Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's Up, Doc?

I have to take a few minutes to address the media goings-on with this whole Roy Halladay could have potentially been a Met for a bunch of scrubs.

Let me go on record and say -- I aint buyin' it.

For one, this "leaked" out the day that apparently the Brutus to this Julius Caesar operation called the Mets, Tony Bernazard, apparently went apeshit on some Mets lackey for having the gall to tell him to wait to switch seats at some game (page down for info).

Two - I highly doubt the Blue Jays J.P. Ricciardi called up Omar and was like - hey, what's up dude? So I was thinking - would you like our ace pitcher for a bag of balls? Say the word, and I will pick up the likes of Niese and F-Mart from the airport myself...oh, F-Mart is injured, you say. Well, let me call my buddy Bud and get him to approve the move. Two words: NOT HAPPENIN'.

Three - Do you really think the Jays would give up their ace when they have a chance to be spoilers to the Red Sox and Yankees? It would be a purely money deal.

Four - this kind of goes against everything that we've been taught. True, trading for Santana was one of the best if not THE best deals this team has ever made, up there with Mike Piazza and Keith Hernandez, etc etc. If this injury-raping has made us see, is that this team has zero reinforcements at the ready. That's the fault of the preceding era, along with Omar giving up draft picks to make splashy signings. This is a hurry up and wait operation. We are going to TRADE the remaining back ups we have, not to mention - most of these guys aren't major league ready, and trade them to a team that is IN THE WILD CARD RACE IN THE AL?

I will leave you with this note. In 2006, many media outlets were crucifying Omar Minaya for not getting Barry Zito for a minor pittance of Lastings Milledge. Till you know, Billy Beane came out ON RECORD and said - I haven't talked to Omar Minaya about such a deal. And I think we ALL know it wouldn't have been just Milledge (not to mention Zito has been horrible since his contract year, so that was a good deal, yes?). Halladay is great, he's an ace on any staff where Johan Santana is not on already. But he's 32, due $15mm in 2010 and I mean...would you be surprised if his arm fell off after putting on the performance of a lifetime this year?

I don't doubt that there was a phone call exchanged to see what Halladay could be acquired for. I am just thinking that the four names floated was just a START, and that we'd have to include David Wright for you know the Blue Jays turning down a potential David Wright trade back in 2002 for Jose Cruz, Jr.

That said, if that WAS the trade proposal for four scrubs for Halladay...The Coop would be all over it. But I'm not the GM, and that's YOUR problem. So whatever Omar does, just remember, the Coop would have probably done the opposite.

Back later. Peace.


Jack Flynn said...

I agree with you, Coop - the Jays aren't giving up Halladay that easily. I think that Halladay is the most valuable pitcher in baseball, considering effectiveness and durability. The cost - in terms of players and a contract extension - is probably prohibitive.

CharlieH said...

What is this "2006" you speak of so fondly? I have no recollection...