Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Like That...Poof! It Was Gone

"It" could have meant a lot of things before tonight's game.  

IT could have been the aura of Tony Bernazard, who, unless you were living under a rock, was fired earlier today.  (and yes, there was someone sitting next to me tonight who had NO CLUE what had happened mere hours before the game started)

IT could have been the 0.1% of an ounce shred of dignity this team STILL had after said firing, but was soon swept away with an idiotic statement by our fearless leader himself, Omar Minaya (something to do with a guy named Adam Rubin or other).

IT could have been my tickets for tonight -- alas, I could not get any buyers for my seats (wouldn't YOU have wanted to be at CitiField to see what fallout occurred after Minaya said so many stupid ass things to get basically his ticket stamped one-way OUT of New York once and for all?).  So I decided, literally, last second, as I stood on the platform at Bryant Park for the train I usually take to get home, that I would instead go to Flushing to see the game.  

Ergo, I had to walk up a flight of stairs and a cross-walk over.  There I was, waiting for the 7 express train once again, headed towards Queens.  

But once I got to the stadium, things were weird.  I don't think anyone cared that much in the stadium about what had transpired earlier on.  You'd have never guessed, judging by some of the Tweets I was getting during the day.  See, although the Coop has a TV on at all times at her job, she decided to spare her coworkers the agony of listening to not just a Mets press conference, but a press conference where Omar Minaya would essentially tell you something by not telling you anything at all.  

I picked the WRONG DAMNED DAY to do that.

But I also didn't feel like sitting in my seats.  I had a friend sitting in the field level, so this time around, I got to sit 24 rows back from the field.  I lasted till the 6th inning.  I also had an open invite to the Excelsior suites as well as sitting with CharlieH up a few sections away from the regular Coop seats in Promenade.  By the time I got upstairs to visit CharlieH, I decided to just hang around there.

IT up in CharlieH's seats was the Left Fielder, or as he termed it, "just a rumor."  Talk about obstructions.  Luckily, there was a TV monitor to our lefts as well, so we could just follow any play from there. 

But that's where it got interesting.  

We all know how the game ended up tonight.  Tatis hits a granny in the 8th, the Mets break the tie, Frankie comes in, and we all go home happy Mets fans. 

But we had to look to our left, to see what happened.

But the funny thing was...Tatis almost didn't happen.

You know what we ALL thought when he came up, bases loaded situation, 1 out in the bottom of the 8th.

We are all going to stick around for extra innings (or as CharlieH put it -- they're gonna make us stick around, aren't they?  And I mean that without a shred of irony, 'cause that is what this team is doing to us now.  We don't even want to stick around, even after two great wins coming to us from Houston).  

But the baseball gods had other things in mind.  

We turn to our collective left...and saw a ball go over the wall.

Um.  Did that ball just do what I *think* it just did?

That ball really went over the wall.

Wait.  Tatis *didn't* hit into a 4-6-3 or 6-4-3?  Which was exactly what CharlieH, his nephew and I were chanting, right before the pitching change -- since I mean COME ON!  Clearly that was what was going to happen right there...Frenchy was intentionally walked -- OK, first off FRENCHY WALKED!!!  

And THEN...we all knew Tatis was going to bat for Sullivan.  And we ALL knew Tatis would inevitably hit into a DP.  Oh that Jim Tracy.  Such a shrewd manager.  No wonder his team is first in the Wild Card.

But IT went over the wall.  I'm certain THAT was not part of Tracy's grand plan.  

Just like that *POOF* the ball went over the wall.  

Just like that *POOF* it was the 9th inning and just like that *POOF* Frankie comes in to save the 9th.

Just like Omar Minaya had intended after all.

Perhaps it was said best on Twitter after the game.  Leave it to a Mets win to make us forget about the nightmare of the press conference earlier in the day.  Leave it to baseball to make us realize that fun could still be had.  

Leave it to the Mets to know that Omar's *POOF* into thin air by the relentless New York media would be put off for at least a day, as we would celebrating something in the air that night, the stars so bright...



CharlieH said...

I commend you for your accuracy.

Corroboration is here:

Maybe you could lobby for Adam Rubin's job? ;-)

Anonymous said...

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