Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Unthinkable

I always tell people I could never NOT root for the Mets. I could be in Antarctica and find a way to follow them . I even told a manager at a previous job that I couldn't travel for work during the months of April through October. Cause I didn't want to miss a thing.

Well, we see how well THAT philosophy worked for me this season.

Although I did spice things up, as you all saw, in my West Coast Memoirs, and added some games to my originally planned Mets games.

And I subsequently did something I had not planned: I cheated on the Mets.


I fell in love with another team. But it's not entirely my fault, and I mean - the whole different area code thing applies here, right? Right? (Sorry, that's just me, trying to make it sound right anyway)

Yes, I cheated on the Mets, and I fell in love with not only another team but their stadium too.

And that was the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Yes, I hate their name -- but their stadium reminds me of home, and home to me is still Shea Stadium.

I have always had a thing for Vlad Guerrero.

I have a crush on Torii Hunter and Chone Figgins.

And who can't love a team where Scott Kazmir is on the starting pitching? Oh and Darren Oliver is still on the team. (Still love him too)

I may not like Mike Scioscia, for what he did to the Mets in 1988. But hey, I don't have to like the manager.

And who knew, but The Coop has turned into a frontrunner, since the California Angels won the AL West last night. As irony would have it, their own Santana (Ervin) pitched the winner.

I can root for a team that has a Santana on their pitching staff.

I am totally in denial. But I need something to keep me occupied and warm in the early fall months this year. I had wanted it to be the Mets, but they will just have to understand that a woman has her needs and they will be met, one way or another.

Plus, I'm not prepared for hockey season yet.

So call The Coop a frontrunner. Call me a cheater. I don't really care. I've been called a lot worse. But admission is the first step in the battle.

The Mets will just have to understand.


Ed Leyro said...

Cheating on your team? East Coast/West Coast Gangsta War? Does Jerry Manuel know about this?

I think you're going to end up on Jerry Springer because of this. Anna Benson will probably make a surprise appearance and show her pompoms. The Rally Monkey and Mr. Met will probably come to blows.

For shame...

dyhrdmet said...

Coop, it's ok. you can fall in love with another team. you can be in love with two teams at once...as long as it's not certain teams, which it's not. the Angels are a team worth rooting for. in the end, you're a Mets fan first (right?), but you need to fill the void. you can tell Fred Wilpon "it's not you, it's me".

Will said...

I moved to LA in 1999 and could not bring myself to root for the Dodgers due to residual 1988 bad feelings. I was too poor to afford cable so my only baseball was The Angels and I had the same experience. There's no shame in this, The Halos do things right. The Mets will always be the team for me but I think the Angels are a classy organization that deserve recognition.

dgwPhotography said...

Coop - it's ok. You're rooting for the greater good - anyone but the MFYs...

Zach said...

It's ok, I too will be cheating this post season. Though oddly enough it will be Boston (my college town) and will be in direct and immediate competition with your new beau.
As has been said, as long as it's not the Yankees, all will be forgiven come April.

dykstraw said...

...so who will you be rooting for after the red sox sweep them?