Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roll Call 2009

The Roll Call of My Summer Family has taken a life of its own. I started this site in the 2007 offseason because I wanted to reach out to the friends I have made over the years from going to baseball games, and to also reach out to a new community of Mets fans. The Electronic Generation. The "Shea Generation," if you will. MSF's Roll Call started as a shout-out to my old community and also for the new generation I have met. (see 2007 and 2008)

I hereby dedicate this season to...all Mets fans. Give yourselves a hand!! It was a long one, but a good one. We stuck by our team when it was tough (not that being a Mets fan is EVER easy), we mourned two straight years of disappointment capped by a move to a new home that none of us grew into (yet), some of us believed till the absolute possible second (CrazyMetGirl and I remarked in September that we still believed a Wild Card was within reach at the end of July), some of us knew that this clearly wasn't the year (this was pretty much everyone else besides us!), and others well, enjoyed the season for what it was.

I fell into all of those schizo kind of personalities, as evidence on this site. I was sad about the last few years but tried to be encouraging for 2009. I kept saying as Mets were dropping like flies one-by-one, well as long as "This Guy" doesn't get hurt, we'll be fine. But then "this guy" turned into "That Guy" and before I knew it...I knew no one on the team. And especially (I just speak for myself here) I had NO IDEA how losing Shea would impact me. Even at the Fernando Tatis grand slam game (one of the best games of the year to witness), I wanted to go to Shea Stadium. Not CitiField. If I close my eyes, I can still see her and I can at least walk around the cavernous stadium in my dreams. I couldn't be a Baseball Chick if my heart wasn't completely in it and it wasn't.

It was so bad that I became a frontrunner and rooted for the team with a stadium that reminded me most of Shea. So Go Halos, I am getting back out there for the World Series.

In any case, like many other years, it's the people, the Mets Community, that kept me coming back for more. That is why I dedicate my 2009 Memories to y'all, my Met family, my summer compadres who I have grown to love and cherish as much as my real family.

Roll Call honors the past and is a call-out to the present of those special people who make the season more special simply by just being there. As Woody Allen once said, 80% of success is just showing up. So I guess that makes the Mets about 80% successful (I keed, I keed).

Where to begin? This is no particular order, just a stream of consciousness.

LadyMet, the reigning diva of Mets baseball, who is basically a nicer version of me (ha ha). LOTF, GOTB is a fun and lively read.

The guys over at OH! Murph, who coined themselves the Onion of Mets news. It was fun meeting you guys at CitiField this year -- I know we'd rather watch a game, not participate in dunk tanks (their words, not mine). At least there's one thing some fans could look forward to during games in 2009 -- our back-and-forth on Twitter. Can't wait for what we have in store for 2010.

Jason at Remembering Shea. I think we found each other's sites by accident. I am very pleased to not only know about it, but to discuss fond memories of Shea as well. It's people like you that can honor the past and acknowledge the present in a way that makes me proud to be a Mets fan.

Speaking of being proud to be a Mets fan, networking amongst blogs and FOBs (friends-of-bloggers), I met some FOBs that I am happy to consider just the F part of FOB. The Chaps, CharlieH and Whit (you all know who you are) I had the opportunity to meet through mutual bloggers. These folks are incredibly special as they keep me humble as a Mets fan (a very tough thing to do, I can assure you), but they all have the ability to make me want to be a better human being. Outside of being a Mets fan. Very honored to have you guys in my life.

Perhaps you follow Ed on Facebook or his posts on Metsmerized, but one thing is for sure -- his creative stories with his family of bears -- Joey, Jerry and Billy (cousin to my Chester) -- has put him on a par with Cow-Bell Man and Pin Man with the moniker Bear Man. I love to see what adventures they will have in the offseason and perhaps, a game or five with Aunt Coop in 2010. Also, mad props go to him for having great taste in music and movies. Chocolate-covered pretzel, anyone?

Danielle from the Wright Stuff attended several games with me...all losses. Then we figured out it was just US sitting together that caused the losses (okay, well that makes me feel a LITTLE better about their performance). Such a shame we can no longer attend games seated next to each other, as I really enjoyed myself.

Mad love to the electronic generation of Mets fans I have met as a result of Facebook and Twitter. I don't know if I'm going to remember everyone, as there are way too many to list! But I'd like to point out some who I've met in person -- on the West Coast trip, if you can believe.

I met BradH and his lady at the San Diego hotel we had unwittingly booked in anticipation of seeing the Mets at Petco Park. Of course, the game we went to left a little (okay LOTS) to be desired, but how funny we just recognize each other simply from our Facebook profiles. They are also Jersey people, so they gotta be cool automatically.

The Coop's Summer Family went coastal, baby, and had connections made on the West Coast even prior to my vacation plans, simply online! Introducing my West Coast Mets Family in the Solly-Sollies -- Solly and J-Sol, some of the most fun I've had a game and maybe, just maybe...a post-season trip in 2009? If there is a baseball god, she will be working on this already.

My usual suspects list is longer than last year so I won't go into incredible detail (read the previous years, you'll see who has made the cut!). I'd especially like to thank BrooklynMetFan and all the motley crew who shows up there. This is the heart of the Mets community. Though we were at each other's throats most of the year (even before the season started!!), we are a tight community and supportive of each other once again. BMF, BlondiesJake, Ft Greene Met Fan, El Duderino, Phanatic, GroteFan, Joesky the Met Brawler, WWMD, USMF, Matt the Met Fan among others, you are all second to none.

Special thanks go to the supporting blog network and the people behind them. You all know who you are!! It's tough to build a community in CitiField because of the lack of box seats and the regularity (or lack thereof) of the mini-plans. I miss all my Section 14 peeps, I miss everyone I used to see on a regular basis at Shea. But we need to band together, against all odds and make our own community!!

Here's the Mets 2010 but until then - this will be an Angels site. Go Halos!!!


Bear Man said...

Reading your sweet thoughts about me and the bears almost made me cry like Mike Schmidt when he retired.

A game or five with Aunt Coop next year won't be enough, especially since Joey wants to share a beer with you.

Thanks for the shout-outs! Now I really WILL have to get that personalized Bear Man jersey. Don't worry, even carrying all those bears around Citi Field next year, I'll still be faster than Walt Flanagan's dog.

Tell 'em, Steve-Dave!

DyHrdMET said...

I think it's my turn to sign your 2009 Mets fan-blogger yearbook. It was seasons like this that helped me come up with the screen name "DyHrdMET" (and that was 2 rebuildings ago).

I'm glad that there's other fans who miss Shea as much as I do. When I created the site RememberingShea last winter, I knew that I would miss Shea, but I didn't know what I'd miss, or how much. I learned quickly. I had hoped that others would miss Shea too. And now I have a blog that keeps Shea alive for myself and other fans who also miss Shea.

Keep up the good work.
Go Halos, Go Dodgers!

- Jason

Solly said...

I've always said the silver lining to this horrible year was finding MSF and Coop. Love ya babe!

Anonymous said...