Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Fan Standing

I think we all have been there, or have felt like me at times - many, many times this season.
Like when I was attending the last game in San Diego in August. It was a Sunday afternoon game, and I had attended two really good and really interesting games more north in Anaheim and L.A. the day before. The Mets had lost their third game in a row to the Padres that same day.

But Johan Santana was pitching today. We had a fighting chance!! (Isn't that what we told ourselves during EACH and EVERY Johan start this season?)

This was a particularly beautiful day. Here are some of the beautiful embellishments at the entrance of the stadium - seen in the midday sun!!

If you've never been to San Diego, well, I wasn't so bowled over with the city (see Deadspin's Why Your Stadium Sucks: Petco Park -- their commentary on San Diego were pretty dead-on). But what I will say about San Diego is that the weather is like Groundhog Day -- it does not change. Seventies and never humid. The weather is right up my alley. Maybe CitiField would be nicer there. Certainly the Chop Shop charm has worn thin on me. Perhaps it would be prettier there. All things said, it was a very beautiful day.

Back to the weather, cause I wasn't really there to fully watch the game. There were three reasons I was there. One was, I bought tickets and even though I spent next to nothing there, I didn't want them to go fully to waste. The other was the weather -- I couldn't wait to be there at a day game and see if I liked the stadium better then (I didn't but that's beside the point - here's my wrap from Friday's game).

But the third and possibly most important reason was to introduce myself to some of my followers. See, the Coop has West Coast Coop Fans!! If you do not follow me on Twitter (@Coopz22) or on Facebook, well, what are you waiting for??

But these platforms have caused the Coop to become not just small-time-Flushing-gal but big-time-cross-country behemoth! My Summer Family has grown, literally, to include people that I feel are my family, but are not as close as I'd like them to be.

In any event, I'd like to introduce you to two new members the Summer Family and they are (drum roll, please)...Solly and J-Sol!!
(and the crowd goes wild!)

We kept in touch via these social media tools while I was in town. Solly texts the Coop Saturday night and says...You MUST sit with J-Sol and me! Mom cancelled, and we have Toyota Terrace seats.

Now, I didn't know Toyota Terrace from a hole in the wall. But, as Solly told me...they bring food right to your seats.

How did Solly know the way to the Coop's heart was through her tummy?

I ended up not ordering food at my seats, but here are some views from these seats.

I decided to check out the grub on the Toyota Terrace Level -- here are the views from there. I have to admit, the Terrace is a nice place to view the game at Petco Park.
You can apparently exit to Tony Gwynn Blvd from the Toyota Terrace.
Oh and another thing, it operates like the Excelsior Level at CitiField where you need tickets to gain entry to the level. I wanted to get some pictures of it when I was there at Friday night's game, and tried sweet-talking the usher to take some pics. See, Mr. Usher Dude, I'm just a yokel (from New York City...) who is following my favorite team, my dream from my inner school girl. He thought I was amusing...but I was not getting up there without a ticket. Dang.

In any case, we have the Catch of the Day at CitiField which is pretty decent. But this seafood place took the prize at Petco Park.

I had the coconut shrimp which was DIVINE (and yes, that is a beer with the Petco Park label on it. That's the Coop's too).

There wasn't much to say about the game. Even for an event like a road Johan Santana start, and a WIN, I was more jazzed by the company than anything else. So thank you to the Solly-Sollies for inviting me to sit with them.

Padres fans are kind of pathetic though. The best heckle I could possibly get from them is, "West Coast is the best coast!" Oh, come onnnnnnnnn. That's the best you could do, sweetie? Here is a pic with the offender. But he didn't offend so much that I didn't want a picture with him...

But leave the offendin' to the Coop. See, for those of you who know me, I can spin a yarn like no other, and well, my speech is often R-rated (who'da thought, from the gal who herself coined the Big Pussy Posse?). The Mets fans in front of us simply could not handle the Coop, and gave me a dirty look when I just mentioned that Derek Jeter was so butt ugly, I wiped him. (Guess he was a Jeter fan). They were sitting in front of us at first...then moved over. If you think CitiField is empty, try Petco Park. NO ONE was here that day, except for the military,

So yay! The Mets won and I was able to end the West Coast Baseball Trip on a high note...well, until I checked into my hotel room but that's another story for another time.

Of course, I started singing "Takin' Care of Business!" when the team came on the field.
So this season has been interesting thus far. I became a blogger basically because I followed so many other sites and had many thoughts on the team myself. I found blogs in 2004, right around the time Scott Kazmir was traded. And I needed somewhere to congregate with other miserable Mets fans. I had so many tangential thoughts that I started one after 2006, which I have coined in my head "The Year of the Blogger," since many of the blogs I used to religiously follow no longer exist or have tapered off dramatically. Mine included.

But this season, even some of the most dyed-in-the-wool Mets fans have ridiculed me (all in good-nature, of course) for even caring. But this is my life, this is my hobby. And if going to San Diego to prove that I would be the last one on the island, even if it meant they would break my heart on the road, well, that's what I would have to do.

But hark! Look at what I've found...
More Mets fans...looking to what seems to be east. It was time to go home.

I knew after this trip the Mets would not be playing well into October (because you know, technically, they WILL be playing games in October). I knew on this trip that the team that had started on Opening Day would never play together again this season. Or potentially ever. I also knew my life as a baseball fan would not be the same, as I had another team to follow on the west coast and root for.

I also knew that I was not the Last Mets Fan Standing. I may have felt like a One Woman Army, storming into San Diego. But I left with forging Mets relationships that would last me years and years and years.

That was comforting and refreshing.

Time for an In N' Out milkshake.


Solly said...

You forgot to mention your biggest fan, darlin'... :)

Ed Leyro said...

Next year, I'm coming with you! Looks like fun! I think those outlanders (a.k.a. people who live outside a 100-mile radius of New York) need to experience more of us Mets fans so we can edu-ma-cate them!

Solly said...

Joey would love the food!

LadyMet said...

Oh Coop, you brought tears to my eyes...reminding us of the simple joys of baseball! *sob* The fans, the food, the stadiums

I suddenly feel the need to buy season tix for next year. The Wilpons will be estatic