Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Forfeit! The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

I should probably give credit where it is due.

Back in 1998, I attended a game at Camden Yards that went into extra innings. It was Orioles vs. Mariners. These were the days of Cal Ripken (my fave), Robbie Alomar (when he was good), Rafael Palmiero (when he was juicing and pointing at everyone else), and Brady Anderson (all of the above). Who was in the bullpen that day? None other than former Met hero, Jesse Orosco.

But I was amazed. I mean, I had no reason to hate on Jesse. But the Oriole fans who are normally complacent did. When he came into the game, the fan behind me started to yell something that I would recycle throughout the years to come.


I liked it immediately. I decided to take it as my own. Turns out I would have plenty of ammunition over the years. Two years ago, it was Scott Schoeneweis (which I do feel pretty bad about now, but fine). I used it the other night with Metsgrrl. She liked it so much that she Tweeted it yesterday, giving credit to me. I feel bad, because had I known this fan, I would have definitely given him credit.

But I recycled it myself yesterday. While I should have been waving the white flag with the rest of the Mets fanbase earlier in the season, I had until this point refused to give up the slightest bit of hope. Well, dear two readers, it's come to just that.

Four out of our four top star-every-day-players on the DL - Check.

All-star set-up man who used to be bullet proof closer has surgery, goes on DL, but should be shut down for season - Check.

Homegrown young pitcher who is supposed to answer our prayers strains hammy on a routine play, out for the season - Check.

Former enemy who quickly grows on Mets fan base misses game due to injury for first time in career - Check.

Another pitcher goes on DL. Did I mention he was out last season too? - Check.

The $36 million over three-years Million-dollar-arm ten-cent-head-case pitcher loses mind, again - Check.

Our former All-Star Closer waives no-trade clause, thereby eliminating any hope that we have to look forward to any young talent coming through from the Sox organization - Check.

Now our last hope, the reason we keep going to games gets scratched from his next start, and now we are talking about shutting him down. - Check.

Why not? I mean, this season is washed out anyway. Bring up the young guys. And let's look to 2010.

Has there ever been a team just forfeit the season? Cause honestly, I don't know if I can stand the E-list team playing. Sure, it's the D-team. But the E-team, just unbearable.

In the meantime, join us in drowning our sorrows at Two Boots Tavern for an Amazin' Tuesday tonight. I should be there, providing I don't blow out my knees or something. FORFEIT!!!


DyHrdMET said...

if we do play out the season, think of it this way. we should get to see some of our prospects in action in major league games, before Spring Training (sort of like what we're doing with Bobby Parnell). we'll get a better idea of what there is to rebuild with next season before the winter.

Ed Leyro said...

So we've gone from the D-team to the E-team. I thought we'd be at the F-team by now (I'll let you figure out what the F is for).

If Kevin Burkhardt goes on the DL for falling out of the Pepsi Porch, I'm changing allegiances.

DyHrdMET said...

I think this came up after you left Amazin' Tuesday last night, but Putz was shut down for the season too, and Sheffield even left the game. I'm now afraid Omar will call a do-over and not fix many things next season.

I actually said last night "at least nobody's been killed on this team". Scary thought.

- Jason (dyhrdmet)

Dave Singer said...

Wish I could have joined you at Two Boots....to get away from this Mets depression, we are heading to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to eat 97 crabs each.

And a beer!!!!!!!!!!!!