Thursday, October 01, 2009


You know, Frankie Rodriguez pisses me off. Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

We spent oodles of money to get him to join us after successful seasons with the Angels, and I have to bear witness to watch him give up not one, but TWO walk-off GRAND SLAMS in one f'ing season. The first one was a lot worse because, well, I was there in San Diego (but was not there to witness the actual hit, I just went back to my hotel). I don't know what's worse - the fact that they happened or that they happened against two last fucking place teams with nothing to play for.

But what else pisses me off is, well, me. This general malaise that I have regarding this season. I was remarking to someone earlier this morning that the last time I felt like this about a Mets team was in 2003, when I didn't attend a game from June that year onward. This year I feel is a lot worse because back then at least, I could rationalize that I only had Saturday games and there could be conflicts on only Saturdays that keep me from coming to games. I spent a good amount of money this year to buy every game, thinking, you know, I'd WANT to go.

But people keep telling me -- you'll want to go. You'll WISH you went next week, when you can't go anymore.

Let's face it, folks. This season has been over, for quite a while. The Mets are not only going mail it in this weekend, I believe and know, first-hand, that many fans are indeed mailing in it and not bothering to go.

Part of me feels like I should go, since, hell, I already paid for the tickets and all.

But what I find amazing this year is that, I know I'm not the only one in this sinking ship.

Last season, especially a year-and-few-days-ago, we had several reasons to attend. Several reasons to WANT to attend. Never mind the idea that the Mets kept it exciting till the very last day (2007 was deflating -- last year, and I may be romanticizing it, was a bit more exciting since none of us expected them to do much after the collapse in 2007) -- we wanted to say Goodbye to Shea just one last time. And it was sad that (especially for me) I didn't get to appreciate it while it was there, because, well, after the game I just wanted to get the hell out of dodge. Even an impromptu goodbye-thing scheduled over the winter couldn't get me out there. And now? I miss it, and want it to come back.

But I think it's just the emotional attachment, or lack thereof, I feel about CitiField this year is what is keeping me away from these last games.

I remember going to a game last year with a friend, the last Tuesday game I want to say, and he said, wow - it's my last game at Shea. I was floored. I guess because I know this friend of mine to be a BIG Mets fan, and I knew other big Mets fans would be there that weekend. And he wouldn't? For shame!

But then I spoke with another person I consider to be a big Mets fan, and her last game was the first weekend of September. And without batting an eyelash - it was just expected. No one wants to attend.

If I knew the Mets would fall apart in the season. If I knew there wouldn't be something to play for after July. If I knew I could get excited one last time to go the park, I would. But I don't feel the excitement attached to going to CitiField as I did with Shea Stadium. I know it will change over the years...

...But with David Wright all but checked out, Frankie Rodriguez not having anything to play for and therefore making him disinterested in closing out games...

Why the hell do I want to go games if the TEAM doesn't even want to show up?

The worst part is, they kind of have to. They get paid for it. Sadly, I PAY to live in this place over the summer and I spend money maintaining (in the form of beer revenue, which, proud to admit, I helped quite a bit this summer and with Mets stuff).

Will I regret skipping out this weekend? I doubt it. Because I know David Wright, Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran (well, maybe not him, he actually had a valid reason to NOT return, so he gets a pass)...I know for a fact this is the last place Jerry Manuel wants to be.

Come November 1st though, I'll have wished I went just one last time. I would like to think they cared to still play, cared to win. But they don't and quite frankly, I don't think I do either.


kranepool said...

As bad as this team and organization is a long cold winter is worse. Even as bad as the on field product is there is nothing better than watching a baseball game in person.

Coop, I feel your pain, it's a pain we all have as Mets fans becuase we take this harder than the players do. It's there job and they can walk away from. Even if we wanted to walk away we can't we're Mets fan until we die or until this team kills us.

Just remember soon it will be cold and snowing and sometime around mid January the only thoughs in our heads will be "how many days unitl pitchers and catchers"

DyHrdMET said...

I think I feel the same way you do. I miss Shea. Citi Field isn't home (yet?). The Mets aren't worth watching right now. But I know I'd rather go than take a loss on the tickets trying to sell them (unless something much much better comes up), which I may end up with on Sunday anyway. I honor the tickets I already bought but no last minute decisions to pick up and head to Queens for a game.

And Saturday with the GKR group, I wouldn't even dream of skipping out on it (not that I judge you for doing the same). I look at that more for the fans than the game (lots of fun last year).

And for Kranepool, I started counting down to pitchers and catchers a few months ago.

Old Backstop said...

I understand ya.

For me, as someone who held two different 15 game packs (that's 30 home games), I have tickets for tonight and Sunday.

I wont be going to either, and I haven't gone to a game in almost 2 months.

It's not so much that I wouldn't enjoy watching some of the guys and smelling the grass, it's that for me to get to Citi Field, I have to drop $15 in gas, $18 in parking, $15 in tolls, and then a ton on food and beverage. So my $60 worth of tickets only grant me the right to spend another $100. I also have to drive 3 hours (round trip) and deal with traffic.

Well, tonight my wife has some ridiculous book club thing, and rather than pay a babysitter for the right to pay $100 going to the game, I'll just stay home and save the time, energy, and extra cash.

As for Sunday, my daughter has a soccer game around noon ... and once again, it seems like just about anything is a good enough reason for me to not consider losing 7 hours of my day and $100 out of my pocket.

If the stadium was 15 minutes away and my only expense was the ticket prices and having to watch a bad Mets team, I would be there. It's everything else ...

tom said...

Wow. Boycotting a whole three games? Must be tough to do. Way to take a stand.

Ceetar said...

I feel quite the opposite. Personal finances (nothing to do with ticket prices) has kept me from the games a lot. I already had tickets to Sunday, and I'm excited to go.

Mainly because I haven't been out to a ballgame since the second to last Red Sox @ Yankees game, and that doesn't count because the Sox lost, the stadium isn't great, and there were Yankees fans there.

Sunday to me is a way to 'say goodbye' to baseball. (Good riddance if you prefer) By being at the game I'll be able to devote my attention to the things i'll miss of the sport, where as flipping it on TV i know I'd tune out mentally.

I don't know if I'd go if it was say..2003, because as much as I liked Shea, that's like saying I like my parents living room. Citi Field isn't quite my intimate home yet, but it's on it's way. I'm looking forward to strolling around the place once more, taking it all in, and eating real food and beer instead of the leftover frozen junk they had often had leftover in Shea.

It'll also be nice to be at a final game without it being soul-crushing for once.

Coop said...

Tom, to think I am boycotting the last three games is missing the point. The idea is - the games are boring, I already know what to expect, and the novelty has worn off. Hence the title - Malaise. Thanks for visiting - xoxo

Anonymous said...

I am a Mets fan and I love my team and I think you need to grow up and I also don't understand what gives you the right to sit on your high horse and pass judgement on the mets, on fans,on k-rod from your little computer desk just because you have a "blog"