Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm Still Living With Your Ghost


I have abstained from posting for a few days. When I think that going to kickboxing and spin class will bring me more joy than a Mets game, that's not a good thing. But hey, I'm getting healthy so that's a benefit, right?

I had a few embryonic ideas of what I wanted to post in the last week, but just couldn't muster up the desire nor the words to actually facilitate posting. Read Dana Brand's posting from yesterday on his thoughts (note: this was before Luis Castillo took a spill in the DUGOUT after a routine groundout. Can't even HE, having an awesome season, get a break? Erm, not *literally* of course...). Dana basically puts into words exactly how I was feeling, even the Omar conondurum I was in last week (an unabashed prOmar supporter I've been, he REALLY pissed me off at his press conference. The first one, since he had several clean-up conferences afterwards).

Much like the Mets, I am just FRIED.

With big black boots and my old suitcase, well, it's almost time for a vacation (which I will get to in a minute). I need a mental break from sitting on my fat ass, watching the Mets on television with my laptop (and possibly a cat) sitting on me, simultaneously Tweeting (@Coopz22) or Facebooking my status or current thoughts on the Mets. I digress. I need a break. They need a break, although All-Star Break was supposed to be that brief respite, alas, it was not.

Now the news that Jose Reyes might be shut down for the season, I mean, it's just as well. I'd rather he come back in 2010 at 100% than 75% and risk further injury. I think most fans agree with that. As for Carlos Beltran, well, shut him down too while we're at it. If needs surgery, get it. Done.

Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner will be back as Reinforce-Mets (a play on TWS-Danielle's "Replace-Mets"), simply to fulfill the last years of their contract. You know they will be playing elsewhere next year. (Hopefully, not on the Mets at least). But hey, if they come back and we can spoiler to some teams in the NL East, so be it. I'd like to see them finish in 3rd. The fact remains, the Replace-Mets and Reinforce-Mets can at least get them to .500.

For a team that was supposed to be a 90+ game winner in 2009, this stings. A LOT. Don't be fooled. I may joke about pickling my liver and going to games, and being a win-win situation if I don't see the Mets win, I can at least eat good food and get drunk at their games.

Cause what else does baseball do? It keeps us occupied in the summer, only to break our hearts when it ends.

One thing is for certain is this season will come to an end, regardless of how the Mets actually do. And you know, and I know that come December, we are ALL going to be salivating over Hot Stove reports, potential trades, free agents and the countdown to Pitchers and Catchers (and if you are really bold, Opening Day).

So I am enjoying it while it lasts. Baseball that is. Mets games I could honestly do without, but I do, because you know, they're my team and all.

So what's a gal to do? Go on vacation. To San Diego.

To follow the Mets. Although I tweaked my trip a bit to not just see the Mets, and plan to hit a double-header in SoCal. A 1 pm game in Anaheim, a 7 pm game in Los Angeles.

So much for relaxation.

But since I was a wee little Coop, I've been longing and dreaming of the West Coast...not to mention following the Mets and baseball in general out there. Whenever will I have an opportunity to visit three ballparks in a weekend? Especially since I am not planning any other West Coast trips for another few years (at least till the Mets find themselves at Safeco).

So stay tuned Summer Family-ites and Mets fans. I will be back with a full report of my time on the Pacific Coast.


Ed Leyro said...

Whether they're the Replace-Mets or the Reinforce-Mets, it's sad that we're hoping for a .500 season instead of a postseason. They're disappoint-Mets. I just hope no one else gets hurt so that we don't get a sad denoue-Met to the season.

Have a Cooperrific time in Cali!

Will said...

If you need any recommendations of food/drinks entertainment while in LA let me know. Hope you like Dodger stadium, it's pretty nice.