burrell or Adam Dunn or some other big bat when it was clear the Mets needed one.

What I mean is - don't panic and get Vicente Padilla because we are missing J.J. Putz for pretty much the rest of the season.

What I mean is - don't panic and do an a la Steve Phillips move and trade away a young, promising infielder with a peppy bat for an overpriced aging veteran who will not be on the team next year.

When I defend you - much like Elisabeth Hasselbeck defending George W. Bush - one thing I like to bring up is the deal not made. This offseason, it was not going for Derek Lowe. I can understand not giving him a fourth year. But you gave Pedro Martinez a fourth year. And give Oliver Perez three-years.

Never mind that. My point is, you are the master of the Deal Not Made.

Now channel that and don't do a "Panic Move" for a guy who may be gone after this season. Or a dude who's a head case.

Please spare my oratory skills at defending you. Please spare me sounding like an annoying right-wing idiot. Please spare my liver at drinking heavily at games because you made a shitty move.

These are the times that separate the men from the pussies. This is why you signed Carlos Beltran for seven years back in the 2004-going-into-2005 offseason. This is when David Wright just doesn't care, stops putting pressure on himself and starts hitting. This is when Johan Santana starts coming into form (though we can't complain about his performance thus far).

That is why I say - don't panic, Omar. Please don't panic. We are still paying for panic moves you made years ago. Some of your panic moves are a complete draw.

Please just let this one unfold. Give F-Mart more playing time, promote Jon Niese if you have to. But right now, let the boys play. And don't mess with anything else.

Thanks for your time.

Coop D. Coop

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Who Am I and What Have I Done With Me?

Is it Live? Or is it Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder (PTMD)?

Why am I not bent over today's loss? Why am I not freaking out over three losses in a row (to the Pirates, no less)?

I feel like I am just floating along aimlessly. Since the B and C team, sometimes D teams, are playing, I'm just not feeling them, like I have no emotional attachment towards this team.

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

And yet I can't look away. Of course I care about how the teams, OF COURSE I do.

I am just not bent about today's loss.

I guess part of me knows they'll snap out of it eventually. Three losses to the Marlins, of course. THAT I would have been bent about. But against a non-division rival. Meh.

Look - the Mets dropped a three-game series against the Astros last year (a sub-par Astros team, I may add) and even David "Ex" Newhan hit a home run in one of those games.

I was upset about losing since I always want my team to go 162-0. But it's time to move on folks. A subpar team beat us.

You think we'd be used to it by now given the last two seasons.

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

In some other news, Tony LaRussa tweets!!

Well, no, not really but some dude used his name as an alias and apparently is causing LaRasshat duress. Well, okay, admittedly, the tweets are sort of on the "mean" side. But does he really need to sue Twitter? (BTW, you can follow my game tweets @Coopz22.)

Metsblog reports that Holliday or Carlos Lee are linked to the Mets.

All I can say to either (Carlos Lee preferably) is...git 'ir done, Omar. Git 'ir done.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Curse of Carlos Delgado Lives

The Mets have been hit by the injury-bug and some other bugs that are residing in the tummies of Mets. With Ramon Martinez out with a dislocated pinky, and he was replacing another dude who was already out with an injury (Cora although he was ready to play tonight), and THEY were there to replace the gap from Jose Reyes who is now supposed to be reactivated in a few days.


But I don't blame the trainers. I don't blame the trainers for this injury-prone mess.  I don't blame the water for Carlos Beltran shitting himself, I don't blame the food for John Maine puking, I don't blame David Wright for getting Alzheimers and forgetting how to hit lesser pitching.

I blame Carlos Delgado. He can't defend himself. So I'll go ahead and bash him all I want.

Some fans may point to the Carlos Delgado trade in the 2005-going-into-2006 offseason as the turning point of making this team go from "good" to "great."

Personally, I think it's when the Mets became a "win now" team. And I also believe Carlos Delgado was never meant to be on this team. IF he was going to be a Met, he should have signed as a free agent. I will never forget when he said, "I want to play for the team I have a better chance of winning something with."

He had a better chance of winning something with the Mets in the 2005 offseason. He knows it, we know it, Omar Minaya knew it. Of course he was going to jump at the chance to trade for him, no matter if the centerpiece in that deal (Mike Jacobs) was a complete stud in 2005.

But starting with Carlos Delgado's hip injury and subsequent surgery, he has now left a hole so large that it will be tough to replace. The home run power is down. Much like Mark Teixeira on the Yankees, he will now see meatballs now that A-R*D is back on the team. Carlos Beltran nor David Wright will EVER see a pitch they can hit. Not that they can anyway with Beltran shitting himself and Wright shitting all over anything else that matters.

The saying on this generation's Mets is - As Jose Reyes goes, so do the Mets. But I disagree.

When Carlos Delgado was on, so was the team. This was evident in 2006 when the team went on an improbable run. This was completely the case in 2007 when Delgado forgot how to hit (or as rumor has it, dogged it because he didn't like his manager. Hey, that bleeds, so I like it too). It was so in 2008 after said manager left and all of a sudden - wow! Delgado was Yankee Killer #1.

When Delgado had a good game, he couldn't wait to talk about it. When he had a shitty game - where was Delgado? Oh yeah - Billy Wagner was calling him out on the carpet for disappearing.

And with him gone, they will flounder. This is evident today, when the Mets can't even beat the Pirates with Johan Santana on the mound. Sure, Zach Duke started. But why do other teams step it up when facing our ace?

I've taken Delgado to task on this site but by the same token I loved to watch him rake. Bar none, this dude is one of the best hitters of this generation of mashers. For a gal who loves pitching duels more than anything, this says a lot.

It also says a lot about the focus of this team. Instead of playing up the strengths of this team in pitching, they build around a guy who can fall apart at a moment's notice.

During the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcast against the Giants a few weeks ago (Where I famously yelled at Phillips to shut the fuck up already), Jerry Manuel was asked about his thoughts on losing Delgado, at least till the end of July (which I think means more like - mid-to-late August). Manuel said that Delgado is and was the "leader" of the team.

Well, if that's the thinking of the manager, that's truly pathetic. Because Delgado is no leader. Leading is by doing by example. EVERYTHING I said above is not leader material. They stay after games to talk to the press regardless of their performance. They do not make light of muffing a simple play against Larry Jones against the Braves in one of his last games. No leaders are horrified when something like that happens.

In 2007, and I know I beat this to death, Delgado said that the Mets got "bored." Or "complacent." And it really showed in his daily play. His numbers went down significantly and unless he was injured, there was no good reason unless the fact was he just didn't want to play. Period.

I will say it again, Carlos Delgado should never have BEEN on this team. Tony Bernazard played the "Latin card" with Delgado and left such a bad taste, he signed with the Marlins. I remember saying on Take the 7 Train back around the trade that I didn't like the trade to bring him here initially -- if Delgado thought he had a better chance of "winning" with the Marlins, we should have just left him there or let them trade him someplace else. He had the choice to the come to the Mets. Then he got traded. And the Mets went on a roll like none other.

But someone that strong also had the power to bring the team down with him.

I mean, was his sole reason for coming to the Mets was to misguide the team leadership and make young players like David Wright wait to take the reigns of the team? It will be David Wright's team someday, make no mistake. But as long as Delgado was around, we knew that wasn't going to happen.

I know, players get hurt. And kicking a man while he is out on the DL and has absolutely nothing to do with how horrible the team is gelling right now is not something I take pride in doing.

But I wonder how this team would have done without Carlos Delgado in the last few years. Maybe they would have had a wild card and a good run and had a lot more depth in the minors.
We'd have never heard of the collapse(s) of 2007 (and 2008).

Today is June 2, and they've lost the first two games of the month of June. We cannot afford to have a June swoon in 2009.

And if this team does not do anything they are capable of this year, I will blame Carlos Delgado. I don't care if this team is shitting all over themselves in the outfield, I don't care that David Wright continually strikes out with the bases loaded, I don't care how many late inning leads J.J. Sisk gives up after last night.

Blame the guy who can't defend himself. Blame Carlos Delgado.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Post-Traumatic Mets Disorder

People are calling tonight's loss the one that got away.

Others have started scapegoating J.J. Putz.  J.J. Heilman.  J.J. Rojas.  J.J. Benitez.  Mayday Putz.  The list can go on and on.  Mine was J.J. Sisk.  

But me?  I'm not fazed by this loss at all.  I guess when you are starting your Z-team and you sweep the Nats and take two out of three against the Marlins, the team is getting the shits left and right and David Wright continues to strike out.  You get the point.  

Giving up eight unanswered runs to the Pirates?  Whatever.

PTMD.  Post-traumatic Mets Disorder.  Turn the page.