Sunday, December 06, 2009

Miscellaneous Met Ramblings

Hey y'all, Coop here and what can I tell ya? According to the news reports, absolutely not a damn thing!

So today will be a ramble of miscellaneous items to keep my three readers amused (Hi Solly, DyhrdMet and BearMan!).

I love getting lectured on being a Mets fan from Yankee fans. Really. I have a standing chiropractor visit once a month and the last visit was right after the Yankees win in the World Series. Doc is a Yankee fan. I especially love when he and other Yankee fans try to tell me what the Mets need to do "right," you know like I haven't followed this team since I was seven years old and have aspired to be the GM since then. I'm not a Yankee apologist nor am I one of those fans that uses the "payroll argument" ad nauseum. But it absolutely kills me when they say stuff like "Well, we SAVED $50 million in payroll and still won for the first time in nine years." Yeah, right, like they're doing us a favor or something.

I know, I know, before anyone comes in here and says "Well the Mets have the highest payroll in the NL" I have made it perfectly clear that I hate the fact they have a high payroll b/c it means jack shit when they are putting the likes of Alex Cora and Omir Santos out there on a daily basis when their meal tickets are all nursing their wounds on the DL. The Yankess, admittedly, are smarter with their money. But they've also done it at the expense of other teams.

I also don't like how they've brainwashed the general public into thinking that this behavior is "okay." It's not and it's made a playing field of if you can't beat 'em, join 'em or some crap. I don't like talking about the Yankees and the pot-meet-kettle themes of payroll but I am just disgusted by people lecturing me on my fan choices and what my team needs to do better when they don't know shit about my team. Just what their team does and act like it's the gold standard for other teams. What. Ev. Ah.

OK off the soapbox now, we are entering winter meeting mode, and for the Mets aint nothin' happenin' as Henry Carvajal from The Mighty Flyers would sing. We have heard several stories behind the whole dumping Castillo and hey - if we can get a can of creamed corn for that fat bastard in the offseason I say pull the trigger (I love creamed corn, hope they serve it in World's Fare Market next season). To me, there are so many holes to be filled and question marks upon question marks, I wonder if there is any move that could make us potentially hopeful for 2010. Omar, Chris Coste aint doin' that for me. Sorry to say. Unless we sign someone like Lackey, I'm not gonna be a happy Mets fan.

Have I been? Not in 2009. But as I told some people, they one more year with me to try to prove their love to me. Therefore, I renewed my season ticket package for 2010, with better seats in the outfield reserved. I know many fans with varying season plans were wondering about their future with the organization. At the end of the day, we'll still go to games. How many games we go TO are contingent upon who we sign. But most of us here in the blogosphere do attend more games than the average fan.

That said, I do have to say I like the way the Mets have been buttering us season ticket holders up. For example, I have a "Behind the Scenes" Citi Field tour scheduled for next weekend, open to ticket holders. I also got some cryptic "Port St Lucie Special Access" as a season ticket holder. For REAL real?? My sales rep couldn't give me many details but since Chap and I have decided to go...I'll be flashing my credentials like Garth and Wayne at Alice Cooper's concert. (No relation)

I got nothin' else. The Rangers are horrible and as another fan said today, the Jets need everyone in the AFC to lose today in order to better their chances for playoffs this season. Yeah, my teams suck. Thanks, Dad!


Bear Man said...

Reader #3 is amused and agrees with you as well, although I must say that being reader #3 makes me feel like Gil Hicks in Mallrats (well, did Omar Minaya cum or what?)

I already gave up the Sunday Plan I've had since 2002. I don't see the Mets doing too much to improve the team. Unless the Mets satisfy me by getting the object of my man-crush, John Lackey, and address the left field/first base situation to my liking, I won't have any reason to regret giving up those Sunday seats.

LadyMet said...

If they start serving creamed corn at World's Fair, I'm there, and who cares about whatever AA team they're fielding.

Hey, does this make me Reader #4?

Joe D. said...

Hey, dont sell yourself short. You have a lot of Mets fans that love reading your posts. I may not always comment because I'm so caught up with a gazillion things, but I've always ben a big fan of MSF, and have always enjoyed reading your views. Ayway, you keep blogging and I'll keep reading (and commenting too from time to time).

DyHrdMET said...

Thanks for the shout-out.

I've found that in the last dozen or so years that many many Yankee fans are just arrogant (think near-Mike Francessa levels) when it comes to the Yankees and what people's baseball beliefs should be. You're exactly right in your assessment on the Yankees.

You mentioned holes that need filling as the Mets go to the Winter Meetings. I think the Mets have so many legitimate holes that maybe the base needs to be re-built, but I've been saying that for most of 2009. That's not a single offseason project, which leads me to continually think that 2010 won't be much fun (maybe just the low expectations that I had for 2009 before the injuries).

and I always love the Wayne's World references.